IL-06: Sean Casten Campaign Continues Wizard of Oz / Halloween Theme

Nancy Pelosi
Cowardly Lion

Like the perfect storyboard coming to life, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to virtually campaign in 6th district

COMMENTARY: I could not have storyboarded this theme any better than what has been revealed for the last two weeks of the 6th congressional district campaign between freshman Democrat Sean Casten and Republican challenger Jeanne Ives!

Late last week, Casten turned into the Cowardly Lion by backing out at the last minute without explanation from a WTTW-TV candidates forum that was scheduled for tonight (10/20) at 7PM CDT. Ives will be appearing indvidually to talk about her campaign and answer questions during the 7PM hour on Chicago Tonight.

But last night, as the Team Casten tweet revealed, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D, CA-12) herself, who many see as a “wicked witch of the west coast”, will virtually fly her broom to help Casten get-out-the-vote, with my immediate reaction in social media:

OK 6th district voters, particularly in Algonquin Township of McHenry County, should you get a call from the 80-year old (The movie The Wizard of Oz premiered within a year before Pelosi was born) Speaker of the House of the United States Thursday afternoon, we want to hear about it here at McHenry County Blog.

Given Pelosi’s position on Leftist legislation, like the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act to classify workers as employees to prove otherwise through the Depression-era ABC test while invalidating right-to-work laws in 27 states, this caricature was released last month:

And late last month, as Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia formally proposed rules defining an “independent contractor” for enforcement of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), one of Pelosi’s flying monkeys, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D, CT-03), introduced legislation with Senators Patty Murray (D, WA) and Sherrod Brown (D, OH) to amend the FLSA to require workers to be automatically classified as an employee and prove otherwise under the ABC test.

DeLauro, Murray and Brown introduced their legislation within two days after Secretary Scalia formally submitted his draft definition of independent contractor, as reported in McHenry County Blog last month.

The Leftist slant on Secretary Scalia’s proposal was published this past Sunday (10/19) in The New Yorker.

Should both the PRO Act and the FLSA amendment introduced last month, that will be no treat for anyone except big labor union bosses and their allies. A real-life trick that will last the entire year long.

Flying monkeys, the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz, this clip from the 1939 movie classic is appropriate. Oh, and Sean Casten’s Cowardly Lion gets a cameo appearance, too, doing what Casten does best when it comes to facing his opponent Jeanne Ives in debate — being himself.



IL-06: Sean Casten Campaign Continues Wizard of Oz / Halloween Theme — 9 Comments

  1. I wonder if Nasty Nancy will give Little Sean a bite of her ice cream ?

    Like attracts like is no different when it comes to America hating Leftist degenerates.

  2. Oh look, John is still trying to make ice cream a relevant campaign issue. LOL.

    AND he demonstrated his “discernment” and Christian values by implying that Pelosi is the “wicked witch.”

    Keep showing that Christian class.

  3. Very funny AlabamaShake.

    As I said, I couldn’t have written the storyboard better than what has happened in the 6th.

    Casten having both Cory Booker and Adam Schiff virtually campaign for him, takes on a “Booker, Schiff and Pelosi, oh my!” Wizard of Oz feel.

    My Christian class as you call it, is to tell the truth, and like it or not, “wicked witch of the west coast” is a caricature Pelosi has brought on herself.

  4. John – What’s your prediction of the final result in the 6th?

    Mine is that Casten wins by at least 6 points (but probably more).

  5. John Lopez, the correct spelling is Adam Shi*.

    He is a moron and degenerate.

    He perpetuated the phony Russian collusion narrative on Trump and there was none and actually it was the THUG Hillary and the Democrats and the federal bureau who promoted the fake Russia Collusion.

    Actually, Hillary colluded with a British agent who colluded with Russia to produce the phony Trump Dossier to try to effect a coup of the duly elected Trump.

  6. AlabamaShake – are you aware that “by at least” and “probably more” are the same thing?

    Probably not.

  7. Figures Crazy Nancy and Hiding Casten.

    What a goofy pair.

    Go Ives!

  8. Team Pelosi? Really?

    Sean are you smoking crack with Hunter again?

  9. Alabama, Pelosi is a witch, and not a good witch like Glenda.

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