IL-14: Oberweis Shows Visits to Police Stations

From the looks of the mailing that arrived today from State Senator Jim Oberweis in his quest to replace Lauren Underwood in Congress, he has been visiting a lot of police departments.

And the officers are allowing him to take photos of them with him.

It’s 12 by 15 inches, so easy to read.

Police in Yorkville, Sycamore, Oswego, St. Charles, Shorewood and the Will County Sheriff’s Department are seen above.

Jim Oberweis suggest people put this image in window.


IL-14: Oberweis Shows Visits to Police Stations — 13 Comments

  1. Haha… a mail piece with a picture of his facebook posts?!

    **The real fact check was performed by McHenry County Blog and thoroughly discredited the PolitiFact/BGA slanted view.**

    I am glad that you thought your blog post was thoughtful.

  2. AlabamaShake, is a paid political consultant for the Democrats.

    He makes comments because he is paid.

    It’s his job.


  3. Oberweis is the Law & Order candidate!!!

    Go Jim!

    I would never vote for a lying fake nurse who loves infanticide and won’t denounce violent rioting.

  4. Lol Lopez.

    Yeah who should people believe on a fact check… the fact checker or a partisan hack. Tough call.

  5. Oh, and no one should believe you, because you were clearly caught in a lie!

  6. Man, I sure wish people paid me to comment on blogs. That would be great.

    And, no, Oh is not me. I am not Oh.

  7. AlabamaShake,

    That last comment, “Oh is not me. I am not Oh.”

    Almost sounds like an old Beatles song, “we go together, goo goo…”

  8. Something is really sick with Alabama and Oh.

    Is it TDS or their lifelong pathological lying?

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