Jeannie Ridings Counting on Coattails of Democratic Party Congressional Candidates

That’s what I conclude from looking at her lighted billboard on Route 176 just east of Route 31.

Jeannie Ridings plays the Democratic Party card.

The upper right hand corner of the billboard tells of endorsements from Members of Congress Lauren Underwood and Sean Casten.

She is running against appointed Circuit Court Judge Justin Hansen, who emphasized her representation of AJ Freund’s mother.


Jeannie Ridings Counting on Coattails of Democratic Party Congressional Candidates — 14 Comments

  1. At least she’s honest enough to let everyone know where and who she stands with.

    Unlike Franks who pretends to be a Republican.

  2. I wouldn’t let that woman judge a dog show let alone a criminal trial.

  3. Boy they all gotta put their mates on their stuff just makes you NOT want to Vote for them ….

    they never learn…t

  4. Thank you “judge” for including Underwood and Castens endorsement on the sign–

    when it comes to judges we dont always know which are the right ones to pick,other than a party affiliation, or an earth shattering bad sentence, but in this case, thank you for helping me decide not to pick you.

    Dumb advertising decision for sure.

  5. According to my wife, Hansen has already pissed off other judges and lawyers with an attack ad.

    Some lawyers complained that he can’t ever hear any criminal cases because he DQ’d himself.

    I already voted for him but don’t know if he will be around for long even if he wins.

  6. LMAO, those two names aren’t going to help her!

    Why didn’t she ask Jack Franks for funding?

    Oh wait, never mind, he has a billboard of his own on 31 near 14 and it’s NOT flattering !

    That a__Hole’s in a heap a trouble!

    I hear he has 3 legal. funds going at once?

    Defamation, ComEd?


    and who knows what else?

  7. Bob, maybe they insisted their names be. on there for their benefit?

  8. ** LMAO, those two names aren’t going to help her!**

    Yea – why would she want to the names of two people that are going to win their Congressional races?!

  9. “According to my wife,” Well that is certainly good enough for me.

  10. She dumped Freund as soon as it got hot and rides on her husband’s questionable coat tails.

    A sure loser.

  11. Sam, I would let Ridings judge a dog show. She is one.

    The people will soon be ridding McHenry Co.of the foul stench of Ridings.

  12. Hansen is still the underdog in the election.

    Even if he wins.

    He will have to face a discipline board regarding the mailer he sent out.

    Chastising an attorney for doing her duty.

    You can talk about how one person is right or wrong for the job but he basically said “if I think you’re guilty, no trial needed”.

    I am voting Trump and am disgusted by him and the actions of his campaign.

    He claims integrity not politics, then politicized the death of a child for his own political gain.


    I have changed my vote to Ridings after that crap.

    We don’t need people like him in the bench let alone being representatives of the Republican Party.

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