Mail Battle in Dave McSweeney’s District Heats Up

State Rep. David McSweeney is retiring after four terms in the Illinois House.

Republicans nominated unopposed Barrington Hills Village President Marty McLaughlin in the GOP Primary.

No one filed in the Democratic Party Primary.

This summer, Island Lake’s Marci Suelzer got permission to run and she successfully gathered enough petition signatures to gain ballot access.

Suelzer gained Mike Madigan’s financial support and put out five positive mailings before McLaughlin mailed one.

Then, there were three hit pieces against McLaughlin, which he finally countered with one introduction piece.

Since I put the hit pieces first on the last article, I’ll publish McLaughlin’s come back first, then, Suelzer’s new hit pieces. (I do not know in what order the mailings were delivered by either candidate.)

8 1/2 by 11 inches.
8 1/2 by 11 inches. Tying Marci Suelzer to Mike Madigan.
6 by 11 inches. Includes Daily Herald endorsement.
Compares positions of Mary McLaughlin and Marci Suelzer.
All four newspapers endorsed Marty McLaughlin.

Now we, move to on to the mailings paid for by Mike Madigan’s Illinois Democratic Party.

There were three pounding McLaughlin for not paying his propety taxes on time.

Of course, such late payments could be the result of cash flow considerations.

Real estate taxes paid late have one percent per month interest tacked onto the original amount owed.

Again, I do not know the order of the hit pieces.

8 1/2 by 11 inches.
8 1/2 by 11 inches.

There were also two mailings saying McLaughlin doesn’t like women, both financed by Mike Madigan’s Illinois Democratic Party.

8 1/2 by 11 inches.
6 by 11 inches.

In addition, there was a letter mailed by Breaker Press from the Marci Suelzer Campaign Committee urging early voting.


Mail Battle in Dave McSweeney’s District Heats Up — 10 Comments

  1. Hard to believe the “best” Illinois dem & repub political minds come up with such juvenile drivel.

    It’s become embarrassing to tell people I live in this state.

    Let’s all go back to Kindergarten…

  2. Marci Suelzer is a 300 lb elephant who broke into our area searching for Madigan’s peanuts.

    She is a cow who loves Trans brainwashing in schools, no borders, Christianity being trashed and liberal jewish ethos.

    She cannot the people in her district because most of the people aren’t creeps and freaks like her.

  3. The current top of the Democrat Party are stupid, evil and dishonest. Biden, Pelosi, Schumer. The previous top Democrat, Barak Hussein Obama, was the worst ever president of the US and presided over the most corrupt administration ever including the Russia collusion hoax and the attempted coup on Trump. Hillary Clinton was a thug. Trust no Democrat anywhere, anytime, ever. Marci is a Democrat.

  4. Do they owe the Spanish photographer royalties for using his “Distracted Boyfriend” photo in an advertisement? That is illegal.

    The majority of the anti-McLaughlin claims are ludicrous at best. Nobody votes to “deny equal pay” from women. There is no such thing.

    Furthermore, who cares about how he managed paying his property taxes? He apparently paid the corrupt robbers anyway. For all we know, he disputed it in court (as is his right). Apparently he is good at managing money. Is this all they’ve got?

    Democrats: “People who don’t pay their taxes like we tell them to are selfish!”
    Also Democrats: “Give us your hard earned money!”

  5. Does anyone understand that ALL of this goes directly in the rcycling bin? No one reads this stuff! Oh, wait. Cal does.

  6. I wish you would scan it or take photos of it and send it to me to share.

  7. Martin McLaughlin is a wonderful budget cutter.

    He actually saved Barrington Hills!

    He’s also a statesman, not a slovenly mess grubbing for Madigan Money like his opponent!


  8. Wow.

    Dacy is correct.

    I just looked her up and I wouldn’t want to get between her and the ice cream truck.

    She’s perfect for Illinois.

    Built from the same mold as governor Jabba.

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