IL-6: Patch Published Article on Contest Biased Toward Casten

Reporter Amie Schaenzer authored an article on the 6th congressional district contest between incumbent Jeannie Ives and Sean Casten that was decidedly unbalanced.

She refers to Casten as “a scientist,” for instance, but does not mention that Ives is a graduate of West Point.

Ives is only “an army veteran.”

This article popped up on Wednesday, but was written on yesterday, the day Casten refused to take part in a WTTW debate.

He hiding from public was made known late last week.

The headline appears below:

Patch headline in an article that ignores Sean Casten’s refusal to appear with Jeannie Ives on WTTW.

No where in the article is Casten’s refusal to debate mentioned.

There are probably other slights you can find here.


IL-6: Patch Published Article on Contest Biased Toward Casten — 5 Comments

  1. Phil Ponce from WTTW the liberal hack he is, took it to himself to “debate” Ms Ives, since the coward Casten was home hiding like a Biden.

    Old Phil, tried, but she did great against him, and more importantly the issues.

    I think he was teed off Casten was a no show,because he could’ve been buddies with him like he is with every liberal out there.

    He’s been a disgrace to Public Television–showcasing only one side.

    Another one too who makes sure his sons go to the top of the “hire” pile in Chicago journalism–you learned well Phil.

    Nice job by Jeanne out there by herself against that liberal stooge.

  2. Phony Phil gets spanked by Ms. Ives, and Little Eddie wishes he could to.

  3. DisHonestAbe1 wants to be arrested by police and spanked by Sean. ❗😮

  4. Phil and Guitierez are called maricones by their co-racialist.

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