IL-14: President Trump Formally Endorses Jim Oberweis’ Election

Jim Oberweis

More evidence momentum with Republicans, President Trump endorses Jim Oberweis for Congress

Today, President Trump tweeted the following about the 14th district of Illinois:

COMMENTARY: By the grace of God, the President and Jim Oberweis will make a terrific team in Washington next year to move our country forward from the radical Leftists like Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Lauren Underwood among others.

This deserves a song. “KEEP AMERICA GREAT!” by Toots Sweet (used with permission):


IL-14: President Trump Formally Endorses Jim Oberweis’ Election — 22 Comments

  1. How incredibly sick to want a re-Trump.

    The only helpful thing about this endorsement is it kills any chance Milk Shake may have had.

  2. How incredibly sick is it that someone would vote for an old senile man, who’s party is openly threatening to destroy American institutions because they didn’t get thier way?

    Oh and the old man is crooked and making deals with his crack head son.

    That’s exactly the kind of person we want in charge.

  3. Also, I take back calling John Lopez a hack. I agree that this shows “more evidence momentum with Republicans” lol.

  4. How incredibly sick those afflicted with TDS are.

    Grab an extra big bowl of popcorn, sit back and enjoy watching their heads explode on 11.03.

  5. US Presidents usually endorse candidates of their political party. πŸ™‚

  6. That’s true Eddie but as we know Trump is not a normal president.

    He probably wouldn’t endorse someone who he thought had no chance just because he wouldn’t want to be seen as endorsing a loser.

  7. John, please explain how Trump’s endorsement is “evidence of momentum.”

  8. Well, well, goodbye to fake nurse Lauren Underwood, who snubbed AJ Freund at a public parade.


  9. Neal –

    On election night 2018 Trump gave his FULL AND TOTAL ENDORSEMENT to Randy Hultgren. Lol.

    Steve – he can’t. It’s nonsense.

  10. Has Catalina Lauf endorsed Oberweis on social media yet?

  11. “On election night” might have been a little too late for Randy Hultgren.

    This is the kind of social media mention I was hoping Catalina Lauf would have done for Oberweis and it should have been done long ago.

  12. Correcting, Milk Dud will win. He has to.

    The alternative is sickening.

  13. As the ongoing evidence is growing about the complicit Biden cartel crime family, which the mainstream media and social media groups largely refuse to cover, we have no choice but to vote straight R as our first line defense mechanism.

    Cheer on Amy Coney Barret.

  14. Karl Heinrich Marx if alive today would strongly endorse the duo of Harris-Biden.

  15. Nice picture of First Lady with the President. First Ladies of Republican Presidents are always nice. Consider the bossy, bitchy First Lady of Bill Clinton and the last First Lady of the previous Democrat President. She said that until her husband ran for the presidency, she was never proud of her Country, our Country, the USA. She said: “For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.”

    The last nice First Lady of a Democrat President was Jackie Kennedy.

  16. Hultgren was a fool, milquetoast, human ruminant, pipe-smoker, Baby Dumpling-like Pollyanna.

    He should have been campaigning on a racialist awareness message instead of playing sudoku.

    Now he’s a lobbyist for Malaysia and Xerox. Yippie.

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