Jeff Thorsen Endorses Mike Buehler, Calls Out Jack Franks’ Bullying

From the Mike Buehler campaign:


CRYSTAL LAKE, IL – Jeff Thorsen, a member of the McHenry County Board representing the 2nd District, has endorsed Mike Buehler for McHenry County Board Chairman.    

“Mike Buehler has impressed me since the day I first met him,” said Thorsen.

“Mike is a self-made businessman who has survived and succeeded through the last decades of tumultuous economic upheaval.

“All the while, Mike’s focus was on providing safe harbor to his employees through personal sacrifice and an abiding faith.”  

Thorsen said that Buehler is the right person for the job at the right time.

He said that Buehler, who is new to politics, arrives on the scene when someone with a cool intellect and positive attitude of serving the people of McHenry County is especially needed.

Thorsen said the Franks administration has been especially deficient in these areas.  

“Mike abhors harassment and bullying.

Mike Thorsen

“This is what brought his attention to the Office of Chair of the McHenry County Board,” said Thorsen.

“Nearly every female holding elected office in local county government has come under vicious and unfounded personal attacks by the current Chair.

“For Mike, that was the catalyst.

“However, Mike’s commitment to winning this office goes far deeper than that.  

“Mike is going work for the people of McHenry County, not to promote his personal interest but in the interest of the public at large.

“That commitment is to all of McHenry County regardless of political affiliation.

“That is why I so ardently support Mike Buehler to become McHenry County’s next County Board Chair.

“Join me!

“Vote for MIKE!”  


Jeff Thorsen Endorses Mike Buehler, Calls Out Jack Franks’ Bullying — 11 Comments

  1. Certainly put on his bullying display last night at the board meeting.

  2. To bully someone you need to be able to physically beat them and Franks couldn’t beat a First Grader!

    He and Patrick Kenneally were obviously beaten up regularly as children which included younger girls from the looks of these two pear shaped pansies.

  3. The board meetings as of late are really sh!t-shows!

    Franks is unprofessional and refuses to follow county board rules, and you can see in his actions that he hates women!

    24 yrs in office and Franks has done nothing for the people.

    Voting Mr. Buehler.

  4. Gee. Shocked.

    Another GOPer endorsing a GOPer.

    What’s next, endorsing driving on the right side of the road?

  5. Jeff has been supportive of Franks in the past.

    So has basically all of the Crystal Lake City Hall.

    I’m glad Jeff is on the right side now, but the City of Crystal Lake has been slithering allies with Franks for 15+ years.

  6. Thorsen never supported Franks that I know of, but I could be wrong.

    CLM is talking about certain issues that come up that are unanaimously voted. Like adjournment.

  7. I’ll second Cal’s comment: Please cite examples of Thorsen’s support of Franks.

    Bring your lunch, because you’re going to be researching the topic for a long time, and will come up empty.

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