Message of the Day – Arrogance

Take a look at the signs at the entrance of the Dole Mansion, the early voting site in Crystal Lake:

Signs at the Dole Mansion.

Want to bet that the Jack Franks’ sign obstructing those of Kathy Keefe and Jeannie Ives was not posted first?


Message of the Day – Arrogance — 11 Comments

  1. Should apply the “LIFO” method of logistics here–

    Last In First Out…

    his sign was obviously the Last One posted and therefore should be the First one thrown Out.

  2. Nope i only bet on sure things… and this is not one of them.

  3. So take the sign and deposit in the trash.

    It’s all litter

  4. Picked up an anonymous incoming telephone call at 5:40 PM today. Rarely do that. Anyway, it was a recording by a moron woman claiming to be Republicans for Franks and asking to vote for him. Now, really. Republicans are smart and never would vote for any Democrat, especially Franks. No doubt this recorded call was from Democrat operatives posing as “Republicans for Franks”.

    Watchword here in the County, the State and all over the USA. Never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever trust nor vote for ANY Democrat under any circumstances.

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