The Presidential Debate

While lots of readers were probably watching the Presidential Debate, I was looking at “Captain American – Civil War.”

I was also stuffing packets with campaign material for my subdivision.

Who spent the evening more profitably?


The Presidential Debate — 12 Comments

  1. I was “sick’ and spent all of today and this evening praying to God to release me from the excruciating pain.

  2. Trump messed up and missed all kinds of opportunities to behead Biden. The very questions were rigged. Why no questions about the Supreme Court packing, or the BLM rioting for the past 6 mos., or, of course, the media blackout on the Hunter’s child porn and crooked deals.

  3. Cindy I hope you offered up an animal sacrifice. That always works. Check the Bible.

  4. I listened on the radio. I think generally, the moderator handled things pretty well.

    His answers aside, I was impressed that Biden didn’t lose his train. Came close twice, but was able to continue on in an ordinary fashion. Nap time seems to have paid off.

    I was pleased in Trump’s performance. He’s great when he doesn’t allow himself to get impatient and remains disciplined and on message.

    For the undecideds, I think the first debate was a wash, with this second one being in Trump’s favor on the margin.


  5. I thought the top line of the night was Trump’s:

    I ran because of YOU, Joe!


  6. Although you have ritualistic slaughter for halal and kosher requirements.


  7. Yes, that’s true, Mellow Monk. 😁

    There’s the voodoo crowd too. 😮

  8. The doofus dementia Biden was starting to lose it in the last one half hour of the debate having difficulty at times in completing sentences. Nothing wrong with being old and sometimes slipping.

    However, an entirely different matter if you are old, losing it and being the most powerful human being on Earth. The fragile and mentally challenged Biden, IF elected, would have the power to launch nuclear war or send our US Troops into some God forsaken areas of the world for some stupid war. It was Barak Hussein Obama and Joe Biden Administration that executed extremely reckless wars. That included Barak’s and Joe’s stupid declaration and then loss of US lives stating that “Afghanistan IS the War of NECESSITY” with subsequent needless loss of American lives. This duo of Obama and Biden then recklessly withdrew too early from Iraq causing ISIS to overtake that Nation as well as Libya and Syria.

    rump came along and cleaned up ISIS as a threat. A threat that Obama/Biden allowed to happen. Biden at best is a Trojan Horse for far, far left wing fanatics such as Camela Harris, AOC, Bernie Sanders and Cherokee Liz Warren. Kiss the USA goodbye if the senile demenetia doofus dope Biden is elected.

  9. I’m voting for President Trump and Gary Coleman for McHenry County States Attorney.

    He’s dead but would do a better job than the current slappy.

  10. I agree with MsTrumpion and Bred.

    Basement Biden was terrible. But the Provigil overdoses have paid off.

    Trump missed so many pop flies.

    The moderator was really, really bad.

    All softballs to Sleepy Joe.

    After the election it’ll come out that the questions were leaked to him.

    And other questions (Court Packing, Mandatory Vax, China) were vetoed by his handlers.

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