McHenry County “Back the Blue” Week

From McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler:

“McHenry Backs Our Blue Week” October 23-30

“McHenry Backs Our Blue Week” campaign was founded by concerned citizens here in McHenry County who support of the fine local law enforcement officers, we have here in McHenry County.

It was designed to recognize the contributions these departments make to our community and show our most sincere appreciation of their commitment to protecting our lives and property.

You can show your support and appreciation of local law enforcement by
replacing your porch lights with a free, donated blue bulb in public view of your home or business.

The campaign will run from the 23 rd through the 30th of October.

This will show the appreciation we have for the sacrifice law
enforcement, and their families make every day for our community.

Hurry, a limited supply of free Blue Bulbs will be available beginning on or about October 17th at the following locations during normal business hours:


McHenry County “Back the Blue” Week — 10 Comments

  1. Pat Kenneally let the Miller Crime Family scram — with all their accumulated stealings.

    I will not be voting for him this election.

    Hopefully more people won’t either, and even though he’s running unopposed because theDemocrats love him, I hope he has the lowest raw number of votes of all who run unopposed on the ballot.

  2. The Administration of Barak Hussein Obama and Joe Biden had made a number of statements and did things that were very negative about our police forces around the Nation during their 8 years. Their Democrat Party currently supports a marxist communist originated group that is on record of chanting disgusting and hateful words against police. While marching in the streets, this group has chanted about police:

    “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.”

  3. Trumpion, word has it the Miller son-in-law will be running in the spring to carry on the Miller legacy!

    Thank you Patrick Kenneally for ALLOWING our taxpayer money to fund that family’s desires.

    What is wrong with you, Mr. Kenneally?

  4. Well said bread winner Obama started this disrespect and hatred of police.

    And now we have this rampant rioting and chants to defund the police.

  5. We must support the honest ethical law enforcement patriots that have the courage to arrest and prosecute this International Crime Syndicate of Money Laundering, Tax Evading, Thrives, Pedophiles and Sex Traffickers.

    Lock them all up!

  6. Pat Kenneally is a dipshit and pear shaped turd in my opinion.

  7. I back the blue. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the guy in time that stole the two signs on my private property.

    My Trump Pence 2020 signs lasted almost 36 hours

    Expressing my opinions on my private property is not tolerated by the righteous operating mostly under the cover of darkness.

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