Skillicorn Attacker and Defender

The attacker first:

Moms Demand Action endorsed candidate for IL house goes over the top to attack opponent

So this is a glimpse of an ad running in IL House District 66:

The ad features Suzanne Ness’s opponent, sitting state rep and Republican Allen Skillicorn holding a shoulder fired rocket launcher. Zoom in a tad and you can see that he’s NOT firing it:

The green sign is for the Illinois National Guard. It’s a PR event for them in which they have their equipment out for demo LOFL! Politicians go to these things. Does Suzanne Ness think the IL National Guard shouldn’t have “weapons of war” or something?? Does she think the public shouldn‘t be able to interact with our troops in a non-combat/disaster type situation? Her ad creators aren’t that bright. Moving on….

Should come as no surprise that Ness is endorsed by Moms Demand Action:

Moms Demand Action is known (thanks to us) for smearing their political opponents with false info (just like how showing Allen at a National Guard PR event with a rocket launcher and trying to play it off as he’s blowing something up).

The Defender:


This email conveys my candidate endorsements as an NRA member and Second Amendment Foundation member, and as a member of other effective 2nd Amendment patriot organizations.

If I may, in doing so, I would also like to rebut your recently-blogged assertion that my NRA-endorsed State Rep. Allen “A+” Skillicorn is running an “invisible campaign”.

Allen Skillicorn continues to be very visible *to me*.

And, to other American patriots.

Whereas, in my daily life, my Crystal Lake county board member and IL-66 state rep. challenger Suzanne “F” Ness is nowhere to be seen.

Suzanne Ness is a nice lady, but she is ideologically and politically opposed to defending this fundamental Constitutional right.  She scores an NRA-PVF “F” on her candidate scorecard.  I am happy to have her as my nearby neighbor, but Sue Ness cannot be counted upon to have any spine determined to fight to legislatively or politically defend our 2nd Amendment rights.

I continue to stand behind my endorsement of Allen “A+” Skillicorn for IL-66 state rep.

I also herewith happily endorse Jeanne “A-” Ives for my IL06 U.S Congresswoman.

And I am pleased to endorse Steven “A” Reick for state rep. IL-63, my former district.

I would appreciate it if you would very kindly report this and the following to your blog readers.


It is my hope, subsequent to the nationwide Marxist-Leninist/Maoist anti-police, anti-American violent riots, looting, arsons, property damage, physical injuries & homicides this last year, and my prior awareness of their planning and my anticipation of them long before they occurred, that our local elected officials, including Crystal Lake County Board members Carolyn Schofield and Suzanne Ness, are now appreciating the value of defending our 2nd Amendment rights, and the utility of having both a pistol and an AR-15 and a shotgun handy.

Both women and men need to be able to defend our families, businesses, hearth and home.  And our own lives.  And our constitutional rights & freedoms.  With both pistols and long guns at hand, and a-blazin’, if necessary.

That is the significant point which lost Carolyn Schofield her bid for Allen Skillicorn’s seat.

You do not compromise our 2nd Amendment rights.  Period.

You will not stop a full-blown Chicago riot and violent political revolution with only a pistol.  Or with good intentions or legislative compromise.

McHenry County Board member Jeff Thorsen most certainly understands this value.  I herewith thank and endorse for re-election McHenry County Board member Mr. Jeffrey Thorsen for his role in recently opening the new D5 Ranges in Marengo.  I am proud to here introduce to you and promote this lovely, nice, new 2nd Amendment facility:

And, of course, I fully support Crystal Lake’s very own On Target Range & Tactical Training Center, and its executive director of ops, USMC veteran Mr. Thomas Dorsch:


I am forwarding to you a Get Out the Vote! email I have received from NRA-PVF, as I am a proud card-carrying NRA member.  The GOTV email is from our regional NRA-PVF field representative, Mr. Kelvin Curtis.  His email contains an embedded link to the online NRA-PVF candidate scorecard tool. 

You, and all other recipients of this email from me, are welcome to pass on the NRA-PVF GOTV email, and my own message, if you like, to the good residents of McHenry County.


Attached please find some pics of the November 2020 edition of National Rifleman magazine, which I pulled out of my little apartment-sized mailbox yesterday.

This special election-edition publication is very colorfully visible in my mailbox.  And it is very welcome!  For it not only contains a candidate voter guide, but also a quite lovely engineering parts diagram and parts legend, with disassembly instructions, for a U.S. Model 1911A1 pistol, as well as useful photos, diagrams & specs of a Walther 04.  These are actually useful to me!  Thus, this magazine will be kept & archived for future reference.  Not deep-sixed.

Whereas, all the other useless-to-me, crammed-in & crumpled, oversized cardstock campaign mailers from other political campaigns, were immediately deep-sixed into the nearest trashcan, without me even looking at them.  Hence, those campaigns wasted their donors’ contributions on me.

To connect with me, Allen Skillicorn chose an effective — and very economical & cost-effective — form of organizing and GOTV outreach.  

Kudos to Allen Skillicorn for being kind to his low-income constituents by unequivocably standing by his 2nd Amendment patriotic values and scoring this great, cost-free campaign support and excellent political visibility!

The American Rifleman magazine cover is printed with endorsements specific to U.S. House congressional district IL06, and specifically endorses Jeanne Ives, and the Donald Trump/Mike Pence ticket.

The magazine cover displays a very nice photo of President Trump saluting an NRA convention audience.  And a couple of quotes from him:  “I want to thank all of you, the proud, card-carrying members of the NRA.” and “Every day, you stand up for our God-given rights without exception, without fail, and without apology.”  I feel appreciated.

The cover then states, “On Nov. 3 Stand with President Trump” and directs the reader to an “Exclusive Oval Office Interview” on page 41.

A very nicely photographed interview article appears on pages 41-45, titled, “President Trump Praises NRA Members in Exclusive Interview:  A Critical Vote for Freedom”, with photos in the Oval Office and of the President speaking to the NRA membership.  (I was present in the audience.)

This article immediately follows the candidate scorecard pull-out voter’s guide, with the NRA-endorsed name & grade of Allen “A+” Skillicorn listednearby.

The cover directs the reader to the centerfold pull-out “NRA-PVF Candidate Endorsements 2020” voter candidate scorecards guide.

This Election 2020 candidate guide posts candidate scorecard grades, and in bold red typeface are the NRA-PVF endorsed candidates.

These grades, and a personalizable printable voter candidate scorecard, are available here:

Here are the NRA-PVF candidate grades relevant to McHenry County:


(R) Mark Curran — ?

(D) *Dick Durbin — F



(R) Jeanne Ives — A-

(D) *Sean Casten — F


(R) Jim Oberweis — C

(D) Lauren Underwood


(R) Adam Kinzinger — D

(D) Dani Brzozowski — F



(R) *Steven Reick — A

(D) Brian Sager — F


(R) *Tom Weber — A

(D) Leslie Armstrong McLeod — F


(R) *Daniel J. Ugaste — A

(D) Martha Paschke — F


(R) *Allen Skillicorn — A+

(D) Suzanne M. Ness — F

* indicates incumbent

A copy of this email is being sent to Mr. Kelvin Curtis, our regional field rep of NRA-PVF, and to Tom Dorsch of On Target, and D5 Ranges Marengo, and to your fellow blogger, Mr. Lopez.  And, as a courtesy, to Carolyn Schofield, Jeanne Ives, Steve Reick, Suzanne Ness, Allen Skillicorn, and others of the McHenry County Board and Marengo-area townships.

Very truly yours, 



Skillicorn Attacker and Defender — 9 Comments

  1. The ILL GOP establishment works 24/7 against Skillicorn just as much as Planned Parenthood and Soros’ front groups.

  2. If Skillicorn is ‘going to lose’ according to all the pundits, why this hysterical media campaign?

  3. Allen gets the + in the A+ for having a rocket launcher. 👍👍


  4. FYI, Martin McLaughlin, Republican running for 52nd District State Representative also received the NRA’s endorsement with a NRA-PVF grade of AQ.

  5. Congressperson Adam Kinzinger’s (R-16) district doesn’t include McHenry County. 😐

  6. McLaughlin only got an “AQ”?

    Thought elected officials lose the “Q” portion, unless it’s because the official has not had a 2A issue vote(?) as a legislator would. Mayors/village presidents would see those few and far between.

  7. John Lopez–
    Per NRA-PVF:

    AQ –A pro-gun candidate whose rating is based solely on the candidate’s responses to the NRA-PVF Candidate Questionnaire and who does not have a voting record on Second Amendment issues.

  8. just got to twist it so its fake news and create the chicken little syndrome … unbelievable…

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