Voters Turnout Figures in All Counties

A Friend of McHenry County Blog is tracking Illinois State Board of Elections figures and has come up with some questions.

His statewide findings and his questions follow.

Two days ago I downloaded from the State the file containing Pre-election ballot numbers by County.  It states the numbers are changed daily.  No change until almost an hour ago and whoa!How can the number of mail-in ballots drop? 

In total, the number of mail-in ballots dropped by 32,128 for the state.
McHenry County went from 67,826 on Wed. to 66,533 today. 

Clinton and Saline County had reported the number of mail-in ballots and returned on Wed. but now the numbers are zero. To enable comparison to past elections, I have added the City Election Authority numbers to the County in which they reside.  It works 100% except for Rockford which is mostly in Winnebago County has a few voters in Ogle Couny – all of Rockford is added to the Winnebago number. 

Based on voter registration numbers published by the State and election results reported by the State for 2016 and Pre-election ballot info provided by the State at 10:31 this morning here are the voter turnout numbers by County:

NameTURNOUT  TO DATE2016 Turnout
Adams County26.33%69.18%
Alexander County8.36%49.09%
Bond County20.15%60.91%
Boone County22.47%70.36%
Brown County18.95%64.02%
Bureau County15.70%69.63%
Calhoun County22.64%73.78%
Carroll County23.59%68.73%
Cass County17.08%65.70%
Champaign County27.80%69.10%
Christian County17.01%69.12%
Clark County20.74%66.58%
Clay County16.07%66.59%
Clinton CountyProblem69.25%
Coles County21.86%71.93%
Cook County21.25%71.54%
Crawford County19.46%67.97%
Cumberland County15.02%71.00%
DeKalb County27.53%70.80%
DeWitt County15.69%61.65%
Douglas County16.82%68.81%
DuPage County27.52%70.78%
Edgar County19.31%60.33%
Edwards County17.65%78.75%
Effingham County18.52%74.88%
Fayette County16.78%72.94%
Ford County10.87%67.60%
Franklin County13.36%68.39%
Fulton County13.25%61.61%
Gallatin County19.13%71.91%
Greene County14.79%65.33%
Grundy County26.59%71.95%
Hamilton County25.09%73.58%
Hancock County13.13%74.56%
Hardin County18.54%74.97%
Henderson County19.60%73.87%
Henry County18.96%68.54%
Iroquois County12.38%72.34%
Jackson County21.61%59.46%
Jasper County18.79%75.68%
Jefferson County16.66%71.13%
Jersey County20.57%68.97%
JoDaviess County26.55%70.93%
Johnson County24.94%72.21%
Kane County32.19%68.06%
Kankakee County19.03%73.71%
Kendall County29.17%71.94%
Knox County23.84%67.11%
Lake County13.58%71.28%
LaSalle County13.43%71.14%
Lawrence County15.13%65.75%
Lee County27.53%68.53%
Livingston County18.39%69.05%
Logan County19.19%65.32%
Macon County22.94%63.66%
Macoupin County17.11%71.55%
Madison County21.09%72.14%
Marion County13.09%69.36%
Marshall County20.16%73.57%
Mason County16.31%65.94%
Massac County13.54%57.39%
McDonough County25.82%70.91%
McHenry County23.62%66.58%
McLean County19.79%73.13%
Menard County20.38%71.37%
Mercer County4.09%71.39%
Monroe County22.53%78.41%
Montgomery County25.20%73.41%
Morgan County19.54%65.28%
Moultrie County18.48%73.57%
Ogle County22.81%72.74%
Peoria County29.49%68.60%
Perry County17.17%70.03%
Piatt County23.80%78.06%
Pike County16.19%63.88%
Pope County25.68%72.88%
Pulaski County8.67%63.10%
Putnam County21.18%74.72%
Randolph County14.44%67.58%
Richland County19.94%68.66%
Rock Island County34.51%64.57%
Saline CountyProblem69.69%
Sangamon County25.54%73.18%
Schuyler County23.28%71.02%
Scott County13.90%69.66%
Shelby County14.50%73.53%
Stark County14.09%66.84%
St. Clair County20.34%66.48%
Stephenson County21.58%60.44%
Tazewell County17.67%72.17%
Union County18.01%68.92%
Vermilion County17.39%64.99%
Wabash County16.21%64.06%
Warren County20.30%69.60%
Washington County16.68%77.30%
Wayne County12.70%68.92%
White County21.28%69.15%
Whiteside County20.91%68.53%
Will County24.90%74.42%
Williamson County22.10%70.09%
Winnebago County22.86%69.06%
Woodford County16.31%75.25%


Voters Turnout Figures in All Counties — 3 Comments

  1. Well done who put the data together, and merged the city election authority numbers within the appropriate county, noting city of Rockford variance.

    Good thing the Aurora Election Commission is no more, given it covered 3 counties (DuPage portion of Aurora was never part of AEC).

  2. Just another way to ‘fix’ the elections to get the ‘right’ results.

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