Long-Time Algonquin Village Clerk Gerald Kautz, RIP

Gerald Kautz 1941-2020

Longest serving village clerk in Illinois history passes away

On October 1, Algonquin Village Clerk Gerald Kautz passed away peacefully at his Algonquin home.

He was 79.

Kautz was first elected village clerk in 1989 and was reelected 7 times, passing away after 31 1/2 years in office.

From the Village of Algonquin website:

“It is with profound sadness that we share with you the passing of Village Clerk Jerry Kautz.  Jerry was first elected to serve as Village Clerk in 1989 and he has remained in this position ever since. He previously served on the Village‚Äôs Liquor Commission and Planning and Zoning Commission.

“Jerry has led an incredible life of giving to the community and the positive impact he had on those around him has made Algonquin a better place.

“Our deepest condolences to his wife Sharon, his children, family, and many friends throughout our community.”

Prior to his passing, Kautz had made it known his 8th elected term would be his last when it ended on April 30 of next year.

As reported on McHenry County Blog on August 10, the village board had placed a referendum on the General Election ballot to abolish the election of a village clerk, and have the village president appoint the clerk with advice and consent of the village board.

Moving to an appointed clerk is common for home rule municipalities.

With the balloting for November in progress, the village board will likely not fill the part-time elected clerk’s position for the remainder of Kautz’s unexpired term.

Gerald Kautz

If village voters approve the referendum, filling the unexpired term is moot. If the referendum is rejected, the clerk’s position will be up for election in the April, 2021 election.

Deputy Clerk Michelle Weber will perform the statutory duties in her current role in the interim.


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  1. A bib-wearing Bob Miller endorser.

    And a big government freak. Obama supporter, too.

  2. Did he were that clown outfit to ‘work’ too?


  3. Gerald Kautz, Obama touter in 2008! I don’t know about 2012.

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