People Preparing for the Worst

I was surprised when a friend of mine bought 10,000 rounds of ammunition before the 2016 election.

My guess is that they are still in a storage unit.

Now come’s Crain’s Chicago Business with this story:

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People Preparing for the Worst — 18 Comments

  1. A tiny fraction of Americans, who do not believe in law and order, in the solidarity of country, who gave no idea of service or sacrifice, who are unanchored by any true faith, these are the people harboring a grim fantasy of war, which in their undisciplined minds plays out like some Schwarzenegger movie un an hour and a half.

    I’ll be with the rest of the veterans upon whom the country has actually relied.

  2. Martin, you have described tyrannical DEMOCRATS like Lord Jumbo Boy, King Of
    Burgers And Gluttony perfectly.

    I stand with you, Brother.

  3. You think the liberals are stocking up on guns and ammunition? Possible, but I doubt it.

  4. Liberals/Progressives are COWARDS.

    Untrained, outnumbered and unprepared to boogaloo.

    Kyle Rittenhouse proved that, and he is just 17yo.

    Watch your 6.

  5. I agree that liberals and progressives are not arming or training, so then what’s the point in buying up guns and tens of thousands of rounds of ammo?

    It’s not as though they are going to take anything by force.

    Just to go kill a bunch of unarmed civilians?

    To overthrow 50 state governments and the federal government?

    To try to fight the US military?

    None of those are going to get beyond a sputtering start.

  6. It’s called prepping for the unknown and unforeseen wild card scenario.

    Much wiser to have and not need, than to need and not have.

    Consider this matter settled.

  7. When the bullets start to fly, Martin won’t last very long in Bull Valley.

  8. Martin just doesn’t understand that the entire point of the second ammendment is so that citizens can stand up to a tyrannical government if need be.

    The purpose is to act as a deterrent and as an additional check on the government.

    Anyone stocking up on such things is doing thier duty as a citizen and only a fool would want to strip this protection away.

  9. There is a huge ammo shortage right now. 5.56 ammo that used to cost a little over $0.30/round is now going for well over $1.00/round, if you can find it at all.

    9mm ammo is in similarly short supply.

    Those of us who are into firearms as a hobby have seen this movie several times before, and we tend to stock up when ammo is plentiful and cheap.

    Besides, 10,000 rounds really isn’t that much for someone who is involved in any competitive shooting sports.

  10. There’s at least an answer.

    You think BLM is going to turn into an armed uprising against a democratically elected government, and you’d oppose that.

    I would, too, but it’s unlikely to the point of near zero probability.

  11. Martin,

    Everyone with a brain is fully expecting that following the Trump victory there will be mass violence being committed by BLM and Antifa.

    Nothing wrong with being prepared since local government officials have shown no interest in protecting citizens in many cities.

  12. It would seem that our friend Martin lacks critical thinking skills
    as well as comprehension of the Constitution.
    I wonder if he knows who said this, and I’m paraphrasing here : “The government is not the answer
    to our problems. Rather, it is our problem”.
    Of course, this is what 2a is all about.

  13. Martin is Joel Berg, sitting McHenry Co. Judge and resident ‘know it all’ except certain matters like 8th Amendment.

  14. You dumbass,

    I use my name on this blog.

    I’m not hiding behind fake identities like most of the goobers here.

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