IL-14: Lauren Underwood’s Fourth TV Commercial

Lauren Underwood

Titled “Bill”, another testimonial from insulin patient highlighting the insulin bill and has audacity to use an independent contractor whose livelihood she voted to destroy

On Monday October 19, Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s (D, IL-14) campaign released its 4th TV commercial, another positive piece titled “Bill” which was posted on YouTube on Friday:

COMMENTARY: Just as was published on McHenry County Blog on October 15 with the “Darcy” commercial, may as well read the article again because Underwood’s lack of honesty is on full display again:

But the “Bill” ad has a rather insulting twist from Underwood.

The gentleman in the ad giving his testimony claims to be an “independent contractor”.

The very same livelihood Underwood’s vote in support of the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act would destroy.

In the past month, significant activity took place concerning “independent contractors” including the September 22 announcement from Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia of the first definition of “independent contractor” for enforcement of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

New Jersey-based freelance writer Kim Kavin explains the reason the Department of Labor had to formally define an “independent contractor”, and it betrays Underwood’s and the majority of Democrats’ plans for workers like the gentleman in Underwood’s latest commercial:

Kim Kavin

“This proposed rule would actually be the first time ever that the term ‘independent contractor’ was defined under the Fair Labor Standards Act…It suggests the creation of an actual definition in the FLSA.

“The reason such a definition is necessary at the federal level is because at the behest of union bosses, California enacted AB5, severely *restricting* the definition of an independent contractor.

“The 1930s ABC rule in AB5 was so outrageously over-restrictive that it wiped out the careers of independent contractors in hundreds of professions.

“Other states where Democrats have trifecta control, including NY and NJ, tried to copy AB5 last year, but failed because the economic fallout in CA was already clear.

“Independent contractors themselves—not corporations—came out in force to tell lawmakers we want to remain independent contractors.

“This is a fact repeated in study after study. 70-80% of ICs want to remain ICs. Even during the pandemic, 60% of ICs said no amount of money would get them to go back to a traditional job.

“The USDOL proposed rule recognizes this fact. As Secretary Scalia wrote, ‘Unlike AB5, our rule doesn’t aim to slant the analysis toward classifying independent contractors as employees. In part, that’s because we recognize there are powerful reasons why some workers prefer to be independent, rather than accountable to a company as its employee.’

“What is actually happening with independent contractor law is an assault against the majority will of ICs themselves. It is illegal to unionize an IC, so unions want fewer ICs to exist. This is the premise of overreaching laws like AB5.

“Even California’s own nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office now says as many as 1 million ICs will be affected. Most will lose work.

“The laws unions are pushing—and USDOL is pushing back against—threaten your very own business model.”

Kim Kavin tweet thread 10/19/20


As documented in McHenry County Blog last month, the Democrats filed new legislation to usurp the Labor secretary’s rule with a legislative amendment to the FLSA, mandating all workers are classified as “employee” and must pass the ABC test to prove they are an “independent contractor”.

Whereas the Trump Administration states no desire to slant workers into employees, the Democrats, Underwood included through her vote supporting the PRO Act, wants to harm workers who choose and want to remain independent contractors, including the gentleman in her latest commercial.

External references and developments from Friday:


IL-14: Lauren Underwood’s Fourth TV Commercial — 3 Comments

  1. Underwood was great as “Raj” on “What’s Happening” back in the 70’s!

    As an elected official….. Not so much!

  2. She makes me ill just looking at her.
    Is she gender dysphoric like her idol Mayor Beetlejuice?

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