Franks and Sager Partner on Ad in Woodstock Independent, Buehler Counter Punches

From the Woodstock Independent:

The Jack Franks and Brian Sager ad in the Woodstock Independent feature their Northwest Herald Endorsements.

Sager, a patronage appointee of Franks to the Regional Transportation Board, is the only Democratic Party candidate I have seen who is tying himself to Franks.

In the same paper, Franks’ Republican opponent Mike Buehler ran an ad directed at Franks’ character entitled, “You Don’t Know Jack.”


Franks and Sager Partner on Ad in Woodstock Independent, Buehler Counter Punches — 30 Comments

  1. I’m gonna’ preface this with trying to head off the silly retorts folks will give me. My comments below are not about who I like in this race. I don’t like either of them.

    This is simply a statement on the quality of ads here.

    This is what I’m talking about when I say, “WTF is Buehler doing?!”

    Franks (like him or have him) has a compelling and professional ad.

    You can think the ad is BS, and lies, or whatever.

    But the ad is well done and well designed and on message.

    Buehler’s ad is bad.

    It has a million words in tiny font that no one is going to read.

    It’s a waste of money.

    It is stunning to me that the McHenry County GOP/Buehler have not been able to raise any money and put together a real campaign against a guy like Franks.

  2. AlabamaShake, what you said (probably) applies to the Cook County GOP too, especially with their Pat O’Brien versus Incumbent Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. ☹️

    Yes, Frank’s ad (not the candidate) is better.

    “Nobody” is going to read a tiny tiny, worry ad. ☹️

  3. How about the Democrat agenda then AS?

    Biden advisers are counting on a blue wave to usher him into the White House — along with a Democratic Senate that will help them get their tax increases passed quickly and without compromise.

    Much of the urgency stems from the need to raise revenue to pass Biden’s signature legislation — the $2 trillion infrastructure package that focuses on clean energy and that would be implemented over Biden’s first term, these people say.

    This spending package is the sine qua non of his campaign promise to jumpstart the economy hampered now by the coronavirus pandemic as well as address some climate concerns of Democratic voters.

  4. Alabama is our own local Axelrod. But Axelrod had and continues to have egg on his weasel-like face after Hillary went full mental when the ’16 results came in.

  5. These rump rangers might be “partnering” on something else with Kenneally playing the pivot man.

  6. Mon Ami!

    Could Franks and Sager get larger masks preferably Bag sized?

  7. The F/S ad days “Tax Fighters”. The same Sager that instituted a bag tax!

  8. Yes indeed!

    Arbitrary and Capricious
    is akin to rule by a despot.

    Yeah, Illinois needs more of these politicians

  9. Democrats. Look at wording in the fair tax.
    They take the electorate as dolts.

    If you are gonna open up the Illinois constitution for the “”fair”” tax, open it up to clip the untenable pension problem.


    Illinois’ high court ruled a former union employee who worked a single day in the classroom is eligible to receive a decade’s worth of teacher pension benefits.,Illinois%20Supreme%20Court%3A%20Union%20lobbyist%20can%20double%20pension%20for%20one,worth%20of%20teacher%20pension%20benefits.

  11. Franks and Sager this proves it they are on the same team…

  12. Tax Fighters they’re not!

    Sager’s would sell his mother for a Dollar.

    He’s the only Democrat that hasn’t shunned Franks due to the latest hot water he’s in!

    Guess he doesn’t mind the stank if he gets money for it.

    Sager ruined Woodstock!

    Now it’s the HIGHEST taxed town in the county !

    These two like to fool people into thinking they’re Republicans. Dishonest and unfit for office!

  13. All lies on Lying Jack Franks’ ad, (except lower number of county representatives-less people to buy off) all truth on Buehler’s!

  14. Madigan was opposed to taking away mapmaking from politicians, and Kilbride’s 4-3 Democratic majority opinion drew a searing dissent from then-Republican Justice Robert Thomas, who wrote: “The Illinois Constitution is meant to prevent tyranny, not to enshrine it.”

    Even so, Thomas has endorsed his Democratic colleague for retention, calling Kilbride a “conscientious jurist.”

    Despite their differences, Thomas said he “never saw” Kilbride make judgments based on Madigan’s influence or on Democratic politics.

    In attack brochures, the anti-Kilbride forces also hammered the justice for joining a 4-3 bipartisan opinion that allowed an Illinois Federation of Teachers lobbyist — a former Madigan staffer ― to get a taxpayer-supported teachers pension after substitute teaching at a grade school for only one day.

    The lobbyist now gets nearly $80,000 a year from the teacher retirement system — plus almost $35,000 annually more from a separate state pension system for his time on the speaker’s staff.

  15. $80,000 a year, for 1 day of work.

    These people have no shame

  16. Pretty sure those were old endorsements when Franks ran the first time.

    If those are still on his website he’s taken the Tina Hill approach to listing endorsements, old, imaginary or otherwise.

  17. Don’t forget the 3% compounded yearly taxpayer kick.
    $103,000 NEXT YEAR.
    PLUS ADD 3% TO THE $38,000

    And the Democrats are pushing a so called fair tax.

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