McHenry County Health Department Expects State Crackdown Soon

In her report to the McHenry County Board of Health, Public Health Administrator Melissa Adamson predicted that McHenry County will be treated like Kane, DuPage and Will Counties “by the end of the week.”

Melissa Adamson

“I think it’s a matter of when, rather than if,” she said, pointing to the higher infection rates in all counties surrounding McHenry County, including those in Wisconsin.

“It’s all around us.

“We are well into our second wave.”

Later in the meeting, she pointed out that McHenry County has had only six Coronavirus deathssince July.

The departmental dashboard shows a recovery rate of 97% with 120 deaths.

I haven’t looked at the web site since the Department stopped publishing test results and deaths on a daily basis.

Looking at it now, I see that Crystal Lake’s 60014 zip code now exceeds Woodstock in number of identified cases.

The distribution of cases by age shows a shift to younger folks:

Covid-19 cases by age group as of Oct. 26, 2020.

The number of cases by day are reported below:

Covid-19 cases by reporting day.

As Adamson noted, there have only been six deaths since July:

Covid-19 deaths by date.

The details are

  • a man in his 20’s
  • 2 men in their 60’s
  • a woman in his 60’s
Covid-19 deaths by age group.

The following is worth reading because it tells whcn Governor JB Pritzker will impose the next level of pergatory:

COVID-19 Resurgence Criteria

IDPH is monitoring key indicators to identify early but significant increases of COVID-19 transmission in Illinois, potentially signifying resurgence. These indicators are calculated for eleven newly described Illinois regions. IDPH will monitor if these indicators show an increase in COVID-19 disease burden with a simultaneous decrease in hospital capacity OR if there are three consecutive days greater than or equal to 8% test positivity rate (7 day rolling). These indicators can be used to determine whether additional community mitigation interventions are needed for a region to control the further spread of COVID-19. To view the regional level metrics being used by IDPH, please click

MCDH has calculated local versions of these regional metrics. These county level metrics use the same methodology and benchmarks as the Illinois Regional COVID-19 Resurgence Criteria. To best account for lag time, the statistics reflect the data as of 3-days prior to the current date.

Daily Test Positivity

The daily test positivity data represents data reported through Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR) only.
It is based on the date results reported into the ELR. It excludes testing data that are received from sites that have not implemented ELR. This excludes 3-5% of test data.
Each day, an average number (over the last 7 days) of COVID-19 positive tests is calculated and rounded to one decimal place.
Seven-day test positivity=100 x(county positive tests for 7 days)/(county total tests for the same 7 days)
Whenever the test positivity increases from the previous day, it is flagged.
If the county experiences fewer than 7 days in the last 10 with a daily increase in the 7-day average test positivity, the county is at a target level.
If there are seven or more days in the last 10 days with a daily increase in the 7-day average test positivity, this would indicate warning levels.
As of 10/21/2020, MCDH has decided to present the positivity statistics provided by IDPH.
Although MCDH has complete confidence in the methodology it has been using, the health department has decided to utilize the same data as IDPH to stay consistent with how the State is interpreting and measuring positivity. 
7-day rolling average through October 23, 2020.

The original reason for imposing restrictions was to “flatten the curve,” so there would be adequate beds to treat sick patients.

As you can see below, there is no shortage of local hospital beds.

The goal, keep in mind, is that 20% of the beds will be available.

Over twice as many beds are available as recommended.
Almost three times the number of ICU beds are available as recommended.

Adamson said that a request has been made to treat McHenry County differently, but it was denied.

Rather than one size fits all, the message from the Illinois Department of Public Health was,

Cindy Gaffney

“It’s going to look like this and we’re going to tell what it looks like.’

In other business, the Board elected officers for the coming year:

  • Cindy Gaffney, President
  • William Stinson, Vice President
  • Juliana Morawski, Secretary
  • Kyle Marcussen, Treasurer

= = = = =

The meeting was held in the County Board room where it is possible to broadcast the proceedings.

That does not currently occur and, to the best of my knowledge, no recording of meetings is made public.

This lack of transparency in this time when public health is a major concern disturbs me.


McHenry County Health Department Expects State Crackdown Soon — 24 Comments

  1. Wow. I thought the name Cindy Gaffney sounded familiar.

    A google search reminded me she was in the news last year for complaints of animal neglect.

    County inspectors found harboring of mosquito and an accumulation of waste on her property.

    I remember seeing photos on facebook and they were disgusting with animal waste everywhere.

    Now she will be president of the Board of Health?

    There must be someone better they could choose.

    A nurse or doctor perhaps since we’re dealing with a pandemic.

  2. Only an imbecile could believe in any of this hogwash. Public health has NOTHING to do with this hoaxery.

  3. I agree with Cindy.

    Is the corrupt Prim going to enforce these dictates?

  4. You WILL wear two masks from now on.

    Masks are good, Masks are the best ….MASKS

  5. There is nothing that the DEMOCRATS can’t/won’t destroy, either overtly or covertly.

  6. But- I thought all these masks “help” control the spread?

    Escape to Wisconsin.

    Have a nice lunch at different numerous establishments as often as you can.

    Bought gas in Delavan last Saturday for $1.79. (Illinois residents = suckers)

  7. Anyone who thinks that wearing more masks will make everything better is an idiot.

    People for the most part ARE wearing masks and it still spreads.

    Other countries are wearing masks and it still spreads.

    Most people who get covid report wearing masks regularly.

    Getting that last 5% of people to wear a mask will have no impact on the pandemic whatsoever.

    Sorry for the bad news but it turns out that we can’t stop a highly contagious airborne virus from spreading.

  8. Capitol Fax’s Rich Miller, Oswego Willy and @misterjayem all say we should wear masks.

  9. Brady Sluder said:

    “If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I’m not going to let it stop me from partying.”


  10. Neal is a moron. There is no such thing as air borne anything! You have been duped by the fake science of virology. It is all based on lies. NOTHING is contagious but your sheer stupidity. Viruses are NOT diseases! You have been lied to since the beginning! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COVID! If you still don’t understand that – then you are doomed!

  11. It has been obvious to me for a long time that intelligence in Europe, the USA and much of the world has been falling for generations. I assumed it was because dumb women were having more kids than smart women. I think that is part of it. But a more important part seems to be the role of fluoride that has been insidiously added to water, salt and even milk.

    Not only does fluoride make the people who are poisoned more docile and less intelligent, but it lowers their fertility and confuses their sexual identity. This Covid-19 nonsense is designed to reduce the population, but this started a long time ago. They are merely trying to speed up this process.

  12. What sick people, Neal? NO ONE is sick! It’s all a lie! Hospitals are empty. Staff is being laid off. They are lying to you! It is totally made up to frighten you into obeisance. You are under psychological mind control. Look how many zombies wear a ritual mask even though it is detrimental to their physical and mental health. I told you many months ago to TURN OFF YOUR TEEVEE! Now you are all hopelessly controlled and under the spell.

  13. Cindy, at the beginning of the pandemic I spent 2 days listening to actual doctors in New Orleans talking to each other and there were definitely people getting sick.

    No reason for them to be making it up.

    You can argue that the virus is man made or otherwise released on purpose if you want, but there are people getting sick from something.

    I will agree however that our hospitals are not overflowing and for most people it’s not a big deal.

    It’s definitely been blown way out of proportion for political reasons.

  14. Now that it’s fall they’ll just add all the flu cases to COVID to further destroy the economy.

    “Don’t go out. It’s bad. We have to keep COVID down by not going out as much.”

    8 months later

    “We are going to have a lot of cases in the winter because people will be inside and not going out much.”

    They gaslight us constantly with crap like this.


    These people are clowns.

    The lockdowns will end when those who enforce them are struck in the head with a baseball bat.

  15. “The lockdowns will end when those who enforce them are struck in the head with a baseball bat.”

    So the right is the party of law and order? hhmmmmmmm……

  16. Does anyone know what the requirements are to become president of Board of Health?

  17. Neal? Doctors are NOT Gods. They are peole that wear socks. MOst of them have been through the ROckefeller “medical scools” wher they teach them things that were NEVER true. Understand how schooling works? They tell you something, you repeat it back to them. You get the passing grade.

    I NEVER ever said any virus was manmade! I said viruses DO NOT EXIST! There is no such thing as contagion. There is no such thing as air born diseases. No one ever since the beginning of time has EVER isolated ANY “virus” of any disease. Germ “theory” was a bust since Pasteur. They are ALL lying to you.
    TURN OFF YOUR TEEVEE to stop the psychological warfare you are falling under!

    Aajonus Vonderplanitz

    Jon Rappoport

    Vaccines caused the Spanish flu!

    Dr. David Samadi, MD

  18. Captain Pete,

    In response to your comment about the Board of Health’s new president, yes, that is the same person that you saw in the article.

    Her animal shelter in Marengo called ASAP was under investigation starting July 1st 2019.

    As of October 16th 2020 (473 days later) the Illinois Department of Agriculture still has an ongoing investigation on her animal shelter.

    Cindy claims that there were no citations or violations when indeed that is correct.

    At least 4 of her personal dogs were not current on their rabies vaccinations.

    She was also argumentative with one of the Animal Control Officers about a filthy water trough.

    Bird droppings and filth were documented all over the barn where she houses TNR cats.

    Being the president or any member on the Board of Health should be a pristine example or at least in compliance with the laws.

  19. Bedhead

    If her dogs aren’t kept current on vaccinations why do mine have to be?

    How is she even on the board?

    I agree the board members should be setting an example and following the laws.

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