IL-14: Lauren Underwood Reverses Course and Endorses Jack Franks Reelection

Lauren Underwood
Jack Franks

In spite of sexual misconduct allegations, Underwood betrays party loyalty over people, especially women endorsing tainted Franks

Earlier this month, the Farm Team PAC of Congresswoman Lauren Underwood (D, IL-14) issued nine additional endorsements after issuing its “final” list in late September.

Among the nine new October endorsements, Underwood endorsed McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks for reelection:

Farm Team PAC Facebook post 10/9/20

Nearly two weeks later, Franks’ campaign Facebook page posted the following screenshot on October 21.

The Franks endorsement, along with McHenry County Board Member Paula Yensen, were announced very low-key.

Only a Facebook post on the Farm Team PAC’s Facebook page announced the 9 elected Democrats endorsed for reelection.

While the PAC’s website reflects the new endorsements, there was no announcement on Twitter, as had taken place in the summer and last month.

And clearly from the Facebook picture Franks’ campaign posted, it’s dated, pre-pandemic given the clear lack of face masks and social distancing.

The spin Farm Team PAC says about these nine October endorsements is they are all incumbents already making a difference in the community.

COMMENTARY: Underwood’s endorsement of Franks insults voters in general and women in particular not just in McHenry County, but across the 14th congressional district and the country.

As McHenry County Blog published this afternoon, Franks’ campaign, through a robocall implies marital impropriety between his opponent and another female countywide official.

Yet Franks’ own wife filed for divorce from him in Cook County in late August as today’s article documents.

And it’s well-documented the sexual misconduct allegations against Franks from his days in the Illinois General Assembly which came to light earlier this year, and Franks is no longer allowed onto Capitol grounds without a State Police escort.

So Underwood has openly endorsed a highly-tainted Democrat for reelection to the McHenry County board chairmanship who is under investigation for sexual misconduct, while Franks’ supporters implying inappropriate behavior of his opponent and another woman.

When it appeared Underwood was doing the right thing and not backing Franks’ reelection, either directly or through her Farm Team PAC, she was applauded here on McHenry County Blog by commenters.

From McHenry County Blog article of 9/29/20

With the endorsement of Franks by Underwood earlier this month, her integrity is now by the boards, and all voters, particularly women, should keep this in mind when it comes to casting ballots in the remaining days of the General Election campaign.

Jim Oberweis

Voters are reminded in the 14th congressional district, Republican Jim Oberweis demanded Franks to resign back on January 31, 2020:

“The allegations made in the recent Sun Times article are reprehensible and are inexcusable.

“It appears as though Mr. Franks and House Speaker Michael Madigan were complicit in a coverup to protect their power, while further damaging the ability of women to come forward to bring to light the abuses suffered at the hands of those who were elected to represent and protect all of our families.

“My sympathies go out to the victims of his alleged terrible behavior.”

Jim Oberweis press release 1/31/20, published on McHenry County Blog


Underwood has yet to address Franks’ sexual misconduct allegation, let alone called for his resignation as McHenry County Board chairman and Franks’ problems go well beyond “if it’s true” disclaimer.

Underwood endorsed Franks, and short of removing the endorsement of Franks, Underwood is tainted by Franks, too.


IL-14: Lauren Underwood Reverses Course and Endorses Jack Franks Reelection — 16 Comments

  1. Does “tainted” and it’s derivatives have a special meaning here?

    Just askin

  2. democRATS…………BURN THIS INTO YOUR BRAIN:The only way the democRATS win anything this election is by stealing it.

    Their policies are anti-American, communist and they have insane leadership.


    Has she ever come closer to a farm then she has to a medical facility as a nurse?

  4. Good comment Rich R.

    Gutter politics right here in McH County

    And democRATS is right on the $ too.

    We just continue to become more divided.

  5. Truly a disgusting salt & pepper duo.
    FAKE NURSE and a harassing sexual predator.

  6. What is that PAC about? Went to the website expecting AT LEAST something about farms. Nothing about that. Nothing about mission, values, goals, political affiliations, philosophy, diversity, etc.

    Just a silly, “Northern Illinois is ripe for change”. Nothing about WHY to change? FROM what TO something else not specified.

  7. Let the two of these human rats go down in their Ship of Fools.

  8. I wonder what Franks has on her.

    Maybe the endorsement was bc Franks cast the deciding vote when he infested the statehouse for same sex marriage.

  9. LOL!

    That’s all you need to know about this owned candidate!

    Luckily she and Franks will both be washed up and flushed out like the turds they are!

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