An Endorsement of Steve Reick’s Re-Election to the State House

From Lakewood’s Steve Willson:

I know Steve Reick

He’s a good guy, a straight shooter. 

I remember when he first ran for State Rep, he came to my house, his arms full of documents about the Illinois budget. 

All he wanted to talk about was how the pensions were underfunded and how the assumptions that underlay the calculations were unrealistic.

In short, he’s a policy wonk, a nerd focused on the data and how to fix problems.

He also got tagged — once in his life — for drunk driving on his birthday. 

Typical Steve, he didn’t fight it, he didn’t try to cop a deal, he didn’t try to use his position.

He just admitted it.

Now, if you think that disqualifies him from ever holding public office, then vote for his opponent.

But if, like me, you think, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”, then you need to compare Reick’s record to that of his opponent.

Brian Sager is a life-long government employee. 

He used to be a Republican, but switched to being a Democrat and was almost immediately appointed to the patronage position of RTA Board member, a job that pays $25,000 a year.

Sager’s been Mayor of Woodstock since 2005. 

He claims to have cut property taxes by 10%, but that’s lying by omission. 

Brian Sager

In fact, property taxes went up 56% between his first year as Mayor and fiscal year 2017. 

Only then did Sager cut taxes. 

And that year Sager increased the City’s sales tax rate by 50% to make up the reduction in property taxes, so, net. 

So, net, property taxes today are 45% higher than when Sager took office and the sales tax is 50% higher. 

Overall, that means the combined property and sales tax burden on Woodstock residents is 78% higher than when Sager took office.  

Overall, government expenditures are 58% higher than when Sager took office.

Sager also oversaw the creation of TIF districts that have diverted millions of taxpayer dollars from the schools to the City.

So, you have a choice between

  • a policy wonk who did one wrong thing and admitted it straight up, a moderate focused on fixing the state’s problems, and
  • a lifelong politician and government employee, the recipient of a patronage position and government pensions, and with a long record of raising taxes and increasing government spending.

The choice is yours.


An Endorsement of Steve Reick’s Re-Election to the State House — 10 Comments

  1. Solid endorsement letter, especially clearly explaining how a dollar out of the taxpayer’s pocket is a dollar out of the taxpayer’s pocket with the net of Sager’s record on taxes.

    Little surprised no mention of the Woodstock bag tax Sager implemented at the first of this year.

    Solid, hopefully 63rd district voters listen.

  2. Brian Sager is toxic to tax payers. His record says it all.

    The orange $300 bouffant hairdo bag tax mayor.

    Reick got my vote

  3. John Lopez:

    First, the bag tax is ten cents and easily avoided.

    Sales taxes and property taxes are literally hundreds of times the bag tax for the average family and can’t be avoided.

    Second, the evidence of other taxes and spending is conclusive, so, from a rhetorical perspective, mentioning the bag tax would have been a net negative, drawing attention away from the important points.

  4. A tax is a tax, period.

    Never mind the amount it’s a tax he implemented making Woodstock look like a dufus!

  5. The words *principle and trust* have meaning for many taxpayers.

  6. Sager is the worst.

    He ruined Woodstock.

    Franks put him up to run that’s why they are appearing on fliers together and endorsing one another.

    Two failed politicians acting like the ugly klutzes that didn’t get picked for pom pom squad, clinging to each other, with each one using each other .

    It’s gross.

    Make sure neither Sager or Franks win another election!

  7. Sorry Willson, I usually vote Republican.

    But I left that race open and unvoted bc of Reick’s never Trumpism and the fact that he really doesn’t matter —- given the sick GOP leadership and the fact that the GOP has screwed themselves (and us) via Brady, Durkin, Rauner, Edgar, Daniels, ad infinitum …. into super minority status.

    So I just left the ballot blank.

    I’m tired of chumps like Reick who are rather indistinguishable from Democrats.

    Didn’t Reick vote for many tax increases?

    Answer: Yes!

    He can go to hell w/ Sager.

  8. Good letter, Steve.

    I’m not as nice as you are!

    Truth be told, these people who won’t vote for Reick but are Republicans really irritate me.

    One guy raised taxes once that I know of.

    The other guy raises taxes every chance he can get.

    To pretend these two candidates are equivalent is foolish.

    One of them is going to be elected.

    You don’t have the perfect candidate, so now you are willing to not vote and get someone even further away from you?

    Now you have a guy who agrees with you even less.


    There’s no logic to it — it’s just a baby temper tantrum, the inability to quantitatively analyze issues, and refusal to live with the consequences of one’s own actions.

    How many Democrats are going to vote against Franks/Underwood/Sager because they aren’t left wing enough?

    Very few, but Republicans will do that to their own people.

    Then Republicans will cry and ask, “Why are we such losers? Why do we lose so much?”

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