Another Anonymous Robo-Call Targets County Board Member Jim Kearns

From supporters of Jack Franks comes this robl-call:

Please vote to re-elect Jim Kearns.

Jim courageously voted to increase our property taxes and create a fee for every cat in your home.

Jim knows that our government needs more tax dollars in order to grow and thrive.

Jim led the effort for pay increases for county officials and fought for healthcare for part-time county board members.

Please vote to re-elect Jim Kearns.

Courageous — Progressive — Republican.

Paid for by Progressives of McHenry County.


Another Anonymous Robo-Call Targets County Board Member Jim Kearns — 5 Comments

  1. Keep on truckin Kearns.

    Jackie boy no-like people that challenge the throne.

  2. Is this what Collin Corbet from Core Strategies came up with for Franks to do when Franks called on him out of desperation to meet Oct 7 at a restaurant that wasn’t even open?

    He must have admitted to himself that BUEHLER was not only a viable candidate, but a real leader and a favorite?

  3. Jim will win and Jack will burn money.

    Then Jack will waste even more money giving it to his wife who just filed for divorce.

    Why did she file for divorce?

    What did Jack do to women in Springfield?

  4. This is a golden egg from Pop Goes about Collin Corbett and Jack Franks if true.

    It means you, as Republican politicians, could be paying a “strategist” who then shares your secrets with your rivals or also takes money to do work for your opponent.

    I’ve been trying to warn Republicans about Crazy Collin Corbett for a long time!

    I see comments of mine going back to January bashing him, and possibly even before then.

    Most of my criticisms have been about his ideology which is at odds with America First values, his bizarre and eccentric personality, and whether his business is any good or not (I say no).

    But what Pop Goes is alleging is far worse and I can’t say I’d be surprised if it were true based on what else we know about Crazy Collin Corbett!

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