Extracurricular Activity Payments to Crystal Lake High School District 155 Teachers – A-B

Long, long ago, teachers were not paid extra to advise student groups.

Those days are but a distant memory, as you can see from the following, which was obtained through a Freedom of Information request:


Extracurricular Activity Payments to Crystal Lake High School District 155 Teachers – A-B — 11 Comments

  1. Boncosky’s Musical production and direction duties cant be combined? Nice side work there looks like double dipping..Property taxes for folks in District 155 are outrageous and this is but one example of why. Oh those Union Teacher contracts—we work and pay, and they get to retire early, fat and rich. Motor homes, second homes, all par for the course for their retirements packages. Go into Teaching folks—It pays and it pays early and often. Public Sector jobs, the only way to go. Govt killed the Private Sector.

  2. And we wonder why our property taxes are so high!???

    If their refusal to do in person teaching isn’t enough to cut their salary this must be a wake up call!!

  3. How are these full-time equivalent (FTEs) when they already are working full time, and some doing 6 of the same job with a different name?

    So Boncosky made an extra $20k on top of his normal $116,836.00 salary?


    These teachers are WAY overpaid, working only 3/4 of the year, especially in a year when they aren’t really working at all.

  4. They do it because these stipends factor into their retirement formula.

    An extra 20K a year in activity pay will be 15K a year the first year they’re retired and will increase 3% each year until they die.

    If they retire at age 58 (sweet spot based on current formula) and live for 20 more years, that 15K will be an extra $27,000 per year in TRS income at age 78.

  5. This is disgusting.

    But the peasants will never revolt and they know this.

  6. Big Bear, cut salaries?

    Ha, in Cary they gave themselves raises in July


    “We feel that 3% is needed to maintain our competitiveness to bring in quality people,”

    Today’s edition – They want 3% increase in property taxes!!

    “Cary Community School District 26 school board will consider asking for 3% more in property taxes this year than it did last year,” A tax levy hearing and vote is scheduled for Nov. 16.


    I want a tax REFUND from D26!!

  7. Cut salaries, Bear?

    Ha in Cary, D26 wants 3% more in property tax!!

    Today’s nwherald.

    Not kidding…unreal.

    In July D26 voted 3% salary increases!

    No work, no pay, no job.

    D26, I want a tax refund!

    Nov 16…tax levy hearing and vote.

  8. As I scan the salary schedule it’s obscene!

    Once again, teacher’s unions.

  9. Often a PE or Drivers Ed teacher who coaches football or basketball is one of the highest paid teachers in the school.

    My old HS football coach was a PE teacher.

    He retired 26 years ago, and his final salary was around $96k/year.

    He’s now pulling in over $130k/year for his pension.

    It’s a racket.

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