Franks Removes Fake Endorsement from Farm Bureau PAC

The Political Action Committee of the McHenry County Farm Bureau did not endorse Jack Franks’ candidacy for re-election as County Board Chairman, yet two days ago the following images were on his Facebook page on endorsements:

Here is what appears now:

At least one deception has been eliminated.


Franks Removes Fake Endorsement from Farm Bureau PAC — 14 Comments

  1. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just the ole tip of the iceberg.

    Oh I forgot. It’s global warming, or is it climate change, so there won’t be anymore icebergs.

  2. Well, well, the acts of a desperate man in desperate times.

    At least one connection to the antics of Madigan, will be severed on election day.

  3. Neither Illinois Realtors nor the Heartland Realtor Organization endorse candidates.

    He has taken license in the past posting the name of entities that contributed to him in the past as if they are current supporters, even if they did not contribute to or are involved with the current campaign.

  4. They certainly know how to turn a major American city into a sh*t hole

  5. @Paul,

    Chicago is so screwed. They shut down restaurants again,

    On a slightly related note, I hadn’t noticed since I haven’t driven by it for several weeks, but was disappointed to see tonight that the Just For Fun roller rink was closed permanently for a final skate on Sept 19.

    They were struggling for years and the covid lockdowns killed it for good.

    The signs were taken down.

    Probably didn’t help though that they were getting so desperate that they were having a cross-dressing night.

  6. I’m surprised Franks didn’t claim to be endorsed by Biden, Trump, Obongo and the brain dead Dubya, too!

  7. 2nd, McHenry Township’s resolution is worthless.

    Townships have no law enforcement influence of any kind.

    Interesting that a particular government entity, whose own elected officials largely view its own existence to be useless, uselessly issue useless assurances of no value.


  8. It’s about as funny as Oak Park being a nuclear-free zone!


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