Lori Parrish Endorses Mike Buehler for County Board

From the Mike Buehler campaign:


CRYSTAL LAKE, IL – Lori Parrish, representing the 3rd District on the McHenry County Board, has endorsed Mike Buehler for McHenry County Board Chairman.  

Lori Parrish

“I support Mike Buehler for McHenry County Board Chairman,” said Parrish.

“His priorities include working collaboratively with county board members, communicating with honesty and integrity, treating others with dignity and respect, and supporting what’s best for the citizens of our county.” 

Parrish worked as a school administrator for 16 years with District 47.

She also served in Crisis Intervention & Behavioral Health with crisis hotlines and psychiatric hospitals.

She has served on the County Board since 2018. 

Buehler is a newcomer to the political scene having spent the last 25 years as a successful business owner managing D&M Scale Service with his twin brother, Tim.

In that capacity he has developed a reputation for a level-headed, clear-thinking approach to business and the situations that confront business owners.

His rational approach is considered a strong asset along with his commitment to stay focused on the business of McHenry County residents without bending to political distractions. 


Lori Parrish Endorses Mike Buehler for County Board — 9 Comments

  1. Shouldn’t all Republicans support Buehler?

    Why is this a big story

  2. Well said O My. But in past elections Back Jack has promoted “Republicans for Franks”.

  3. This comes as fa ar more credible endorsement than Debbie Franks writing a letter to the northwest Franks’ herald begging people to vote for the husband she’s supposedly divorcing.

  4. Call and ask John Jung.

    He’s afraid of Franks.

    You won’t see a BUEHLER sign in his yard.

    Jung is a coward and a follower.

  5. Chris Christensen is a mealy mouse too.

    He’s afraid Franks will make him lose his job like he did with Jeff Thorsen.

    It’s time to stop being afraid!!!

    That makes for a very corrupt and inefficient govt!

  6. She’s very trustworthy.

    And has more guts than most of the ‘men’ on that county board

  7. I was worried with me coming off the McBoard I wouldn’t get the proper Blog send off.

    I was hoping for Cindy as she is the Emily Dickinson of Blog trolls.

    Grapevine while your only a mid-tier troll, I appreciate the shoutout and support.

  8. Lani, what you write about John Young of sweet onion notoriety is so very true.

    Jung is still trashing Trump and crying …… not about his rotten Ionions, but about the wall on the southern border.

    Jung you are a disgrace!

  9. Btw, who cares about Lori Parrish or her latest coif? All she does is lose Buehler votes.

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