Message of the Day – Vandalism

Billboards supporting Donald Trump’s re-election have come under attack in McHenry and on the McHenry-Lake County line east of Fox River Grove.

The image below has been shown before.

Vandalized Trump billboard in McHenry

Now, the billboard has an addition, “Vandalism Won’t Hide the Truth!”

On the McHenry-Lake County line next to the railroad tracks, there is another Trump billboard, smaller because it is owned by Liberty Outdoor, now run by Bryan Javor.

He sends the following photos of the vandalism at the billboard across Route 14 from Bruce’s Interiors:

Drivers see “VOTE RUMP 2020.”

The “VOTE TRUMP 2020” message has been altered to read “VOTE RUMP 2020.”

The culprit was caught on film:

Paint roller in hand, vandal prepares to modify the billboard.
The man begins to deface the Trump billboard.

The degree of success, at least at night, can be seen below:

At night the “T” cannot be seen.

Apparently, the vandal had to leave in a hurry, because the Tupperware paint bucket was left behind.

The blue paint was abandoned..

Javor says this is the second time the billboard has been defaced.


Message of the Day – Vandalism — 14 Comments

  1. The figure with the paint roller in hand vandalizing the billboard
    looks like he could be Sean Casten.

    That wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  2. Stupid Dude looks like he is ALL RUMP …. might Wide…

    must be eaten pretty good on all the free cheese he is a gett’n, from Fred Flintstone..

    Mo hot dogs please…

  3. Get Patrick V. Kenneally on this ASAP. He won’t know what to do.

  4. And the “Black Lives Matter” billboard on 31 across from Walmart in CL remains untouched…

    what kind of people actually do this?

    Go out at night, paint in hand, a plan—

    get the cops on this, make the pig sweat a little.

  5. I belly laugh every time I see a “TRUMP PENCE” sign turned into “IPUMP PENIS”

    HAHAHAHA. Yes you do.

  6. childish democrats. Too cheap to buy their own signs or billboards. That’s all they know is how to tear down others and property and business that THEY didn’t build. Just proves Trump is getting to them and they’re very scared.
    We need TRUMP’S RUMP BACK IN THE Oval Office!

  7. Oh, Trump isn’t any more responsible for what others do than Bernie Sanders was when one of his supporters shot up a softball game.

    Stop pushing your obviously false talking points.

  8. They should start defacing black lives matter signs.

    Iā€™m sure Lakewood Resident would support this.

  9. I’d rather the Trump sign was in Wisconsin.

    The vandals are just local scum, like Oh on, the pervy cat fancier and fetish fiend.

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