Extracurricular Activity Payments to Crystal Lake High School District 155 Teachers – B-G

Long, long ago, teachers were not paid extra to advise student groups.

Those days are but a distant memory, as you can see from the following, which was obtained through a Freedom of Information request:


Extracurricular Activity Payments to Crystal Lake High School District 155 Teachers – B-G — 13 Comments

  1. The absolute biggest story of the day and our lives, for many decades, unfolding now and this blog instead spends too much time promoting local issues.

    It is about Trump vs Biden, freedom vs socialism. Forget or diminish all of this local nonsense for the next few weeks until we know who will be our next president. Focus on the presidential race and election. More stories and headlines needed about the presidential race.

    Can the “McHenry County Blog” rise above local inconsequential silliness and consider national matters of great consequence? Forget the name of your blog for now, or change it and the focus of discussion. Local politics pale in comparison to the future of our Nation as waged by top political figures in Washington DC and our current election.

  2. I believe quite the contrary.

    People are happy to be distracted by emotionally appealing issues which are less consequential to individual lives than specific local government taking.

    Most everyday household budgets are vastly more impacted by small local government policy than national, and local tax rates (especially property tax rates).

  3. What’s the matter bred, afraid we’re gonna see your name on this list??

  4. It’s time to start taking our lives and country back.

    Fauci needs to be driven around the country in a mobile pillory.

  5. Wow that’s some BS whining Bred!!!!

    More media coverage of the Presidential race than needed, we even get videos of both dudes picking their noses.

    Property taxes tend to drive people out of their homes, not income taxes.

    I thought I’d share this info before election day.


    Jan 20, 2009 Obama took office, national debt was $10.626,877,048,913.08.

    January 20, 2017 when Trump took office the national debt was: $19, 944,429,217.973.64.

    Under 8 years of Obama leadership the national debt went up $9,317,552,169,060.56.

    As of 12/30/2019 before the virus effected the way the gov does it’s normal business, the national debt was $23,108,827,795,092.86.

    Under Trump leadership of about 3 years the national debt went up $3,164,398,577,199..22
    Present National debt as of 10/20/2020: $27,179,997,734,407.28.


    End of fiscal year 2019, interest payments on national debt was: $574,587,783,463.63.


    The total population of the United States was 330,150,668 at the December 2019 Census.

    Just over $1740.38 per person just to service debt interest payments.

    If you vote for either the Dem or Rep this election you are part of the problem.

    Just saying.

  6. This is as almost as good a the County Salaries listing by name that came out a few months ago—one can only imagine the adjoining salaries of these peoples next to their “stay after school bonuses” that are listed here.

    These teachers are getting filthy rich off our property taxes and getting early and life long fully benefited fat pensions..

  7. These are educated professionals who have double digit years of experience.

    What would the private sector pay individuals like these?

    Do I think there could be some more fiscal efficiency?


    But I’m, by no means, going to call these salaries “rich.”

    Its not a defense of the teachers, but more of a knock on the un(der) educated who have done nothing to advance their own positions in life or haven’t taken risks to participate in the historical run of the of the stock market–the greatest wealth builder in its time.

    But go on… keep believe its everyone else and that Trump 2020 will save you.

  8. Private sector nurses with years of experience receive a lower compensation package annually, for significantly more hours worked.
    And, must work until age 67 before the mandatory 6.2% deductions from their paychecks start paying off.
    And, must pay for their own health insurance at age 55-through-65.

    Do some research.
    And you might want to stay healthy so you don’t need services from the health professionals who are being taxed to destruction to pay for your profession. As you might imagine, there is a growing resentment against predatory sociopaths in public sector positions.

  9. “These are educated professionals… ” blah blah blah.

    So what?

    They work barely 3/4 of the year and already are making around $116k per year as noted in the compensation report I posted a few days ago.

  10. “What’s this ‘wildcard’ crap?”

    Some are half and some are full time equivalent.

    They just make this stuff up as they go along to burn up money in the pot.

    I’ve had plenty of public school teachers tell me about their “use it or lose it” circumstances.

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