Federal Anti-Crime Efforts in Chicago Area – Part 9

This is the concluding part of the U.S. Attorney’s annual report.

Community Partnerships

The revitalized PSN program continues to invest resources in violence-prevention initiatives. 

Members of the U.S. Attorney’s Office have participated in offender notification meetings and youth outreach forums. 

Even during the current COVID-19 pandemic, these meetings and forums are still being held, including in a virtual environment, to maintain the outreach to former offenders.

Offender notification meetings provide an opportunity for individuals who have been convicted of a state or federal offense to make an informed choice not to engage in further criminal activity. 

Researchers at Arizona State University found that the forums have a positive influence on the offenders’ perception of police and help create an understanding that criminal activity results in a higher risk to return to prison. 

Researchers at Yale University found that ex-offenders who attend an offender notification meeting in Chicago are  30% less likely to commit a new offense than those who did not attend a meeting.

The quarterly youth forums assist children aged 13-17 to identify a path other than gang membership. 

The youth forums are conducted in partnership with CPD, the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center, and the University of Chicago Crime Lab, which tracks the progress of the children to assess results.


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