Immigrant Understands “Socialism,” Came to America to Escape It

From a Friend of McHenry County Blog:

A dear friend called to tell me that she did not need a ride to vote

She went with another lady that was an immigrant from Hungary and voting for the first time. 

When they voted and left the building, her Hungarian friend lifted her arms and said. 







Immigrant Understands “Socialism,” Came to America to Escape It — 17 Comments

  1. Wait… you heard this from someone who heard this from someone who was told something? Insightful!!!!!

    Why does the REO Speedwagon song Take It On the Run come to mind when I read this post?

    Heard it from a friend who….
    Heard it from a friend who……
    Heard it from another someone voted for a Republican

  2. Yep. Cuban Americans said the same.

    Lived it, escaped it, recognize the efforts in play.

    Where will we go, one asked.

    I ask the same question. Not an America my WWII father fought for and one I don’t want to live in.


  3. Your father fought to beat the Nazis in WWII.

    Now have Nazis feeling empowered thanks to the POTUS who has a really hard time condemning them.

    Not the America you father fought for and not the one I want to live in.


  4. It’s very obvious to those who have seen socialism what is going on. No need to tell them anything.

  5. The Hungarian lady was fortunate enough to avoid the indoctrination of
    of the current American education system.

    Teach the kids our REAL history, and CIVICS also.


  6. Not the illegal Mexican however as they love “Gratis”.

    Check your local ER, government welfare offices and public school system for confirmation.

  7. Personally know those that came from Poland, Hungary, and other areas.

    They are NOT fooled by what the Dems are feeding us.

    They are quiet about it and vote strongly Republican.

    Large populations of them in McHenry County.

  8. Oh, you are so 🙁

    No rioting, no socialism for me.

    Freedom, rights, constitution, law and order!

    Oh, Why aren’t you livin’ the dream in CA?

    Sounds right up your alley.

  9. wonder if she knows George Soros? from her hood… sounds like it

  10. Biden is a Trojan Horse for the far left wing crazies of the Democrat Party. Those primarily being the wannabe communist, Bernie Sanders, Cherokee Liz Warren, AOC Cortez and her insane Green New Deal, Camala Harris, etc.

    If Biden is somehow miraculously elected to the presidency – even though he has said twice in the last year that he is actually running for the Senate – these crazies along with Pelosi, Schumer, DICK Durbin, Blumenthal, Adam Shi*, etc will in 2021 declare Biden unfit to serve because of his senility/dementia and will invoke law to replace him with Harris. Then, we are on our way to a Venezuelian or Cuban USA. Biden’s handlers, and the mostly left wing and corrupt media, have been protecting Biden at least all of 2020. They are hoping to just get him across the finish line and then Harris takes over and tries to remake the USA into a Cuba or Venezuela.

    The Democrat Party once had honor with the likes of Presidents such as Truman and JFK. Then, in subsequent years, never a good or decent president or presidential candidate. Things started getting bad for this Party in 1972 with presidential candidate George McGovern. This was the start of the takeover of that Party by far left wing lunatics.

  11. Oh – the modern day Nazis are antifa and blacks love marxists.

    They are the ones burning books, suppressing free speech, threatening to put people in re-education camps.

    Your analogy is stupid, much like your screen name.

  12. You’re free to doubt the story, Oh, but if you ever choose to attend a Republican rally it is quite easy to meet people who came here from the former USSR or a satellite nation.

    JamesK is correct.

    They are very much against collectivization and centralization, and they are rather vocal about it

    For that reason, having talked to several of them myself, I find the story relayed to Cal plausible, even highly believable.

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