Messages of the Day – Legion

Well, maybe not literally legion, but there are a lot of messages at the corner of Bull Valley and Queen Anne Roads:

The biggest signs are for Donald Trump and Mike Buehler.

Other messages include

  • Union members and Vets Supports Trump
  • Carlos Acosta for Prison
  • Jelly Bean Sucks
  • Jack Franks for Prison
  • Google it “Jack Franks Investigation” Don’t Trust This Man.
  • a JB Pritzker toilet

And, that’s not all.

A donkey does his business on Jack Franks, Loren Underwood and Hillary Clinton signs.

Also visible are County Board candidate Damon Hill’s sign and one saying,

  • Madigan Machine
  • Jelly Bean
  • Bobby Rush
  • Hidden by grass
  • Paula Yensen
  • Jack Franks
  • Lauren Underwood
  • Suzanne Ness
  • Etc.


Messages of the Day – Legion — 9 Comments

  1. A window on democrat Illinois politicians is a more apt description.

  2. The Democrat Party’s mascot for a very long time has been the jacka**. How appropriate and representative of their top, top people. Such as the doofus, dope, rapist, racist, dementia, senile, mumbling, bumbling, plagiarist Joe Biden. So dumb that he would let his dope addled son get him involved in a China/Russia “deal” while he was sidekick VP to the worst ever president of the US, Barak Hussein Obama. And, how dumb are some voters along with most of the media who would want this guy to be the most powerful person in the world with his finger on the nuclear button.

  3. This guy gets into the spirit!

    And he may be foretelling the future in the signs Carlos Acosta and Jack Franks for prison!

  4. M, can’t wait for the day I see you spit out your teeth.

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