IL-14: Kyle Rittenhouse Extradition Hearing Witness List Released

Kyle Rittenhouse
John M. Pierce

Friday’s witnesses include Kyle’s mother and three law enforcement experts

As Friday morning’s in-person court hearing in Lake County looms, accused Antioch, IL shooter Kyle Rittenhouse’s lead criminal attorney John M. Pierce submitted his witness list for the extradition hearing.

As previously reported, Rittenhouse is fighting extradition.

Mid afternoon on Tuesday, Pierce released the witness list for Friday’s hearing, including Kyle’s mother, Wendy Rittenhouse.

Wendy Rittenhouse and John M. Pierce in Waukasha, WI last month
Steve Spingola
Andrew Branca
Tim Gravette

Ms. Rittenhouse will testify with the facts of her son’s surrender after his return from Wisconsin to Antioch in the early hours of August 26.

Additional expert witnesses from law enforcement include:

  • Tim Gravette – prison safety consultant
  • Andrew Branca – defense attorney specializing in self-defense
  • Steve Spingola – retired police lieutenant of the Milwaukee Police Department

Tuesday’s Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has the details about each of the law enforcement expert witnesses and the insight they’ll bring in Lake County on Friday.

As McHenry County Blog reported on September 30, there are still various people attempting to tie Kyle Rittenhouse to white supremacists. Joe Biden’s presidential campaign did so. Even yesterday, another article was published.

Published on Allison Gaines’ Medium page 10/27/20

Inside the article, Gaines labeled Rittenhouse with the adjective “white supremacist” more than once.

Here was my tweet about Gaines’ article, and attorney John M. Pierce from Tuesday:

Lauren Underwood

And Illinoisans in general and 14th congressional district residents in particular cannot forget Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s campaign crossing the line with Rittenhouse earlier this month linking the events of August 25 to the Henry Pratt Shooting in Aurora last year.

McHenry County Blog wrote about the Underwood campaign’s press release earlier this month. Also earlier this month, Underwood through her position on House Homeland Security Committee, cosigned a letter to ask for the “talking points” Department of Homeland Security used in late September on Rittenhouse.

And back in late August, Underwood demanded a “complete and transparent investigation” of the events of August 25.

Earlier this month, the complete investigation of Kenosha Police resulted in the arrest of Joshua Ziminski of Racine, WI. Ziminski fired the first shot, a warning shot in the air causing Rittenhouse to turn around while being chased, prior to Rittenhouse shooting the first attacker when he lunged toward him.

Ziminski, who along with his wife told investigators he fired the first shot, was arrested and charged with two misdemeanors, disorderly conduct and use of a dangerous weapon in early October.

One would think, Underwood would have publicly thanked Kenosha authorities for identifying, arresting and charging the first shooter from August 25.

But in the nearly two weeks since the arrest of Ziminski story broke — crickets from Underwood.

And no indications if the Rittenhouse talking points had been turned over to the Homeland Security Committee by the Department of Homeland Security, as Underwood requested earlier this month.


IL-14: Kyle Rittenhouse Extradition Hearing Witness List Released — 9 Comments

  1. I hope his lawyers are making a list so they can sue every publication that calls him a white supremacist.

    There is zero indication of this.

    He isn’t even accused of shooting any black people.

    The police now even admit that someone else fired first, they arrested that person too.

  2. Antifa, SPLC, BLM, and other groups who want to destabilize America are Jewish Bolshevist organizations.

    Garza herself identifies as a Jew and a Marxist, as do many of these “leaders.”

    What group is Kyle Rittenhouse affiliated with?

  3. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

    The last two pics here give you the creeps.

    No soul.

    This is a spiritual war, folks.

    Start acting like it.

    Bind these demons.

  4. Andrew Branca is the best in the nation when it comes to legal Self Defense Laws and their use.

    He’s given in person classes out here at Gun Ranges in the past—best in the business for knowing the law when it comes to using a gun in self defense.

    You own a gun you owe it to yourself to at least get one of his online classes.

    He’ll do well for Rittenhouse’s defense here.

  5. Too bad Rittenhouse didn’t have one of my signature B-B guns.

    We wouldn’t be having this conversation!

  6. Praying for this fellow patriot, and for Underwoods opponent OBERWEIS to win!

    Law and Order!

    Underwood will vote to ruin the suburbs!

  7. Underwood hates men, even black ones (unless they’re Antifa and/or gay).

    Especially white men who refuse to be castrated by hateful marxists like her.

  8. Cindy, I’m trying to comprehend your post.

    Please elaborate.

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