Skillicorn Addresses Moving the Coronavirus Goal Posts

From State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

Governor Pritzker Is Using Voodoo Science, Shutting Down Restaurants

Governor Pritzker is using Voodoo Science to mislead us into shutting down again.

Allen Skillicorn

Voodoo Science and Statistics include a positivity rate that can be manipulated

  • by who you test,
  • how often you test and
  • what you test for.

The scope has also changed since Governor Pritzker is now including “Covid-Like infections” like the Flu.

Why did the Governor’s Team suddenly add “Covid-Like”?

Current cases and hospitalizations are significantly lower today than months ago when restaurants were reopened.

The recovery and survival rates have been going up and up since this Spring.

Even with all the initial deaths in nursing homes, the overall survival rate has increased to 99%.

Most new cases have milder symptoms and new therapeutic treatments have proven to be amazingly effective.

It is Voodoo Science to talk about a surge without informing people of the much higher survival rate.

Instead of referencing positivity and hospital utilization rates which are easily manipulated, a transparent administration would share raw numbers.

People would then know how many have tested positive and how many are hospitalized.

They can then compare to the numbers from the Spring and determine for themselves what is best.

As a result of his Voodoo Science, Pritzker has now arbitrarily lowered the regional positivity rate for keeping restaurants open to 8%. [Emphasis added.]

His Voodoo Math went from 20% to 8% with no justification.

Nine days ago, after hearing the Governor speak about restaurants violating his executive order during a press conference, I asked the Governor’s Team for a list of restaurants who were violating health precautions.

As of this Press Release, he has neither responded nor acknowledged my request.

Additionally, the press has done a poor job fact checking and asking follow up questions to the Governor’s claims.

For these reasons, I have submitted a formal FOIA request for the information.

If contact tracing warrants a shut down because an establishment is not taking safety precautions seriously, that is one thing.

But punishing all restaurants for the sins of a few or worse without any evidence whatsoever is the epitome of Voodoo Science.

Instead of shutting us down, give the people all the data and let us decide what is the appropriate response.

Without a doubt, all Illinois jobs are essential, all Illinois businesses are essential and the people of Illinois are smart enough to determine their own course of action!


Skillicorn Addresses Moving the Coronavirus Goal Posts — 7 Comments

  1. The bar is constantly changing because king fatso couldn’t maintain control if people actually were doing fine.

    So he had to invent new ways to keep people under his thumb.

  2. And Skilly keeps moving like a grifter and is not taking the election seriously.

  3. Hospitals in Wisconsin are near capacity now.

    The virus is real.

    When I read the first comment about “king fatso,” I thought the commentator was referring to Sillycorn.

  4. Skillicorn is an idiot and has not taken this election serious.

    He has nobody’s back but his own.

    He has handed this seat to the Dems.

    Thanks Allen

    Note to Ness.

    From you TV add.

    Who are you crapping.

    You are a political insider and not just a mom and local business person.

    You became a politician the moment you accepted political contributions from Madigan and Franks.

    You are beholden to the money.

    Maybe the wine drinking soccer moms believe you but no one else does.

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