State GOP Urges Early Voting

Playing the card that Governor JB Pritzker may somehow prevent people from voting on Election Day, the Illinois Republican Party sent the following mailing urging people to vote early:

The Governor has become the new bogeyman, replacing Mike Madigan.


State GOP Urges Early Voting — 9 Comments

  1. It’s not difficult to imagine a scenario where cases spike, polling place shuts down. Now you’re miles away from the next polling place, and maybe you can’t get there because you waited until the last day.

    Here’s another scenario: you get hit by a bus today and are dead. You never voted. Thanks.

    A blizzard hits. Ice is covering the roads. Trees are down. And you waited until election day. Maybe you get the polls now, maybe Old Man Winter denies you.

    Yeah, you probably should vote early… It’s rather selfish and reckless to not.

  2. Correcting –

    Great examples of why people should be allowed to VBM and have their ballot counted as long as their envelopes are postmarked on election day.

    “Miles away from the next polling place.” Great illustration of why GOP should not be limiting and reducing the number of polling places in heavily populated areas.

  3. Generally, Republicans advocate in person voting, because Democratics would steal the mail in votes. 🤔😮

  4. Right on, Eddie.

    It is hard for dead people to vote in person.

    It is probably hard for Biden as well. He might get lost.

  5. Addendum to my above post:

    Now Republicans say vote by mail, because Jay Bob would shut down Election Day sites.

    Jay Bob wouldn’t want to be accused of Civil Rights’ violations.


  6. Why can’t they come up with good candidates?

    Why does the GOP establishment spend $$$$$$

    fighting conservatives in primaries?

    Brady is the perfect example of RINOism, closely followed by Edgar, Rauner and felon Ryan.

  7. Correcting and Truth Observer?

    Death doesn’t seem to dissuade voters in Cook County!

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