NY-14: It Must be Right Before Halloween

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Chuck Schumer

With AOC gracing the cover of Vanity Fair is Senate Democrat Leader looking at primary challenger in 2022?

Halloween is Saturday in spite of COVID restrictions.

Yesterday (Wed, 10/28), Vanity Fair released its December issue with the familiar face of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D, NY-14) on its cover.

The 31 years old Boricua (Puerto Rican heritage) is on route to a 2nd term in the House. The leader of the 4-women Squad of Democratic Leftists with supporting cast of Congresswomen Ilhan Omar (MN-05), Ayanna Pressley (MA-07) and Rashida Tlaib (MI-11), AOC is the undisputed leader of the Squad which will welcome additional Leftists in the new 117th Congress.

And in spite of certain Republicans thinking Illinois’ Congresswoman Lauren Underwood (D, IL-14) is a member of the Squad, she is not. Indeed, Underwood’s most vocal supporters are not fans of “AOC”, which they believe means “Always on Camera”.

The photo shoots of AOC, including video of photo shoots accompanying the online article, in the Vanity Fair cover story will only confirm their derision.

But it’s the following quote from the cover story titled “AOC’s Next Four Years” that drew headlines in more political publications, like POLITICO:

“I don’t know if I’m really going to be staying in the House forever, or if I do stay in the House, what that would look like.

“I don’t see myself really staying where I’m at for the rest of my life.”

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, December 2020 Vanity Fair


While AOC would barely qualify to be presidential age in 2024, it is 2022 which shook up the political world, and especially 4-term senior Senator from New York, Chuck Schumer.

Centrist Democrats and Republicans, including the disgusting and despicable Lincoln Project, have contended a complete Democrat takeover of Congress and a Joe Biden presidency will not be the radical Democrat the vocal Leftists like AOC want to see.

From their thinking, the firewall to House Democrats would be Senate Majority Democrats predominately of centrists under the leadership of centrists(?) Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin (assuming Durbin wins a 5th term next week).

Will Schumer stay “centrist” with the prospect of an AOC 2022 primary challenge breathing down his neck after becoming Senate Majority Leader for the first time, should the Democrats flip the Senate?

And does Durbin turn down the possible chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee to stay Democrat Whip with a possible chance to become Democratic Leader if Schumer loses his seat in 2022?

(Many Democrats were unhappy with Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein (CA) for praising Chairman Lindsey Graham at the end of the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings earlier this month. Should Democrats flip the Senate, several Democrats do not want the 87 years old Feinstein to become chair, and Durbin is next in line to be chairman, but he’d have to give up the Whip position).

John Cummings

Back to AOC, who’s running against her on the ballot next week in NY-14?

The Republican nominee is John Cummings, and on the surface, in spite of the district being very strong Democrat, he has raised a total of $9.6 million and had nearly $1.1 million cash-on-hand through October 14, according to FEC filings.

AOC has raised nearly $18 million and had nearly $4.1 million in the bank after fending off a very well-funded primary challenge from Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, winning with over 70% of the primary vote and included millions of dollars in Independent Expenditures against AOC.

AOC will win a 2nd term in the House, and could be Chuck Schumer’s worst Halloween nightmare who’ll be there haunting him long after Saturday night.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.


NY-14: It Must be Right Before Halloween — 15 Comments

  1. Earlier this year, piece of garbage Schumer threatened two US Supreme Court Justices just outside the Supreme Court building in Washington DC.

    A fair and honest media and a responsible (oxymoron) Democrat Party should have made him resign his Senate position.

  2. Here’s what’s worse, if Democrats sweep the trifecta next week, they will almost certainly, as AOC has already publicly called for, expand the Supreme Court to 13 justices from current 9.

    If they do, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be insanely busy doing four confirmation hearings.

  3. Just goes to show you most media has No taste!

    ugly all the way thru…

  4. Schumer would mop the floor with AOC in a primary.

    AOC isn’t liked. If you could run just ONE opponent against her in the primary in her district and that person were well funded and Latino/a they would win. (I’ll also add that statewide races are different than congressional ones.) The problem is when you have too many people crowding the field, or when you think some Jon Smith is going to win in a district that’s majority Puerto Rican… (just as examples).

    Remember when Nixon (not the good president man, but the lady from the TV show about whores in New York City) challenged Cuomo and got stomped on? She ran to his left. I think she lost by about 30 points.

    Bernie ran to the left. It didn’t work for him.

    The point is these internetcommunistas people are more popular on the internet where there are lots of bots, underage girls, and transgender people with lots of time on their hands than they are among the general electorate.

  5. **AOC isn’t liked.**

    Feel free to believe that all you want, but your link doesn’t support it.

    **If you could run just ONE opponent against her in the primary in her district and that person were well funded and Latino/a they would win.**


    She WAS just primaried.

    She won 74% of the vote.

    A well-funded Latina finished 2nd with 18% of the vote.

    Caruso-Cabrera raised $2 million.

    And couldn’t come close.

  6. Caruso-Cabrera is listed as an American, has a Hispanic/Italian hyphenated name, and she looks white.

    Caruso-Carbrera raised 2 million and AOC had way more than that.

    Plus, she is a former journalist, a huge negative!

    AOC is not well liked outside of Twitter. People in the party cringe at her, dude. She’s an embarrassment. Older Democrats who aren’t nutbags are absolutely embarrassed by their left wing base. Nancy Pelosi has belittled her multiple times. Your candidate for president directly contradicts her on fracking, on healthcare, on defunding the police, and other issues. Why does Joe Biden not have the same positions as AOC??? Could it be because her ideas are unpopular? She has been forced to delete her tweets many times. Lauren Underwood has to distance herself from these wackos, so how popular do you think they are? AOC is constantly dragged on Twitter for saying stupid things. Many on the far left also have problems with her not being socialist enough… the only people who like her at this point are resist wine mommies and tik tok girls who just do whatever is trendy, and right now that is bashing Trump and she’s considered the YAAS queen of the movement, but most people who actually listen to her speak believe she is literally retarded. AOC talks about politics like you would expect a teenage girl to, but she is about 31 years old and a college graduate.

    Being able to win a congressional seat that is like 80 percent Democratic and the same demographic as you are is a lot different than winning a statewide or nationwide contest.

    Don’t confuse followers with fans. Some people follow characters like Trump and AOC just to have a laugh.

    A senile child sniffer defeated a cogent self-described socialist who is loved on the internet. What does that tell you about leftists, the internet, and voting in the real world???

    Communists are just useful idiots for liberals in “resisting” Trump but they are not natural allies. Historically, they murder one another.
    “According to a Quinnipiac University poll conducted from Jan., 2019, Schumer had a 52% approval rating and Gillibrand had a 46% approval rating among New York state voters, while Ocasio-Cortez had a 34% favorability rating. And after the Amazon HQ2 deal fell through in Feb., 2019, the congresswoman’s approval ratings fell to 31% among New York voters, according to a Siena College poll from March.”

    Passed on NYC mayor because of how badly she would have gotten thumped.

  7. Ok, you’re right.

    AOC crushing her well-funded primary opponent, but she’s is unliked and would lose in a primary.

    I get that you don’t like AOC.

    But don’t project your conservative hate onto Democratic voters.

  8. Yes, I believe she could lose a primary in her own district given the right circumstances, but that was a minor point, Shake.

    I’m saying she wouldn’t win in a statewide primary against Schumer which was the meat of this story.

    Are you saying AOC would win???

    I think not only would Democratic voters go with Schumer but he would get support from independents and republicans too just to keep that nutcase out of higher office.


  9. Correcting said this

    “Communists are just useful idiots for liberals in “resisting” Trump but they are not natural allies.”

    This is EXACTLY what scares me about the current state of the democratic party.

    They have decided it’s better to partner with these “useful idiots” than to let Trump win. At the same time these “useful idiots” continue to become more popular and mainstream.

    What makes the democrats think that they can control these people in the long run.

    Make this deal this time, and the democrats will not win another election without the communist vote.

  10. It was a problem that Mao dealt with.

    These people push for constant revolution, but there can’t really be a leader in this kind of society because they fundamentally don’t believe in rank and victimhood is a competition for these people.

    What was once revolutionary becomes stagnant and reactionary and the younger people rebel against those ideas and people.

    That is what happened with Mao:

    his young academic followers started turning on him, but he was able to keep them in line between the executions and shipping them off to the rural areas to unsuccessfully grow crops and become frozen and malnourished.

    Mao had to walk a tightrope between being a communist revolutionary and crushing those who wanted to replace him with an even more radical system.

    You see this in a milder form in America where some of the early SJWs or feminists become targeted by SJWs and nu-feminists for something or a Democrat who was once a progressive hero is now “literally Hitler.”

    Cancel culture like that does NOT result in cohesion, and it will almost certainly end up in either having a failed state OR a dictatorship.

    But Democrats do not think about these things.

    They just want the new Samsung phone and Marvel superhero movie.

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