Peanuts Redux — 5 Comments

  1. Never, ever, ever trust any Democrat anywhere at any time.

    In recent times, we heard prominent Democrat US Senators such as Liz Warren and Chuck Schumer stating that the nomination and appointment of Supreme Court Justice Amy Barret was somehow illegitimate. The nomination and appointment was totally within the US Constitution and the law.

    Many years ago, we heard the worst ever president of the US, Barak Hussein Obama, lie on national tv numerous times saying that if Americans liked their health care plan and their doctor that they could keep these.

    Piece of Democrat garbage US Representative, Adam Shi*, lied numerous times on national tv sayhing that Trump colluded with Russians and claiming he had proof but did not.

    The Barak Hussein Obama regime with thug Hillary Clinton spied on the Trump presidential campaign in 2016 and then they attempted a coup to remove him from office after he was duly elected.

    Only fools will vote FOR the Fair Tax amendment.

  2. You could also replace “FAIR TAX” in this comic with the famous 2020 phrase, “Two more weeks to bend the curve.”

    Remember? Remember things that happened this year?

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