Washington Post Covers 200 Person Iowa Rally Featuring Donald Trump, Jr, But Skips One in McHenry County

From the Washington Posts comes this story:

There were at least 200 people at the Bull Valley Country Club rally put together by Gary Rabine at which Donald Trump, Jr., briefly spoke, but the Washington Post didn’t send a reporter.

Trump rally at the Bull Valley Country Club.

Neither did the Northwest Herald.


Washington Post Covers 200 Person Iowa Rally Featuring Donald Trump, Jr, But Skips One in McHenry County — 22 Comments

  1. The Northworst Herald? The same Northworst Herald that endorsed Back Jack?

  2. Illinois is a blue state. The democrats want to for some reason pretend like they might win in Iowa so it’s a “swing state” now.

  3. Neal, Democrats are setting the bar too high talking about winning Georgia and Texas…

    They should worry more about Pennsylvania.

    PA has consistently been closer than WI or MI, and it has more electoral college votes. Actually, at this point, Trump is within striking distance in Minnesota and Nevada too but that’s not being talked about very much. States like Iowa, Georgia, and Ohio might be closer this time around, but I think Trump is still going to win them. Biden trying to “expand” the map is stupid. He should just be focusing on MI/WI/PA (I think MI will go for Biden). Clinton barely lost those states, and if you flip those three and keep the rest of the 2016 map the same then the Democrats win. But they are going out to places they have less of a chance of flipping blue, like Georgia and Florida, instead of just trying to win back most of the rust belt which would be easier, safer, wiser. It seems that Dems are half-assing too many things instead of trying to do a few things well, which is very much in the spirit of their ideology.

    The bottom line is that if Trump can hang on to PA, NC, FL, and AZ, he’s going to win. Look at the averages of polling in those states. Democrats should be freaking out right now.

    Trump has a very good chance at reelection.

  4. Dems should absolutely be fighting as hard as possible in Texas. This is to not only deliver Biden’s 400th electoral vote but we need to flip the house to prevent Gerrymandering.

    Trump supporters think he has a great shot. He doesn’t. Biden is going to win AZ and 1 electoral vote in Nebraska. If he loses PA because the postal service isn’t delivering mail in Philly and the USSC might decide to overrule state and stop counting votes, Biden will still win if he holds the Clinton states and take back MI and Wisconsin with AZ and 1 in NE.

    This is going to be a blow out. Biden will win NC. He will probably win GA and FL. He might win Iowa. It’s going to be really close in Texas but we have to fight there. Texas hasn’t been a red state as much as it’s been a non-voting state. they had the lowest turnouts levels in the country. Thanks to Beto we got more people engaged in the political process in 2018 and the margins were much lower. This year more people have ***already voted*** in Texas than 2016. They still have a full day and night of early voting in Texas plus election day!! Texas is no longer a non-voting state. Will be very interesting to follow on election night. Don’t be surprised when Dems will do better in Texas than Ohio.

  5. Just goes to show you who owns who? in the land of toiletville usa

  6. “The bottom line is that if Trump can hang on to PA, NC, FL, and AZ, he’s going to win”

    This is something I can agree with and exactly what I expect to happen.

    Trump should have PA between the end oil comments and the ongoing riots in Philadelphia.

  7. re: Neal and Correcting’s predictions…

    I used to think John Lopez was full of it when he wrote and predicted a Trump victory. Now I see it’s actually the prevailing viewpoint of Trump supporters.

    This is a good read:


    Biden may be favourite but Shaddick said 70 percent of bets placed this week have been for Trump, calling the level of confidence in him winning “astonishing”.

    “A whole new universe of bettors won last time. These are people who go for their gut feelings and instincts,” he said.

    “Biden is a clear bookies’ favourite still with about a 65 percent chance to win but it is way out of line with polling forecasting which would give Trump a 10 percent chance.

    “The betting markets give Trump a 35-45 percent chance. Betting markets take a different view. It is a much more pro-Trump market.”

    Shaddick, though, said it is a misnomer that opinion polls favouring Clinton over Trump were way off in 2016.

    “The polls were not far off and Trump needs much bigger polling to win this time round. The bettors do not seem to care,” he said.

    “They believe there are millions of shy Trump voters.”

    Shaddick believes bookies generally overrate the chances of populist candidates globally, which drives betting that Trump and his like will fare more favourably at the ballot box.

    Much of the money placed on the real estate tycoon turned politician comes from people who seek their information from sources other than the media or political experts, he said.

    “The truth is there is a very large section of people round the world who prefer to rely on a social media bubble,” he added.

    “Clearly, they do not care about the polls. Some think they are fake or the polls miss out millions of Trump supporters. It is incredible the confidence they have on that side of Trump winning.

  8. the comment about living in a social media bubble is pretty spot on. That’s what I’ve been tryin to do on these boards. break through your right wing bubble and educating you guys on what’s happing out there in reality.

    AZ: TIE (Final 2016 RCP Average: Trump +4.0, Results: Trump +3.5 (Trump -0.5 Behind the Polls))
    FL: Biden +1.2 (Final 2016 RCP Average: Trump +0.2, Results: Trump +1.2 (Trump +1.0 Ahead of Polls))
    NC: Biden +1.2 (Final 2016 RCP Average: Trump +1.0, Results: Trump +3.7 (Trump +2.7 Ahead of Polls))
    PA: Biden +3.6 (Final 2016 RCP Average: Clinton +1.9, Results: Trump +0.7 (Trump +2.6 Ahead of Polls))

    What’s more, every one of these states has been trending towards Trump lately, the same thing that happened to critical swing states in 2016 shortly before the election.

    You bought up Texas and 2018 but forgot to mention that Greg Abbot destroyed the Democratic candidate for governor by 13 points that year, that that year was unusually good for Dems and bad for Repubs, and that Beto was extremely well funded by outsiders and Ted Cruz is actually an unpopular senator.

    Honestly, Oh, you’re just doing yourself a disservice expecting to win everywhere. Readjust your expectations.

  10. “The truth is there is a very large section of people round the world who prefer to rely on a social media bubble”

    Truth is that’s how I see the democrats.

    All of the social media and all the mainstream media, except Fox is slanted to the the left

    All of it. I’d say that is the real bubble.

  11. Imagine believing that there are NOT shy Trump voters who won’t talk to pollsters when Trump voters have been assassinated by communist terrorists, big tech firms have sold people’s personal information (sometimes illegally), and when conservatives report higher rates of being ostracized for expressing their views than liberals do.

    This is what I mean about you living in a fantasy world, Oh.

  12. Add to the group of shy Trump voters every immigrant who came over here from a communist country.

    They will not be fooled by the dems games and will keep thier mouths shut to avoid ending up on a list.

  13. Good.

    The less “people” attending these superspreader rallies, the better.

  14. There is no evidence of the shy Trump voter.

    The polls in 2016 on the state level were crap. That’s the reason the polls were wrong. They weren’t wrong because of a shy Trump voter. How do we know there weren’t shy Trump voters? Look at the Wisconsin Senate polls and results. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see that almost every single Senate poll had Johnson losing to Feingold. If there were shy Trump voters, wouldn’t the polls show Johnson with the lead? Or maybe you guys think there were shy Johnson voters too??


    No one thought Wisconsin was in play so we got low quality polls. Mistakes were made. Hillary didn’t campaign there.
    But if there was a shy Trump voter, then we would have seen Johnson ahead in the polls. But Johnson was also trailing in the polls too. So there was no shy Trump voter who is too embarrassed to support a P-grabbing racist.

  15. Trump was talking about how a woman would ALLOW him to do such a thing.

    Biden is actually accused of doing exactly that to an unwilling woman and the media ignore it.

    Why would you be surprised no one trusts them

  16. Question to Ohon.

    How would you characterize Beto?

    A moron or an imbecile?

  17. **Trump was talking about how a woman would ALLOW him to do such a thing.**


  18. The mostly left wing media has been and is in the tank for all Democrats. Bigly. They quickly dropped the story of a former Biden woman staff aid who said that Biden raped her.

    The mostly left wing media did not follow through when it was discovered that the Democrat Governor of Virginia was shown in a photo with black face and also dressed in klan attire.

    The mostly left wing media dropped the story, did not proceed after the Democrat Lt Governor of Virginia was accused of rape.

    The mostly left wing media was very busy in the 1990’s making excuses for the pig Bill Clinton having sexual encounters with a very, very young woman in the oval office. The scum media said that it was a private matter when Bill was violating a woman in his office.

  19. bred –

    you are a massive cry baby. this is all I hear when I listen to Republicans now: waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaa waaaaaa media waaaa waaaaa waaaaa waaaaa waaaaaa emails waaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa.

    You all should be ashamed of yourself. have some respect for yourself. grow up. quit blaming everyone else for your problems. take ownership.


  20. Polls in 2016 were so far off due to improper weight being given to white voters with no degree, aka Trump’s base.

  21. Ohon mentioned Beto of Texas yesterday at 8:35 am but refuses to answer whether he is a moron or imbecile.

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