Will Any Mayor in McHenry County Follow Libertyville’s Example?

From the Lake & McHenry County Scanner:

This part of the article is fascinating:

{Mayor Terry] Weppler said that he spoke with Senator Dan McConchie, who told him that the Lake County Health Department had not seen a connection between the current restaurant rules and an increase in COVID cases.

“The governor’s order is self-serving since he allows customers to go into restaurants with gambling machines and gamble since the state gets 30% of the gambling money,” Weppler said.


Will Any Mayor in McHenry County Follow Libertyville’s Example? — 6 Comments

  1. Lawsuit in McHenry County, similar to Kane County, filed with a hearing tomorrow for a TRO on Governor’s illegal order.

    WBBM-TV did newscast from Algonquin this evening.

    Acting Algonquin Village President Debby Sosine, or any other McHenry County government official, not part of story tonight.

  2. I can see maintaining current conditions, but not this. This will finish off what’s left of independent businesses.

    If there were some definitive, massive outbreak identified with any particular business, we would have heard about same by now.

    In my circle of family and friends, the only ones catching this thing are the big happy families not willing to tone down the numbers and the hugging and kissing.

    Their coworkers and/or employees? All fine.

    If they don’t put a ban on Thanksgiving or Christmas (although stupidity knows no bounds), I don’t think they can take away ordinary life now that seems to be working OK.


  3. Algonquin was one of the VERY FIRST cities to sign onto the Agenda 21 ICLEI program. They are all about the new world odor. Don’t count on the commies to now go against their own program!

  4. Bernie Sanders contributor Jett, Mayor of McHenry, won’t stand up for McHenry businesses.

    Never has.

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