Franks and Sager Mail Hit Piece Together

From a Friend of McHenry County Blog comes this joint mailing by McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks and State Rep. candidate Brian Sager:

The piece does seem to have copyright infringement on McHenry County Blog.

Is copyright infringement “corruption?”

Mike Buehler

The photo can be found in an article published August 12, 2020, entitled, “Republican County Board Candidate Candidate Mike Buehler Unloads on Democrat Jack Franks.”

In case you can’t remember the story, it is reprinted below:

Republican County Board Candidate Candidate Mike Buehler Unloads on Democrat Jack Franks

Posted on  by Cal Skinner

Cucina Bella, the fine restaurant in Downtown Algonquin, was the site of the latest Republican Party rally.

While it was headlined by GOP congressional candidates Jeanne Ives and Jim Oberweis, what impressed me most about the event was the incredible enthusiasm for the election of Mike Buehler for McHenry County Board Chairman.

Those attending really want to get rid of Jack Franks as McHenry County Board Chairman.

Mike Behler

The campaign appears to be turning into a bare knuckles fight with Buehler quoting the State Police subpoena‘s allegations of criminal sexual abuse, official misconduct, stalking and aggravated battery.

Buehler also brought up the fact that former State Representative Franks can’t enter the State Capitol “without an armed guard.”

Later he asked, “Is this somebody you want working in the County building?

“Would you want your daughter working in the County Building?”

The Republican candidate also reminded people of the memo Franks wrote a new Governor Rod Blagojevich asking for patronage appointments for friends and family.

All that was missing was a poster like this:

“He [Franks] has been caught by [McHenry County Auditor] Shannon [Teresi} so many times,” Buehler continued.

Buehler stressed that he would work with County Board members “as a team.”

He added that he would not have conflicts of interest with the County’s lobbyist because there would be none.

Turning to patronage that Franks’s County patronage workers, the Republican pointed out that they will have cost taxpayers over $1 million during Frank’s four years.

“I don’t need a staff.

“I’ll return my own phone calls,” the small businessman said.

That’s when he dropped the sexual allegation bombs quoted above.

“We’re going to bring back confidence in McHenry County,” he concluded.

That applause and shouting was loud following Buehler’s short talk.

There’s much more to the gathering that will be covered in subseqnt articles.


Franks and Sager Mail Hit Piece Together — 7 Comments

  1. It’s a sad thing tha a loser like Reick gets tied to Buehler.

    My Vote: No vote in Sager/Reick horse sh*t race

    Buehler all the way!

    Against the Jackalope!

  2. I received this juvenile pos mailing.

    The 2 Democrats are a clown show.

  3. remember the Iron Curtain?

    The Mainstream Corporate Media is building an
    Electronic Iron Curtain to hide the truth about
    Joe Biden and Kamala Harris from voters.

    Help pull down the Electronic Iron Curtain that
    has been built between voters and the truth.

  4. All lies from Franks regarding his opponent Buehler.

    But then again they don’t call him for nothing!

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