Franks Explains Away Lack of Fundraising on Coronavirus

The Northwest Herald has an article comparing contributions to Mike Buehler and Jack Franks in their campaigns for McHenry County Board Chairman.

Surprisingly, Buehler raised more.

Two paragraph iare interesting, but probably disingenuous:

“Franks also attributed the vast gap in funding to the fact that he has not held any campaign events since the start of the pandemic, while his opponent has participated in a number of events.”

The lack of fundraising success might be because of stories like this:

NBS Qiincy WGEM-TV screen shot.

And later in the story:

“‘The checks I was getting were people who were sending them without my calling,’ Franks said, emphasizing that he took a passive approach to campaigning this election cycle.”

Maybe Franks didn’t want to run the risk of having to explain his actions in Springfield to potential contributors.

Or maybe his lack of fund raising success could be because of information found in mailings like this, but widely known from other sources:

There is one glaring misinterpretation in the story:

“Franks’ had a fund balance of $16,288” at the end of September.

That ignores the readily available $466,559.44 Franks has sitting in an Iowa bank.

The article does link to the February 1st NWH piece on the Springfield sexual allegations.

And, finally mentions the almost $67,000 legal fees to an unnamed criminal defense attorney (Terry Ekl) back in June, reported by McHenry County Blog right after Franks’ second quarterly report was filed with the State Board of Elections.

Better late than never, I guess.

The story also mentions the #MeTooIL billboard attacking Franks for the first time:

Billboard criticizing Jack Franks.

It is noted that no campaign disclosure report had been made by #MeTooIL, probably because $5,000 had not been spent.

Not noted were the robo-calls, supposedly from the same source, designed to damage re-election chances of Jim Kearns to the County Board.

Covid-19 did offer one benefit to Franks, however.

He didn’t have to hear people shout, “Where’s Debby?” as he worked crowds.


Franks Explains Away Lack of Fundraising on Coronavirus — 7 Comments

  1. A fake human blaming a fake virus. You can’t make this stuff up. Hilarious.

  2. This is the most unconvincing lie/explanation I’ve heard from a politician in at least… 4 days.

  3. Don’t you think the most arrogant comment in that article is “Buehler has outspent me but that’s OK.

    I’ve been outspent in many of my races and I’ve never lost.”

    Would like to know how many races he has been outspent?

    Of course Tirio and Wheeler were outspent on theirs but won!

    Didn’t Franks spend $140,000 to become Chairman?

  4. Well if the Northworst Herald editorial team says it’s true you know it’s a fact! 🙄😬🤡

  5. The same JF that denied promoting elected CBC so that he could run for the position. Oh Pinocchio where art thou?

  6. Q: When will Franks pull out the ‘anti-semitic’ card?

    A: After he’s booted from office of course!

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