Judge Justin Hansen and Challenger Jeannie Ridings Face Off in Mailings

Forgot to date the mailings, so I don’t know the order in which they arrived.

There is one from appointed Judge Justin Hansen and two from Democratic Party Challenger Jeannie Ridings.

First, Hansen’s, in which he tells Ridings’ description of A.J. Freund’s home:

“All signs of an ordinary household with children.”

Then, the piece notes, “But the police said the home was ‘filthy,” “cluttered, stale, musty” and had a “stench” and “the smell of urine and feces.”

Cited as the source is the Chicago Tribune on April 21, 2020.

On the back appears the ratings by attorneys.

Hansen if ratedrecommended; Ridings is not.

Ridings sent two mailings.

I’m guessing that this one with a photo of her husband and five children, which includes her education and background came first.

It strikes me as an introductory piece.

Note that this mailing, unlike the next one, her yard signs and big billboard, do not mention that she is a Democrat.

The back attacks the long-time practice of sitting judges’ resigning so that a replacement may have time on the bench as a Circuit Court Judge as an election qualification.

On what I assume is Ridings second mailing Ridings makes the pitch that she would be

  • the first woman EVER elected without a prior appointment to serve as a Judge in McHenry County &
  • be the first EVER Democratic candidate in the county to run for Judge and win!
Jeanne Ridings plays the woman and the Democratic Party card here.

The back is straight name identification building, plus telling readers that she is endorsed by the two incumbent Democratic Party Members of Congress, Lauren Underwood and Sean Casten.


Judge Justin Hansen and Challenger Jeannie Ridings Face Off in Mailings — 15 Comments

  1. The replacement process upon resignation is that the single Supreme Court Justice for our district, former Bears kicker Bob Thomas in this instance, has the sole power of appointment. No screening, no input from the public or the bar, just his sole discretion. When the appointed say they were unanimously approved by the Supreme Court, that is not exactly a lie, but the Supreme Court always approves the district justice’s appointment and always unanimously, so that statement is misleading in implying that some process exists that involves all the justices conferring to pick the best candidate.

  2. This is a good mail piece only considering how awful her social media and her supporters’ letters to the editor are.

    How come Democrats are so passionate about these judicial races but they didn’t even bother to appoint someone to run against Kenneally? If they care so much about the law, wouldn’t winning the state’s attorney office be a priority for them? Or maybe Dems are happy with Kenneally? Maybe Jack is happy?

  3. Is Hansen stupid?

    His piece is A++ EXCELLENT!

    The problem is, it’s 3 weeks late!

  4. Does having a “superior education” make you smart?


  5. Agree with Correcting.

    Much concern if these parties are “satisfied.”

    Must keep an eye on them well beyond the election.

    And add a third to this cabal.

    Judge Hansen is clearly the better choice

  6. Martin – I wonder if this process will change now that Thomas has retired from the bench (after he hand-picked his replacement, and his replacement’s replacement, of course).

  7. The Democrats have run candidates over the years, but they’ve been soundly defeated each time, never getting anywhere close.

    Mr Kinneally is popular publicly, though not among some posters here.

    So anyone wanting to challenge in a primary or general election is going to fight a strong party organization with a lot more money than a challenger would raise.

    During the Pack years, the Democrats might have had a shot, but never got a viable candidate to run.

  8. I got one of these mailers and saw a judge politicize the death of a child who got no justice and I called him on it and he blocked me.

    Nobody knows why the judge let off the “mom” with a slap on the wrist but this ad makes me think they are all trying to use AJ for their own reasons.

    That bitch’s attorneys didn’t have the job of punishing her, the judge did and he failed him.

    Now that same judge wants to point the finger at the attorney.

    Disgusting and unforgivable.I’m sick.

  9. M – I hope so. Judge selection is done a lot of different ways in different states, every method having ups and downs.

    A good look at our system would be a good idea.

  10. I’m confused.

    Are the photos of the women all the same person, Ridings?

    They look like 3 different people.

  11. The judge who sentenced Cunningham was Judge Wilbrandt.

    Judge Hansen had no role in that case, no part in her sentencing.

  12. Hansen says he makes better judgments but talking about AJ in his election signs shows very very bad judgment.

    AJ’s death broke our whole town’s heart.

    Don’t use it on a sign just to get votes because that’s like putting your sign on his grave.

    I hope you do not win reelection.

  13. @AJRoars

    This article is about Ridings and Justin Hansen’s campaign piece.

    Judge Wilbrandt was the judge in the AJ Freund case, not Hansen.

    Can you explain your comment: “Now that same judge wants to point the finger at the attorney. Disgusting and unforgivable.I’m sick.” ?

    FWIW, I am NOT a fan of Ridings.

    Even so, I don’t fault her for representing the mother, but her lies about the conditions in that house on Dole Av were were a bit too far.

    She should have kept her mouth shut.

  14. I didn’t date the mailings, so I don’t know when it or two other mailings (one not yet published).

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