Pro-Life Endorsement of Steve Reick in Robo-Call

From a Friend of McHenry County Blog comes this text of a robo-call received this evening:

In Illinois, it i legal to abort a baby this size.

This is Molly Mo..(rest inaudible) with Illinois Citizens for Life PAC. 

Pro-life leaders have endorsed State Representative Stephen Reick for re-election in your district.

As a pro-life advocate at the state capital, I found Steven Reick to be a strong supporter of life and a thoughtful legislator who represents your values well.

Please vote for Representative Reick this Tuesday, November 3rd.

 Paid for by Citizens to Elect Steven Reick.


Pro-Life Endorsement of Steve Reick in Robo-Call — 3 Comments

  1. This is the kind of sick advertising you would expect from DUI Reick. Don’t put this fool on the state payroll

  2. Heinrich the Communist.

    Reick isn’t really pro life.

    Sager is a Marxist.

  3. Given the available choices I would pick the one that isn’t a communist or Marxist.

    The abortion issue is a long term problem.

    We definitely will not be solving that issue if we allow communist and Marxist politicians to be elected.

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