Rejected Ballots Resulting from Signature Check

At least one Friend of McHenry County Blog received a phone call from the Jeanne Ives campaign informing the person that the mailed in ballot had been rejected in a signature check.

Here is the email I received:

I received a non-automated call from Jeanne Ives’ team asking about my
ballot that was rejected last week due to a signature non-match. 

They asked if I needed any assistance resolving the issue (you need to mail
back the sheet with a copy of your ID).

Thought that was nice, but also interesting to know the ballot rejections list would be apparently easily accessible like that.


Rejected Ballots Resulting from Signature Check — 8 Comments

  1. guess they will have to get off their duff and go to the poll now… what a waste and such Chaos hope the left is happy… idiots… and just plain stupid!

  2. Call the Clerks office before doing anything.

    Sounds like a BS call to me.

  3. This happened here – got the letter from the Clerk’s office before getting the call though.

  4. Another one the Antifa wreckers in charge under Joe Tirio?

  5. What is going on with Tirio.

    He was one of the good guys.

    Can’t he fire these McClellan holdovers and saboteurs?

  6. Y’all are going to have to explain how this is Tirio’s fault?

  7. Not sure it is Tirio’s fault, other than pushing for vote by mail in the first place (which he undeniably did and it was awkward for the attendees).

    I probably wouldn’t fault him with a machine error though.

    Or maybe the machine did its job fine and this person’s signature has changed a lot?

    Isn’t it good that we have signature verification?

    How mad would people be if signatures were NOT being checked?

    The same people would complain.

    There have been conspiratorial posts on this blog about Tirio’s supposed refusal to do “forensics” on voting machines, but none of the posters have elaborated on it, and I’m not sure that would have anything to do with signatures anyway but the count.

    At worst, I think Mr. Tirio might be a little dopey at times, but as of now I see no evidence of him being controlled opposition. I’m willing to change my mind.

    People’s signatures change over time.

    This happens at in person voting too and then identification is requested.

    This sounds more like a nothingburger than a scandal.

    Try to keep a cool head, and if you’re going to level any strong accusations against Tirio then let’s have some proof.

  8. Correcting – machines don’t check the signatures.

    Election judges do.

    And Tirio didn’t push vote by mail.

    The state did.

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