The Hunter Biden Influence Peddling Question

From Woodstock’s Richard Rostron:

Media Ignores Huntergate – Props Up Biden

Where would the polls stand if the media, with the help of Facebook and Twitter, was passionately seeking truth at every turn instead of serving as the sword and shield of Leftists and the Biden campaign.

The election would be over.

Or, if the media, in that same capacity, hadn’t spent the last four years blindly attacking Donald Trump at the whim of the Left – what chance would Biden or most of the Democrats have today?

Let’s consider one story – Huntergate.

We know that the Bidens have 16 shell corporations.

But there’s no indication that these corporations actually produce anything.

They must be ‘service’ companies.

What services?

It seems that they offer but one service – influence.

We also know that Hunter, lacking greater apparent skills than are required to run a lemonade stand, is involved in these corporations at the highest levels.

How many other people do you know of his moral and intellectual stature who have managed to land even one of these kinds of gigs?

We know that, when a Ukrainian prosecutor was looking into one of the corporations where Hunter miraculously received a seat on the board, Joe Biden infamously bragged that he would withhold $1 billion of U.S. aide if the prosecutor wasn’t fired.

In the history of the United States, can anyone tell me if, for any reason, we’ve insisted on the firing of a prosecutor from a foreign country?

We have a witness – someone from the inside of the Biden money-for-influence operation, who has spilled the beans and has hard evidence.

But the media is ignoring the story.

How does that serve a pursuit of the truth?

How does that serve America and Americans? How does that represent anything other than a media that is trying to save a campaign and steal an election that would otherwise be lost?

The witness has spoken of how Hunter was using his father’s influence to arrange meetings between energy companies and foreign leaders with the Chinese government.

We know that China is competing with us for influence around the globe having made significant strides in Africa and South America.

We know that the leader of China has spoken explicitly of his country becoming the preeminent power in the world.

How is Hunter using his father’s influence on behalf of a China that wants to supplant America in America’s interest?

How is that not a form of treason? We know that Joe Biden can claim that he never took a penny from China or these other countries.

Does it take an economics major or a simple genius to see that he doesn’t have to?

Isn’t it obvious that this is where his family comes into play?

Isn’t it obvious that this is the role of 16 shell corporations?

Isn’t it obvious that Joe Biden doesn’t have the best interests of Americans at heart?

And doesn’t this help to explain his vacillations on issues such as taxes, the 2nd Amendment, fracking and the oil industry, to name a few?

Congress has conveniently avoided making it illegal for political figures to do what the Bidens have so clearly done


Does this help to explain why we have so many long-term elected officials with wealth that is hard to explain when aligned with their relatively modest public-servant’s salaries?

Does the fact that Congressional leaders have managed to exempt themselves from criminality in these manners, make it okay?

Isn’t there a higher court?

Doesn’t that court have a right to full and honest information before making a ruling on such issues, such as the ruling they’ll make Nov. 3rd?

Of course, that brings us right back to a media that shows no interest in the passionate pursuit of truth, doesn’t it?


The Hunter Biden Influence Peddling Question — 14 Comments

  1. Poor Richard. Can’t catch a break. The problem is not that the media showed no interest in the passionate pursuit of truth. The problem for you, Richard, is that media outlets looked into this and couldn’t verify squat. Rupert Murdoch’s own Wall Street Journal looked into. They couldn’t verify anything. The reporter who wrote the article for the Post didn’t want his name attached because he didn’t think there was enough there to run with what they had.

    Oh yeah… Donald Trump’s own FBI warned Donald Trump that Rudy Giuliani was the target of a Russian disinformation campaign and Rude was going to present misinformation to Trump. So there’s that. And Rudy is so dumb that he butt dialed and left messages for reporters multiple times. He accidently uploaded videos of him mocking Asian accents. He got duped by Borat 14 years after Borat came out. If they guy can get duped by Borat how easy of a target would this guy be for the Russians? It’s pretty bad when Rudy gets grilled by a Fox host…

    Props to Putin and Trump for duping the media in 2016 into covering BS in the last week. Like W said, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, won’t be fooled again!”

  2. People just don’t get it.

    This election has nothing to do with Biden.

    If the race was Donald Trump vs. Donald Duck the majority of sane Americans would vote for Donald Duck.

  3. The Bidens are the head of the snake. If you are paying attention to what has come out in the last week, you would KNOW the evil and degrading filth this whole family is about. Evil demons. All of them!

    Just a tip of the iceberg on what’s been released

  4. **There is Oh/Alabama- the same person**

    Your obsession with us is getting amusing if not a little creepy.

    But, alas, we’re STILL not the same person. Cal could tell you that if you’d really like.

    Keep trying.

  5. The so-called fourth estate, the media, has been corrupt at least since the days of Bill Clinton in the White House. They have gotten much worse. Most of the media are handmaidens for the Democrat Party. They cover up, they bias, they hide nasty facts about Democrats and one of the dumbest politicians in many decades. That would be the doofus, plagiarist, rapist, racist, senile, dementia Joe Biden. Biden as senator and also sidekick to the worst ever president, Barak Hussein Obama, was wrong on his stands and opinions on the majority of foreign policy issues facing the US over his 47 years in government.

    Most of the media today is beholden to the Democrat Party. Perhaps the US media should be compared to the Russian Pravda which is loyal to the Communist Party and was/is their mouthpiece.

  6. I’m sure this happens daily in McHenry County politics.

    Patrick G. Kenneally looks the other way and does what he is told like the good Butt Boy he is in my opinion.

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