Back to Pritzker Purgatory as Judge Thomas Meyer Disagrees with Restaurants’ Request, Text of Court Order

Associate Judge Thomas Meyer agreed with Governor JB Pritzker’s order to shut down McHenry County restaurants and bars again.

Village Squire shut down again.

After a summer enjoying indoor and outdoor eating, McHenry County residents are now relegated to takeout or eating in the cold.

Judge Meyer’s order follows:


Back to Pritzker Purgatory as Judge Thomas Meyer Disagrees with Restaurants’ Request, Text of Court Order — 22 Comments

  1. The first sentence in the second paragraph is an outright lie.

    I’ll remember that name.

    Isn’t he the ‘drop a loaded gun in a post office’ moron?

  2. The practical effect of this is one guy can do whatever he wants for as long as he wants.

    These are our “legal experts” agreeing.

    He can change metrics, he can refuse to provide data.

    He doesn’t need any input from legislators.

    It doesn’t matter.

    All you need to know is that one obese Jewish billionaire says so, and that is what the “law” means in your “greatest country in the world” in 2020, and most of your people will do nothing about this because they just want to grill their heckin hamburgers and not rock the boat.

    I’m not optimistic about America’s future, but hopefully I am wrong again.

    In the meantime, just disobey Pritzker.

  3. Oh good. Now we have a judge to sue along with governor Spanky, for practicing medicine without a license.

  4. Correcting Said:

    “The practical effect of this is one guy can do whatever he wants for as long as he wants.”

    Exactly. And that’s why THE LAW gives him only 30 days. Most states and municipalities have similar emergency powers for the Executive. It’s also presumed that within that 30 days, that authority shifts to the legislative.

    Democrats, as always, want the judiciary to wield authority without the laws that they themselves should be passing. More lawless authority.

    Anything anyone does in exercise of office should assume and presume for the greatest extension of liberty possible.


  5. The sitting Circuit Court judges, but I don’t know what year.

  6. Just because this judge denies the TRO doesn’t mean that the restaurants need to comply with Prickster’s ever-changing orders.

    They get what they deserve for going along with it.

  7. This just goes to show we have SERIOUS problems in our country.

    It is completely UN-AMERICAN for any one man to exercise the power that Pritzker has for the last several months and for a low level unelected judge to be able to rubber stamp it.

  8. How sad, driving by a usually pretty packed Gallati’s bar/restuarnt in Cary today, seeing a parking lot with 6 cars, and 2 tables of diners shivering eating outside on the patio—these places are all doomed if they follow orders to the letter of the law.

    Take the chance and serve inside.

    You will have to close anyway if you follow fatso’s and now “drop a gun” Judge rulings.

    I thought the Cary mayor said he wouldnt have law enforcement being used to enforce Health laws, but would simply refer the complaints to the County Health dept for follow up.

    County restaurants should all unite and overwhelm the system.

    They’ll have to shut down anyway if they comply with Fatso and Trigger finger.

  9. What kind of kangoroo court system are we under? This order is dated TEN DAYS AFTER the governator was ordered to cease and desist. He is in contempt of court and should be arrested. Take that illegal, immoral idiot judge with you when turn yourself in!

  10. Appeal to the Republican Appellate Court.

    If the dropped gun in the Post Office is true, it is a felony to bring it in there and they ALL have signs, Judge or no Judge.

  11. Maybe we’re seeing a way forward?

    Sager and Jett and whoever in Crystal Lake were also saying no enforcement and referral to the Health Department.

    So, what, is the Illinois State Police a big enough army?

    Wonder what Prim’s thoughts are.

    Seeing as how Wildfire?

    In Kane? County was successful, this is all going to get thrashed out in a short little while.


  12. Some Guy? When the sheriff showed up they locked the doors. Now I have to go to a “private” party tonight because some yahoo called and complained about our venue. These zombies are a magnitude ABOVE the normal morons running the scam.

  13. Where are the entrepreneurs of the U.S.? Have not seen any masks offered on the internet that have a small circular opening and a proprietary included tight fitting plastic straw that would allow sipping a beer out of a bottle or sipping a manhattan from a cocktail glass. Get high with a mask on and of course with a companion designated driver sipping a coke through a tight fitting straw.

    What have the Chinese done to this world? Will they pay the price, be accountable?

  14. bred, you are a moron. What the Hell are you ranting about! Typically, you make no sense. You are excusing burger boy’s death of Illinoisians by using the Chinese? What planet are you really from?

  15. How about patrons sign a hold harmless that way businesses that decide to stay open have some tort protection while they ignore health officials?

    Kinda like swim at your own risk.

    If you feel that you want to go eat or drink then waive your rights to sue if you get sick.

    Seems like that would solve a lot of issues.

  16. But that would not prevent the Health Department from fining the restaurant.

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