Franks Internet Ad Ignores CUT 10 Promise from 2016

Here’s the ad that I found promoting Jack Franks on Legal Insurrection at six Halloween night:

Funny how his “CUT 10” promise has disappeared.

Bottles of water with Lying Jack Franks Cut 10 sticker affixed.

Find me a home’s tax bill that is 10% lower now than it was when Jack Franks made his promise.


Franks Internet Ad Ignores CUT 10 Promise from 2016 — 6 Comments

  1. What total B. S. they are handing us.

    The only way the Democrats win anything this election is by stealing it.

    Their policies are anti-American and communist and they have insane leadership and this literature fits the mold.

  2. Whether Biden, Durbin, Underwood, Casten or locally Franks and others, never vote for any Democrat ever. Trust no Democrat. Ever.

    They lie and cheat on a grand scale.

    Franks 10 percent real estate cut never happened.

    Consider one of the biggest lies by the top of their Party, Barak Hussein Obama.

    On numerous occasions on national tv, on a matter affecting every American, he falsely told Americans that IF they liked their doctor and health care plan they could keep these.

    This was a grand lie and a conspiracy by Democrats in Congress in that they, including Nancy Pelosi, knew full well that there WAS NOTHING, NO PROCEDURE, NO METHOD written into the Affordable Care Act that would allow them to choose/keep doctor and health plan.

  3. and I call BS! on this Bunk!

    NOT… if that were the case i guess we would not have had to hire attorneys to keep out TAXES lowered…

    Not that it matters anymore the way they got it set up now one way or another there geting it..


  4. I’m so glad Buehler wised up and is hitting Franks on the Springfield issue instead of the “but you didn’t cut ten percent of my TOTAL bill!” angle that Cal and his rabble always push.

    Republicans would be under water by double digits just like paper-allergy guy, Mike Walkup, was in 2016 if Buehler emphasized that.

    They’d be spinning their tires about how Franks lowered taxes but didn’t lower them *enough* or how “but Republicans control the board!” It would be a disaster.

    Now Republicans might actually have a chance.

    I’ve seen a lot more anti-Franks yard signs in the last week.

    (I still think Buehler will lose though.)

    A guy being barred from the capitol is more compelling than arguing over percentages to normies, much like Biden’s dementia and defunding the police are bigger issue to normies than the capital gains tax and where the capital of Israel is.

    Buehler’s campaign exploded in popularity when he started hammering Franks on the Springfield scandal.

    Before that his campaign was a joke — he was making public comments about nursing homes which verged on contrarianism and writing letters about bureaucratic county board rules that nobody cares about. Everybody was ignoring him. He had hardly any money.

    It was pathetic.

  5. Franks is anti-law enforcement so is that picture with the Cop, the one that had to escort his dumb ass around the State Capitol?

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