U-Haul Gets Another Free Ad

This was on the Chicago Tribune editorial page on Wednesday:

Most probably have heard that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has decided to issue tickets to vehicles going over the speed limit by six miles per hour.

Another reason not to visit Chicago.

Tribune Editorial Cartoonist Scott Stantis captures another aspect with a U-Haul Truck speeding out of Chicago.


U-Haul Gets Another Free Ad — 6 Comments

  1. Who and what will be left in Chicago?

    We all know–and all the more reason to never visit, do business in, or go to for entertainment or Sports.

    Stay home, watch it on TV, find it or do it, nearby or buy it online or locally.

    Buh-bye 606 zip code.

    Nice work bug eyed Larry.

    You will live in infamy for it all.

    The Polish built it, the Irish ran it and a Lightfoot destroyed it.

  2. Bye bye Chi-town! Nobody wants to shop or dine in a black jungle.

  3. Cal, it’s Scott Stantis.

    Other than the airport, I don’t think we’ve been in Chicago for at least two years.

    Don’t miss it.

    We can get anything we want elsewhere.

    If we’re thirsty for violence, there is always television and reruns of The Sopranos or Deadwood

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