“Stop the Steal” Rally Sunday in Schaumburg — 89 Comments

  1. Intelligence reports on Biden’s Red Chinese friends?

    Waterboard Biden and his rotten druggie kid Hunter to find out the scope of his treason and cupidity.

    Obama said water boarding wasn’t torture. Remember that my buckoos! Waterboard Bush too!

  2. Speaking of shady, and why things in Illinois will never change.

    And where is the outrage?

    Democrat Appellate court judge to replace Kilbride on Ill. Supreme Court

    The state’s high court voted 6-0 to name Robert Carter, a 74-year-old Democratic appellate judge who’s been serving on various benches since 1979.

    The stakes were unusually high in the retention campaign because Republicans viewed the Kilbride seat as their best chance to eventually knock Democrats out of a 4-3 majority on the state’s high court.

    “It’s an affront to voters,” Nowlan said. “The exasperating thing about the appointment of Tom Kilbride’s patronage judge is that the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

    “If they couldn’t have appointed a Republican, they should not have appointed anyone,” Nowlan added.

  3. yeeeaaaahhhhhhh….. this Trump guy is going to admit he has no evidence and concede graciously?

    Trump is just going to let down all these freedom loving patriots and tell them Biden won fair and square?????

    Right, right, right…..

  4. This is a reply to an off topic post.

    The appointment system for Illinois judges gives the Supreme Court justice for each district sole power to appoint to vacancies in their own district.

    The unanimous approval by the Supreme Court touted by candidates and seat holders is automatic by custom.

    It is not really a vote.

    This system brought us this replacement place-holder on the Supreme Court, as well as the three appointed circuit judges who just won elections against three challengers in our county.

    If you argue the system should be changed, I agree.

    If you argue that outcomes you dislike are unfair but outcomes you like are fine, then I say your arguments are dishonest.

  5. From a Trump campaign insider:


    ”Ok in a nutshell. This is going to the Supreme Court. Where they will rule that the election is invalid due to fraud or mistakes on a countrywide scale.  It will go one of two ways, either they will rule that all the unconstitutional mail-in ballots will be removed and the states ordered to recount without them or they will simply rule the election is invalid due to mass voter fraud and at that point it will be sent to the congress and senate for a vote.


     This is where it gets good. The house/congress votes on who the President will be. It has nothing to do with what party that has power. Every State gets one vote and 30 States are held by Republicans and 19 by Democrats. They have to vote down party lines, they have no choice due to the 12th Amendment of the Constitution and the Senate votes for the Vice President where a similar even will take place. This is The law.  


    This is why the Democrats are so mad at Nancy Pelosi. This will all happen in January. The only way President Trump won’t be President is if he concedes the election and that will never happen. 


    So stop watching the fake news and don’t let your heart be troubled and live your life knowing this will all work out. President Trump will remain President.


    I have researched all of this and it is Fact! Another fun fact, they called Gore the President Elect for 30 days in 2000 until the courts ruled against him and declared Bush the winner. And two people that were part of Bush’s legal team were none other that new Supreme Court Justices, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. Why do you think the Democrats tried so hard to keep them from being confirmed?”


    H/T: Jim Shea ( Email him and get on his list.




    Dan Friedman



  6. Thank you Orville!

    This is why I come to this site!

    I need to read up on the crazy conspiracies so I can have conversations and talk your language.

    I hope the people on this website who keep asking for patience in “letting the legal process play out” read this pile on dog s***

    “The only way President Trump won’t be President is if he concedes the election and that will never happen.”

    I’m telling you he will leave without the use of force or crane removing his fat a** but he will never admit he lost fair and square.

    The President of the United States of America will leave office telling the whole world that the United States of America did not hold a free and fair election.

    This is exactly what America’s enemies will love to hear and they will “AMPLIFY THIS MESSAGE” through state run media to tell their citizens that America is no better than the rest of the world.

    Just look at what the President said.

    They won’t even need to create a deep fake video.

    The will use actual true video footage from the American President himself.

    We are on the cusp of a living in a Banana Republic.

    America is dead.


  7. “The President of the United States of America will leave office telling the whole world that the United States of America did not hold a free and fair election.”

    Isn’t this EXACTLY what Hillary has been doing for 4 years?

    She just called 2016 illegitimate 2 weeks ago.

    The democrats have no room to talk on this subject.

  8. That’s exactly why the only solution to the problem is a public, transparent review of all allegations.

    Rushing to move on only leave unanswered questions not only for us but as pointed out to our enemies as well.

    We should all stop rushing to judgements on all sides and let this play out.

    What Oh is saying is purely speculation on his part and his opinion.

    No one knows yet what Trump will do or say in the future.

  9. Ohon says:

    “We are on the cusp of a living in a Banana Republic. America is dead. Congrats!”

    Ohon is correct on this IF the Harris/Biden combo somehow is approved by the Electoral College. Then, yes Banana Republic or a Venezuela lookalike.

    All of the craziness to destroy this Nation as stated by Harris and Biden and their colleagues during the 2019 Democrat Presidential Debates will be implemented. Open borders. Health care for illegal aliens and then citizenship for them. Green new deal. Phasing out of oil and fracking. Rejoining the Paris Accord on “Climate Change(?)” to greatly handicap the U.S. in favor of China and India. Contributing to the corrupt WHO (not the rock group). Elimination of ICE.

    Also, more craziness spouted by Democrats in 2020 will come into play such as suggestions from Democrat morons to defund the police. Add more States. Pack the Supreme Court with far left wing liberal judges.

    Will Harris and Biden, IF Electoral College approves them, regurgitate Barak Hussein Obama’s famous quote, “I, (we) have pen(s) and phone(s)” and will do whatever they want if they cannot get it through Congress?

  10. If you argue the system should be changed, I agree.

    Yes Martin, I agree.

    Most folks do not understand how the how things work in Illinois, and they should.

    Hence, nothing will change.

  11. PinocchiOH trying to spread fear and doubt, as usual.

    There is evidence of massive data manipulation.

    You’ve just not looked into it and refuse to believe it because mainstream media tells you what you want to hear.

    Just like covid. Just like systemic racism. Just like how the country is alleged to be divided down the middle.

    You are a liar who believes all lies and the only things that you seem to post are meager attempts at demoralizing other people.

    People have bought the actual election data from the states (before it gets to mainstream media) and are now analyzing it.

    Did you know that the states actually sell the information of its voters?

    If you have nothing to worry about, you wouldn’t be on the attack of constantly berating and attempting to dissuade people who want to defend your right to an accurate vote.

    This isn’t about your “democracy”. For you, it’s about being right when you might really be wrong.

    About covering up lies that you repeat that are intended to manipulate and control.

    And clearly, it’s obvious that you are concerned about what “America’s enemies” believe, because you are a globalist who wants to be a part of something that isn’t the United States of America at all.

  12. People need to understand what is really happening here.

    They need you to go out and vote so you provide them with the permission to enact laws that impact your life.

    E.g. Get everyone out so they give us permission to pass the “fair tax” and amend the state constitution for more tax revenue to line their own pockets and pay those pensions.

    It isn’t even about Trump.

    It’s about honest information.

    But they absolutely need to give you a different impression.

    Only buffoons with Trump Derangement Syndrome can’t realize this.

  13. Thank you for accepting and electing me as your new president.

    I will work hard for you and make you proud.

    President Joe Byden

  14. “ This is exactly what America’s enemies will love to hear and they will “AMPLIFY THIS MESSAGE” through state run media to tell their citizens that America is no better than the rest of the world.”

    Haven’t you been telling the rest of us for decades that America is found on racism and sexism and the world is worse with Amerikkka’s presence in it?

    You really need to get your talking points straight.

  15. Yeah. It’s obvious that they want to destroy the country to prove it.

    Like Frdo’s bro said:

    “We’re not gonna make America gwate again. It was nebba dat gwate.”

  16. I have proof the election was stolen.

    All the polls showed Biden ahead in Florida, but somehow he “lost.” That PROVES the election was stolen!

    Wait. What?

    Never mind, never mind, that doesn’t prove anything. Trump won FLorida and we know that because he officially got more votes.

    Besides, I got other proof. Some guy who works for the post office says he heard somebody there say something bad. That proves it!

    Wait. He recanted? What does that mean? Oh.

    Okay, forget that, I have more proof. THe leutenant governor of Texas is paying $1 million to people who saw vote stealing, and 50 people have said they saw it and want their reward money. 50!

    Wait. What? 30 people? 10 people?

    Aw, crap.

    Okay, nobody’s claiming the reward. BUt that just shows their afraid, and that’s proof!

    And I heard that the New York Times contacted every secretary of state in ALL 50 STATES and asked if they saw vote stealing, and they all said yes. All 50!

    Wait. They didn’t? Well, how many said yes? What? THey all said no?

    Well, that proves it because we all know you can’t trust the New York Times or any politician. They always lie. That proves votes were sotlen!

    What else would you expect a rotten Democrat like the secretary of Georgia to say?

    Wait. What? He’s a Republican!? Well then why the hell didn’t he deliver Georgia for Donald Trump?

    Okay, look, I don’t need proof. Donald Trump is the man, and that’s all the proof I need.

  17. “ The President of the United States of America will leave office telling the whole world that the United States of America did not hold a free and fair election.”

    But but but … muh Russia.

  18. “ We are on the cusp of a living in a Banana Republic.”

    What do you expect with all the Third Worlders the left has imported?

    You hold up as a model of immigration a Somali in Congress married to her brother.

  19. Congressperson Ilhan Omar (D-5, MN) has remarried since then. 😝

    She is currently married to her political guy, Tim Mynett, a White who converted to Islam and officiated their Islamic wedding. 😮

  20. Little Eddie never fails to impress us with his Low I.Q. childish gibberish. 🤪

    What will he say next ? Stay tuned, it won’t be long before his next attempt. 🙄

  21. States are beginning to certify results. So far:

    Biden 296,268 (58.7%)
    Trump 200,603 (39.8%)
    That’s a 7.6 point margin swing against Trump and a 14.2 percent increase in votes cast vs. 2016.

    Trump 193,559 (69.9%)
    Biden 73,491 (26.6%)
    That’s a 2.9 point margin swing against Trump vs. 2016 and a 8.2% increase in votes cast.

    Trump 1,020,280 (65.4%)
    Biden 503,890 (32.3%)
    That’s a 3.3 point margin swing against Trump vs. 2016 and a 7.4% increase in votes cast.

    South Carolina:
    Trump 1,385,103 (55.1%)
    Biden 1,091,541 (43.4%)
    That’s a 2.6 point margin swing against Trump vs. 2016 and a 19.5% increase in votes cast

    I really have to had it to the Dems! They cheated in every single state and even go the reddest states to move away from Trump 2-4 points. That way, if they have this fraud in every single state, they can make a claim that the shift in PA, Mich, Wisconsin would be completely consistent with all these other red states. Also, they didn’t want to steal the senate because Dems don’t care about winning the senate.

    Also, genius move to increase turnout in PA in a manner consistent with every other state but they decided to give Trump a higher % of the Philly vote. That way Biden gets better numbers and Biden’s team can claim that Trump did better the urban areas with black voters.

    These guys are so smart. Very smart and very well executed. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! I don’t know how the got away with rigging it in all the states but hats off!

  22. Oh,

    Just one question, if you believe everything was on the up and up, why not let the courts do thier thing?

    Even Biden himself said this delay is inconsequential to his transition.

    The only reason to not want to take a closer look is you are afraid of what you might find.

    It might not be enough to have changed the result of the election, but we all know the joke about voting early and often didn’t come out of nowhere.

  23. DisHonestAbe1 is a low IQ drunk driver, who’s childish and behaves like Donald Trump and Aaron Schock. 😝😮

  24. Neal –

    Here’s why: There was an actual finding in the 9/11 report that the delay contributed to the US’s lack of preparedness in the 9/11 attack (lets just pause right here to do away with the “that was the dems fault” because (1) the circumstances in 2000 were different and (2) we know what we now know so lets not make the same mistake again).

    I know what Biden himself is saying and he has to say that. From jump street he ran to bring people together and if he started attacking Trump and his supporters, it would go against the theory of his case, why he ran, and how he wants to govern. That doesn’t change the fact of the matter that the delay was cited in the official 9/11 report. Of yeah…. and we’re still in the middle of a pandemic that is out of control.


    Election night in 2000 was a blur of confusion. Each candidate had nearly enough electoral college votes to win. Whoever won Florida would become the next president. The networks called Florida for Vice President Al Gore, then called Florida for Bush, and then withdrew the call completely. Gore initially conceded, but then retracted his concession, a first in U.S. history. In the end, after the recount started and stopped, the two candidates were divided by a margin of just 537 votes in the one state which determined the election’s outcome.

    Because of the delay, the administrator of the General Services Administration at the time, David J. Barram, independently declined to “ascertain” Bush as the winner until the Supreme Court ultimately ruled and Gore conceded. Until now, this was the only instance of “ascertainment” being withheld for a significant period of time.

    As a result, while Bush and key staff were provided full intelligence briefings, the Bush transition did not have access to federal agencies and resources for 37 long days.

    President-elect Joe Biden and his transition team should not suffer a similar delay. The electoral landscape is simply not the same. The outcome is not the same. And we have since learned the serious costs of a delayed transition.

    Less than eight months after Bush’s inauguration, two planes flew into the World Trade Center, killing nearly 3,000 Americans. One of us had the fateful duty to whisper into Bush’s ear, “America is under attack.”

    When the 9/11 Commission finished its report, it found that the delayed transition “hampered the new administration in identifying, recruiting, clearing and obtaining Senate confirmation of key appointees” in the national security arena. The commission also concluded that avoiding future disruptions in transitions was deeply in the national interest.

    With the covid-19 pandemic continuing to wreak havoc, the costs of a delay are much higher today than almost any time in U.S. history. Specifically, a delayed transition and the absence of cooperation between the outgoing and incoming administrations could hinder economic recovery, slow the distribution of a vaccine and, God forbid, put American lives at risk. We know from history — including a foiled terrorist attack on the day of President Barack Obama’s inauguration — that our adversaries seek to take advantage of the United States during transitions. We cannot let that happen today.

    Nor is that necessary. As of this writing, the president trails Biden in four states: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona. For President Trump to win the electoral college outright, the outcome would have to be reversed in three states, including Pennsylvania and Georgia.

    Currently, Biden leads by a convincing margin in each of these states. In Pennsylvania alone, Trump is behind by more than 46,000 votes, well more than 80 times the margin in Florida in 2000. That is why former president Bush, in his statement on Sunday, congratulated Trump for receiving the second largest number of votes in U.S. history, but also stated that the outcome of the election is clear.

    According to the nonpartisan organization FairVote, only three out of 31 statewide recounts during the past 20 years have reversed the initial outcome of an election. On average, a recount has shifted the margin between two candidates by just 430 votes — and that shift is just as likely to benefit the candidate who is already ahead. Just five recounts in the past 20 years have shifted the margins by more than 1,000 votes. The largest change was 2,567 votes.

    While the president is fully within his rights to pursue legal action or demand recounts, for the good of our country, and with the rest of the world watching, America needs to come together and start a smooth and peaceful transition of power.

  25. South Dakota has certified its 2020 election results:

    Trump 261,043 (61.8%)
    Biden 150,471 (35.6%)

    That’s a 3.6 point margin swing against Trump vs. 2016 and a 14.2% increase in votes cast.

  26. How did I know you were going to point to that.

    If you think the 36 days Gore dragged out led to 9/11 that’s just silly.

    Also Trump’s claim is very different than Gore’s was.

    Trump is claiming fraud, not a miscount.

    Besides that the numbers of VBM, in some states is unprecedented.

    Given the difference between the cases the American people are better served by knowing the truth.

    I know the dems want the victory lap and all that, but that is NOT what is best for the country.

    There are some serious accusations being made that deserve to be looked into.

  27. It’s not what I think.

    It’s in the 9/11 Report.

    But you already knew that.

    It concluded that avoiding future disruptions in transitions was deeply in the national interest.

    You wanted to know what the harm was in any delay.

    I gave you my reason which is based on the 9/11 Report. If you think you know more than the authors of the 9/11 Report and you don’t think a disruption in the transition affects our security interest, then I don’t know what to tell you.

    I’m not going to argue with you.

    You are free to disregard the findings in the 9/11 Report.

    You asked a question and I answered it.

  28. “With the covid-19 pandemic continuing to wreak havoc, the costs of a delay are much higher today than almost any time in U.S. history.”

    You almost had a great post. The scare tactics are back big time now.

    Never mind that the “vaccine” was ready before the election and Pfizer’s CEO cashed out a 60% of his stock immediately after the announcement.

    Even though they claim “it’s free”, Fredo’s bro doesn’t want you to have access until after next year.

    “Bu bu bu! He should be saving lives!”

    All of these states with so many excuses, like they have other reasons to delay access to this mind vaccine.

  29. PA is well past the automatic recount zone.

    What are we doing here other than placating a man-child and his busted up ego?

    That’s all it is.

    And it’s really stupid and potentially harmful to our interest as a country.

    Conspiracy theorists demand answers!!!!

    However, the sad reality is these people will never accept any answer that doesn’t result in Trump winning and/or Dems cheated across the board.

    So this can be dragged out for days, weeks, months, but there’s no evidence of the type of large scale voter fraud the Trumpers think exists.

    Some Guy said it was going to be spelled out in court this past Monday.

    Yeah so what happened, Guy…..

  30. Some Guy – When you do think this vaccine will be available for most of the country?

    For most of us, it won’t be until mid to end of 2021.

    I know you think you snap your fingers and everyone gets the vax.

    That’s not how the it works, dude.

    I can’t decide if you are a dumb smart person or a smart dumb person.

    I think you are a smart dumb person.

  31. I’m so worn out from reading the preceding “stuff” I need a nap.

  32. ” It concluded that avoiding future disruptions in transitions was deeply in the national interest.”

    I don’t disagree with the general idea delays are bad.

    However focusing only on that is called single factor analysis.

    There is greater danger if 50% of the country thinks that the election was unfair.

    Only solution is to be 100% open and run through the process.

    Besides, Biden already said any such delay is inconsequential, do you claim to know more than the potential incoming president knows about his transition plans?

  33. So now the anti-Americans who sided with the Islamic world and said we deserved the 9/11 attacks are concerned about potential attacks against Americans.

  34. “Some Guy – When you do think this vaccine will be available for most of the country? For most of us, it won’t be until mid to end of 2021. I know you think you snap your fingers and everyone gets the vax. That’s not how the it works, dude. I can’t decide if you are a dumb smart person or a smart dumb person. I think you are a smart dumb person.”

    I’m glad you’re taking the comment way out of context.

    The point is that there seem to be some politicians that are using this against the people.

    Can you give a concrete example as to why Joe Biden would speed up the processes of getting you your mind vaccine?

  35. Claims other people believe in conspiracy theories…

    Believes that Pfizer can reopen the economy and only Biden can orchestrate it correctly.

  36. I have no idea what you’re talking about in the 4:13 post. Is that a conversation you’re having with yourself in your head?

    I give credit where credit is due.

    It was Trump’s idea that there should be a vaccine and it should be distributed quickly.

    That was smart.

  37. Orv, I hope you’re right.

    But the Deep State might go into overdrive and some of the Supreme Court judges get strange visitations.

    Then a way will be found to declare Biden el Presidente ……

    Biden might even be allowed to survive until the fake inauguration.

    But Kamala will get her day the sun.

  38. Have to ask Ohon if all of her sentences in her 2:13 PM comment post were composed by herself or one or more came from a source not attributed. If not properly attributed, then that is plagiarism just as the Doofus Joseph Robinette Biden had committed in the past.

    Doofus Biden has been protected by his handlers for months, keeping him in his basement when he should have been out in the public almost every single day during the election campaign. IF he and his boss Harris are approved by the Electoral College in December, than he will merely be a “Trojan Horse”, a shell, for the far left wing whackos in the Democrat Party as exemplified by the Squad and wannabe Commie Bernie Sanders, Cherokee Liz, etc.

  39. A Google search of parts of a Comment post by Biden supporter at 2:13 PM returns some articles from the Washington Post. Did this commenter, perhaps, plagiarize just as did Doofus Biden years ago? Maybe she will explain.

    The Doofus, Biden, who had answered questions from a teleprompter during the election campaign, is so dumb, as a sack of rocks, that his handlers had to protect him in his basement lest he make more outrageous remarks. Such as the racist remarks to a Black American talk show host or telling parents to turn on the record players at night for their children. This moron could very well be authorized to launch a war, as did his boss, Barak Hussein Obama, or launch a nuclear war if somehow the Electoral College approves him in December.

  40. Ohon brings up the 911 attacks but fails to mention that the planning for the attacks began during the Democrat Bill Clinton Administration. Bill Clinton had intelligence and at least one great opportunity to kill the mastermind of 911 in the late 1990’s, Bin Laden, but chose not to go after him. Bill Clinton was too busy having extramarital sex in the Oval Office with a girl, a young woman, to discharge his duties as Commander in Chief of the U.S. There was the famous evidence, the Blue Dress.

    Of course the mostly left wing media said that Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades with a very young woman, the age of his daughter, in the house (whitehouse) of his wife Hillary and daughter, Chelsea, WAS A PRIVATE MATTER.

  41. It is undeniably true there was voter fraud in this election.

    People have been arrested and charged.

    More will be.

    This is not up for debate.

    What is up for debate is whether the fraud rises to “widespread” or if it is anomaly associated with zealotry or stupidity.

    It has been interesting hearing the stories of what people have experienced and associated with fraud.

    Along with the usual triple voting and dead people mailing in votes one of the more interesting ideas for fraud was to take a hard R ballot and put small seemingly innocuous scribbles on it.

    If the hard R didn’t notice(and more than a few did or we’d never have talked to them) the ballot would be spoiled turning it into a non vote.


    Near impossible to prove fraudulent intent but completely destroys an “enemy” ballot.

    Will these stories married with all the others push our nation into a Constitutional crisis?

    Likely not.

    For the same reason States Attorneys who are caught and found corrupt are given the opportunity to move to Florida or be jailed our courts are unlikely to find widespread fraud.

    No one wants to reopen all the idiot SA’s cases for review and no one wants our Shining Beacon on a Hill of Democracy tarnished by the obvious fraud in this election.

    Societies are built on a very thin veneer of lies we tell ourselves.

    “Our elections are fair and without fraud.”

    Great idea but a prove able lie.

    We’ll see how this goes but the courts are deeply loathe to intervene after the fact of an election to overturn results.

    If you don’t want fraud then make laws saying what’s good for a fledgling Republic full of corruption like Iraq is good for a young Republic… full of corruption.

    ID every in person voter and stain their index finger purple with indelible ink to keep the corruption from infecting a holy process.

    This election isn’t over.

    Biden is as much the President elect as he is mentally sound.

    The process will play out.

    People will be assured the thin veneer has held up.

    And the next President will be transitioned peacefully.

    All the debate is just entertainment.

    The People had their shot to vote.

    Now it’s completely out of your hands.

    And stop all the idiotic violence talk.

    Liberals won’t because they aren’t American and haven’t a clue how to fight and all the armchair conservatives would be asses and elbows the opposite direction the moment a bullet whip cracked by their head.

    IF the time comes for violence less than 10% of this nation will fight and determine the other 90% future.

    ‘‘Twas ever thus.

    Go peacefully rally.

    It’s the best thing for you.

    We’ll keep working to keep The People the boss.

  42. It’s time for “Stop the Steal” chants.

    What do we want?
    No vote fraud!
    When do we want it?

    We’re tired of vote fraud.
    We’re gonna take no more.

    2 4 6 8 who do we depreciate?
    Vote fraud!

    I know we paid the prize.
    Keep your eyes on the vote fraud prize.
    Hold on.

    Hands up.
    Don’t shoot.
    Vote fraud matters.

    No vote fraud justice.
    No peace.

  43. Oh On won’t be sitting so pretty as an anti-history high school teacher when he’s sitting in a 200 ft deep well shouting for a rope.

  44. Trump is now 0-12 is his legal challenges. If you want a great laugh, check out the Michiagn case:–poll-watcher-affidavits/2020/11/11/4d073d7a-2447-11eb-a688-5298ad5d580a_story.html

    Inside Detroit’s absentee-ballot-counting center, one Republican poll watcher complained that workers were wearing Black Lives Matter gear. She thought one of them — a “man of intimidating size” — had followed her too closely.

    Another Republican poll watcher complained about the public address system. Workers were using it to make announcements. It was loud. “This was very distracting to those of us trying to concentrate,” he said.

    A third poll watcher noticed that when absentee ballots came in from military personnel, many showed votes for Democrats. He found that odd.

    “I can estimate that at least 80% of military ballots I saw were straight ticket Democrat or simply had Joe Biden’s name filled in on them,” the man wrote. “I had always been told that military people tended to be conservative, so this stuck out to me.”

    To back up that lawsuit, Trump’s campaign had promised “shocking” evidence of misconduct.

    Instead, the campaign produced 238 pages of affidavits from Republican poll watchers across Michigan containing no evidence of significant fraud but rather allegations about ballot-counting procedures that state workers have already debunked — and in some cases, complaints about rude behavior or unpleasant looks from poll workers or Democratic poll watchers.

    “I felt intimidated by union people who were staring at me,” one GOP poll watcher wrote.

    In Texas, the lieutenant governor has offered a $1 million reward for evidence of voter fraud. In Arizona, the state GOP is promoting a website for voters to report problems. – I THOUGHT THEY ALREADY HAD THE EVIDENCE BUT WE HAD TO WAIT FOR IT TO BE PRESENTED IN COURT???????

  45. Quotes from November 2016:

    “You have people trying to delegitimize the President-elect of the United States right now,” Kayleigh McEnany, then a CNN contributor, said in November 2016. “You have people out there that are calling for recounts that are unsubstantiated based on no evidence.”

    Rudy Giuliani, who is today leading the charge to challenge the election results, called protesters against Trump’s election “a bunch of spoiled crybabies,” and added it was “really not the right thing in a democracy.”

    Matt Schlapp, a top Trump ally who has pushed baseless claims of voter fraud, said on Fox Business Clinton was on a “sore loser tour,” saying, “She needs to get over it. She lost. Get out of the way and let Donald Trump be President.” Clinton conceded the 2016 election to Trump on the morning after the election.

    Jason Miller, another Trump spokesman, called recount efforts in 2016 “ridiculous” and attempts to “delegitimize” Trump’s victory.

    Speaking on Hannity several days later, Conway said Democrats “can’t accept the election results.” She had previously called those protesting Trump’s win “cry babies” and “precious snowflakes,” in a November appearance on “Justice with Judge Jeanine.”

    “I really do think it’s ridiculous that so much oxygen has been given to the recount effort when there’s absolutely no chance of any election results changing. This election’s been decided,” Miller said.

    The former New York City mayor and personal attorney to Trump called anti-Trump protesters “a bunch of spoiled crybabies” in November 2016 after Trump’s victory. “The reality is they are a bunch of spoiled crybabies. And — and somebody said — I think I heard somebody said we’re bringing up a generation of spoiled crybabies. Most of the kids aren’t crying. Most of the kids are going to class,” he said on Fox News.

    “This is America. We live in a democracy. Everybody, when they woke up in the morning, was registered to vote, could go choose. So how about respecting the majority that also live here, and their vote should count,” Guilfoyle said on Fox News.

    Katrina Pierson As the national spokesperson for the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign and now a senior adviser to his 2020 campaign, Pierson attacked any recount efforts in the 2016 election. In November 2016, she tweeted, “Recount Ridiculousness! A generation of sore losers whines for a do-over.”




  47. The problem, SHEEPLE, is that you believe what the Newsmax, Rush, Fox News, Trump tweets are saying.

    The problem, SHEEPLE, is that Trump’s top lawyer is arguing in court, that no one is trying to steal the election.

    The problem, SHEEPLE, is that Trump’s lawyers cannot argue BS and they are not arguing the BS you think they are arguing. T

    he problem SHEEPLE, is that you people blindly believe the BS Trump puts out because you people are really really really dumb sheep.

  48. Just phase out elections anyway.

    They are old hat and people get mad at obviously manufactured outcomes.

    Don’t get a blood pressure spike.

    Don’t have a stroke.

    Just have jewish adepts rule over us.

    They will be kind and benign, well to most people.

    Don’t show any cognitive dissonance or anger!

  49. Trump needs your help to STOP THE STEAL!

    Oh wait… my money is just going to pay off debt and line him with more money that won’t go towards getting Trump to toss the election results??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


  50. You are not keeping up. Fox News has been replaced with Newsmax.

  51. It’s hilarious to me that the person who is basically copy and pasting the MSM media talking points of the day is calling others sheep.

    It’s right up there with the young people who think they are rebelling against the system by leading a socialist revolution that all these major corporations are supporting.

  52. from yahoo news. Before Election Day, the Trump administration invited a delegation of 28 international experts from the Organization of American States, which has reported on elections around the world, to observe the vote.

    Its preliminary report found zero evidence of significant fraud.

    The New York Times recently spoke to top election officials in 49 of 50 states.

    Not one, Democrat or Republican, reported “that fraud or other irregularities played a role in the outcome of the presidential race.”

    And the head of Trump’s own Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has spent the last week explaining on Twitter and on the agency’s “Rumor Control” website why none of the stories of so-called fraud that Americans may be encountering on social media or alternative news sites represent anything out of the ordinary.

    Yet these ominous-but-ultimately-overblown stories continue to circulate online — stories of pollsters falsifying their surveys to hurt Trump, of dead people voting, of observers being blocked from watching the count, of mysterious batches of Biden votes suddenly materializing in Democratic cities, of computer glitches changing the results, and so on.

    As a result, millions of people continue to worry that maybe something happened in 2020 that’s never happened before.

    They wonder if maybe the election was stolen.

    It wasn’t.

  53. They would wonder much less if the MSM wasn’t in such a hurry to move on.

    While it does appear Biden won, nothing is certified and there are ongoing legal challenges.

    That means we don’t have a winner just yet.

  54. Neal –

    You can find it “hilarious” and you can call it a “talking point.”

    But my “talking points” are called facts.

    I find it “hilarious” that Trump is 0-12 in court.

    That’s call a “fact.”

    I also find it “hilarious” that Trump’s “legal team” is not arguing massive fraud but his supporters come to this website and tell us to let the legal process play out.

    Uh, ok… lets let the legal process play out… wait… it is playing out and Trump can’t find a win anywhere and Trump isn’t arguing what you say he’s arguing.

    Deflect all you want about cooperate involvement in socialist revolutions.

    That’s a different conversation for a different time and I might just agree with you on that.

    But this post is about the “STOP THE STEAL” protest.

    We are 9 days post-election.

    How many legal victories does Trump have?


    He’s presenting nothing in court.

    He’s a desperate man who is doing what he’s done his entire life… SELLING BS TO DUMB PEOPLE, I MEAN SHEEPLE!!!! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  55. “The New York Times recently spoke to top election officials in 49 of 50 states. Not one, Democrat or Republican, reported “that fraud or other irregularities played a role in the outcome of the presidential race.”

    So 49 of 50 people called said they did thier job. That’s nice. It’s better than the opposite result. It still doesn’t really prove anything. That’s why we have courts, a third party to sort things out.

  56. Trump may be 0-12.

    That also doesn’t mean much.

    Each of those cases can and probably will be appealed.

    Example –

    You call that a loss for Trump.

    It really isn’t.

    That case will be appealed and it’s entirely possible a judge will order all the signatures rechecked.

    I’m not claiming that it would change results, just that many things are still unsettled, probably including all 12 of those “losses”.

    We have a process.

    Let it play out.

    It’s most likely Biden won but we should make sure it was fair given the unprecedented nature of this election.

  57. Funny how the flyer has to give its readers direction on the counter protesters as if the supports wouldn’t be able to identify the signs.

    Ironically unpatriotic to undermine our electoral process.

    Certainly a waste of time since the only way Trump’s getting to 270 is if he loses 60 lbs.

  58. The flyer says friends of Paul Rally.

    Who is Paul?

    and how do you get to be his friend?

  59. Amazing that it has been this close with Trump and Harris/Biden.

    The mostly left wing media has been assaulting Trump over the last 4 years with fake news and narratives such as the phony Russia Collusion and the illegitimate and crazy impeachment. The Barak Hussein Obama Regime began an illegitimate investigation into the Trump campaign in 2016 and they continued with phony FISA warrants to try to depose Trump in a coup. The mostly left wing media and aholes in the Democrat Party such as Adam Shi* were given much time on left wing TV so-called news networks to spew BS that Trump was in collusion with Russia.

    There is no doubt that 4 years of daily bombardment of fake, phony stories and allegations by the mostly left wing media and Democrats influenced a sufficient amount of low-information and dumb voters to pick the Doofus moron Joe Biden for president.

  60. Ohon has had 16 comments on this thread but she has not responded or answered IF she has used quotes from other sources, such as news organizations, but had failed to correctly attribute those sources. Using phrases, statements from others and not attribution is plagiarism. Plagiarism just as the doofus Joe Biden has done in the past.

    Can I get an update on the overwhelming evidence Trump is bringing in court? I’m showing the scoreboard is 1-14. Trump won a case in PA where an extension was given to correct ballots so it’s not fraud. Also, those PA ballots that Trump got tossed weren’t in anyone’s count.

    You said Trump would concede graciously. See above. When are you going to admit that he has no case, never had a case, he’s still trying to pay people to make a case, and he’s a massive liar who doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt?
    See Trump’s tweet from 2 hours ago:
    “This election was rigged”

  62. The results are not certified yet.

    I never said he would succeed.

    I said let the process do its thing.

    We are still not there yet.

    It took 36 days for Bush v Gore, so I don’t expect a resolution tomorrow.

  63. I’m just wondering when we are going to see evidence of fraud in 3 different states?

    Next month possibly?

  64. Maybe next week, maybe next month, maybe never.

    That’s what the courts are for.

    Sorry it’s not fast enough for some of us.

    It’s really a non story since if the current numbers hold up nothing has changed.

    It would only serve to help Biden as it would settle any doubts.

    Trying to rush just makes it seem like maybe there is something they don’t want us to know.

    So sit back, take a chill pill and wait.

    The world isn’t about to end because Trump won’t concede.

  65. Hmm, Oh’s math seems to be wrong (but kudos for at least doing something liberals rarely do, and bring in actual data). The following 2016 results can all be found at wikipedia at etc

    State Year AllVotes Trump%
    Oklahoma 2016 1,452,992 65.4% (Trump -0.1%; voters up 4.9%; Oh said Trump -3.3% voters up 7.4%)
    Wyoming 2016 258,788 67.4% (Trump +2.5%; voters up 3.1%; Oh said Trump -2.9% voters up 8.2%)
    South Carolina 2016 2,103,027 54.9% (Trump +0.2%; voters up 17.7%; Oh said Trump -2.6% voters up 19.5%)
    South Dakota 2016 370,093 61.5% (Trump +0.3%; voters up 11.2%; Oh said Trump -3.6% voters up 14.2%)

    The actual trends seem pretty clear; Trump held his own in 2016 vs 2020 at least in red areas, and voting was indeed up, though not as up as Oh claimed

    “In God we trust; all others bring data”

  66. 306 to 232?

    LMAO!! The orange piece of ahit got his traitor ass kicked!! (His words from 2016).

    He lost snowflakes… get over it

  67. However the margin of victory does favor Biden.

    It’s as if all 2016 3rd party votes (including surprisingly the Libertarians who were the vast majority of these) actually were Never Clinton Democrats, or were certainly loud and clear about their disdain for either Clinton or Trump.

    This pattern does seem to hold for Pennsylvania and Michigan and Wisconsin, where Trump increased his percentage slightly, but Biden coalesced everyone else.

    (Or there was fraud – but time and courts will tell).

    In Georgia, the current results would indicate Trump lost -1.0% compared to his 2016 vote, but in swing states that were quickly called: Florida, Trump won +2.0% more while Biden just held 0.0%, and in Ohio, Trump won +1.7% more while Biden won +1.7% more

  68. D. Dennison- Well at least you got one of the numbers right, I know its hard to state the facts with all the Liberal MSM nonsense going around and all.

    But with six states incomplete or contested. the actual numbers are Trump 232 to Biden 227.

    I’m So sorry my little Biden pony soldier, but after all is investigated, heard, said and done…You may be screaming at the sky once again. ROTFL

    To stay a great nation, We must make sure all elections are always fair and just for all parties!


    TRUMP PENCE 2020 KAG!!!

  69. I LAUGHED AT all of you middle aged clowns dressing up too late for Halloween in your red, white and blue.

    You are the equivalent of the directionless kids at a BLM march, except without the creativity!

    Congrats, you’ve proven you can be teenage morons too!

  70. “You are the equivalent of the directionless kids at a BLM march, except without the creativity!”

    You also forgot they didn’t bring the rioting and looting that is typical of a BLM “peaceful protest”.

  71. **But with six states incomplete or contested. the actual numbers are Trump 232 to Biden 227.**

    What are the numbers now?

    Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Wisconsin have all officially certified Biden’s wins.

  72. I don’t think Trump’s play is winning in the courts.

    I think he wants state legislators to question the results.

    It’s like a lottery ticket shot but that seems to be the plan.

  73. I will respect an honest winner but we all know who is respectful.

    And their cronies.

    Really, we can all have peace under one god ,one nation and trust. We believe in each other.

    Sad our so called representatives do not.


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