Filing for Office Begins, Crystal Lake to Have Mayoral Contest

Filing for municipal office in cities with a potential for a primary election has begun.

Here’s what is happening in Crystal Lake:

For Mayor:

  • Haig Haleblian
  • Donald Kountz

For City Council:

  • Cameron D. Hubbard
  • Mandy Montford
  • Ian Philpot

For City Clerk:

  • Nick Kachiroubas

All filed simultaneously.

There will be a drawing to see what candidate for mayor will be first on the ballot.


Filing for Office Begins, Crystal Lake to Have Mayoral Contest — 15 Comments

  1. Two more candidate for mayor will force a February 23 primary.

    The mayoral term is for the unexpired term of Mayor Shepley (2 years).

  2. Doubt that will happen.

    It would be nice though.

    They are a tight knit “clique” and don’t like outsiders.

    Montford and Philpot were appointed – Hubbard and Kachiroubas have been there forever.

  3. Habib Haleblian synonymous with lackey… dwarf….turd….. pansy….. weasel…..

    Where’s my plunger?

  4. The greatest justification for democracy is that the majority get the government they deserve.

    If there are good people, willing to run and serve, I stand ready to help them understand how to run a winning campaign.

    I can also explain how government REALLY works at the local level and how to understand local government finance so that they can be effective in office.

    BTW, by “good” people, I mean people who see their job at the local level as being a check on the bureaucracy, as being a skeptic who demands answers rather than a cheerleader who does whatever they’re told.

  5. Hubbard? NO!
    Philpot? NO!
    Montford? NO!
    Kachiroubas? NO!
    Haleblian? Hell No!

    What a pathetic group of buttholes and sacks of crap!!

  6. Time to get rid of the sheeps… picks and get some new blood in now…

    Hey J.T. put your bid in for Mayor now.

  7. Surely, the objectors, would make wonderful candidates, for these Crystal Lake offices. 🙂

  8. The issues should be developing CL into a viable location to visit, shop and live.

    Somehow over the years that’s been lost to political infighting and finger pointing.

    Some suggestions:

    >Cleanup the Route 14 corridor. Start force redeveloping of the old Walmart property its turn into a parking lot for new cars. No TIF Zone

    >Start putting pressure on near downtown property owner to fix up, remove and replace old buildings that look like crap when passing the downtown area by train, not a good look for CL. No TIF Zone.

    >Convert vacant land near downtown to upscale Townhouses and Coach-homes.

    Think like Palatine, Arlington Hts. and Mt. Prospect.

    They have done a great job with dead or vacant land near or in their downtown, and again no TIF Zone area.

    And don’t get me started on the Library…

  9. I knew Hubbard’s sire, a complete crook.

    Shepey wrecked that town with his yesmen.

    But they are still with us.

  10. Gasenvy – you are spot ON!

    They have been too worried about keeping their “clique” in place.

  11. Looks like Donald Kountz will be the only one challenged for none sequenciel page numbering and using a paperclip.

    The rest will have spelling errors, food and feces stains along with no signatures and certified after the deadline.

    But that’s going to be alright because they’re their friends.

    Kountz will have his paperwork looked at for the smallest minutia.

  12. Mayor-Hofer

    You’re correct.

    We call them nitpickers.

    With the exception of Philpot and Montford – the rest all went to high school together.

  13. Gas envy I really like your ideas on rehabbing CL Route 14 corridor and downtown.

    We are a really good city to live in but we can get better.

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