Message of the Day – Promises

Saw this message on Jack Franks’ campaign office sign:

“Back Jack. He keeps his promises.”

Well, not so much, if you figure that his “CUT 10” campaign theme of 2016 was a campaign promise.

Jack Franks’ campaign promise to “Cut Property Taxes NOW 10%” didn’t seem to make it to my part of Lakewood.

Franks was in the building unless he parks his pickup truck there:

Jack Franks Ford truck with Retired House member license plate 7,


Message of the Day – Promises — 6 Comments

  1. Is that a no fee license plate?

    On top of his fat pension/lifetime healthcare for less than 20 years of service?

    And why would anyone advertise he/she had a hand in bankrupting the state of Illinois?

    Just wondering.

  2. Hmmm – Retired House plate 7 – must really think he’s a big wheel! In fact he’s pond scum.

  3. Too bad Ford makes a nameplate
    emblem that fades, Henry Sr. would not allow that!

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