Final McHenry County Vote Results Show No Changes, Republican Mike Buehler Beats Jack Franks by Over 9,000 Votes, Democrats Increase Proporation on County Board to One-Third

McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio has released the final tally of votes and there are no changes from November 10th figures regarding winners.

The biggest upset was Republican Mike Buehler’s victory over incumbent Democrat Jack Franks, undefeated in ten previous elections since 1998.

Buehler bested Franks by 7,025 votes, 84,532 to 75,420.

Buehler gained 52.85% of the votes, while Franks had 47.15%.

The only close votes were found in races for the McHenry County Board.

The final vote count saw Democrats pick up three seats on the County Board in the Districts 1, 2 and 3:

  • District 1 – Theresa Meshes, who beat incumbent Yvonne Barnes by 178 votes
District 1 2020 final results.
  • District 2 – Jessica Phillips, who ran first, 550 ahead of Jeff Thorsen and 1,714 ahead of John Reinert, who did not win re-election.
District 2 2020 final results.
  • District 3 – Tanya Gindrich, who ran second, 125 votes ahead of Mike “Shorty” Shorten
District 3 2020 final results.
  • Results for the other three districts follow:

District 4 – Democrats put up no candidates against Kay Bates and Steve Doherty. Doherty ran 904 votes ahead of Bates.

District 4 2020 final results.
  • District 5 – Democrats ran two candidates, incumbent Paula Yensen, who ran second, 1,183 votes behind incumbent Republican Mike Skala, Newcomer Republican Damon Hill was 2,088 behind Yensen, followed by Democrat Lynn Gray, who had 214 votes fewer then Hill.
District 5 final 2020 results.
  • District 6 – District 6, like District 5, pitted two Republicans against two Democrats. Voters gave most votes to Republican incumbent Jim Kearns, apparently undeterred by negative robo-calls from previously unheard of organizations. He received 1,527 votes more than GOP running mate and Hebron Township Assessor Tracie Von Bergen. Running 2,936 votes and 5,266, respectively, behind Von Bergan were Democrats Nancy Glilssman and Larry Spaeth.
District 6 2020 final results.

The election three more Democrats to the County Board puts the margin at 16-8 in favor of the Republicans.


Final McHenry County Vote Results Show No Changes, Republican Mike Buehler Beats Jack Franks by Over 9,000 Votes, Democrats Increase Proporation on County Board to One-Third — 26 Comments

  1. The 16-8 Republican majority on McHenry County Board makes McHenry County the only collar County with a Republican majority of its county board members.

    Kane and DuPage counties both saw a flip to Democrat control, though DuPage still has an elected at-large Republican board chairman.

    In Kane, where Democrats now hold a 13-11 majority, Jeff Ward wrote that 3 of the 13 are, what can be called, “DINO” – “Democrat In Name Only”?

    We’ll see.

  2. Jeff go run for CL Mayor now, i know you will save us on taxes!

  3. My congratulations to Joe Tirio on a job well done.

    This election was one of unprecedented difficulty, yet the voting and the counting seem to have come off with nary a hiccup.

    Joe is a consummate professional and of the highest moral caliber.

  4. Nary a hiccup? This is why you are a complete moron! And a liar to boot!

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  12. πŸ’ƒ Happy dance for days with Mr. Buehler winning.

    Jacko πŸ‘– πŸ”₯ will soon be gone.

    In fact Jacko, get the heck out now & let Buehler take over.

    Get out of Mchenry County politics & stay out.

    🎡 We never wanna see your face no more 🎡 no more, NO MORE !

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  18. I’m playing “Hit the Road, Jack” at maximum volume right now…

  19. Mike Buehler is such an important win for McHenry County but this shows that the Republican party in McHenry County needs new Leadership from the top.

    The current attitude of well, if they support Joe Tirio ( who I support) well then they are a good candidate cannot continue.

    The Republican party has become QAnon, Conspiracy theorist Fringe anti maskers and anti-vaxxers.

    They have turned off Republicans and the moderate voters.

    We need a new party in Illinois and McHenry County like yesterday.

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