Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt

Found at The Chapel in McHenry during the food distribution organized by First Church of Crystal Lake:

“‘Women belong in all places where decisions are being made,’ Ruth Gingsburg.”


Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt — 10 Comments

  1. She’s roasting in hell at the moment.

    She had a broom port installed on the roof of the Supreme Court so she could fly in.

  2. A real demon.

    When Hollywood put out that lying puff biofilm, you had to know how truly evil she was.

  3. Wow – such hatred!

    Can anyone on this blog post without name calling?

    What about RBG was evil?

    Why do you believe she is roasting in hell?

  4. Diane I agree.

    Individuals with actual conservative intent need to speak up these days.

    Conservatism is under attack from within.

    Trump is the most obvious symptom of this moral rot.

  5. Dianne? Did you ever listen to anything she ever said? She was radically AGAINST everything this country ever stood for. Every single court decision she ever made was based on stupidity and led to unending losses for a free reupblic. She never failed to shred The Constitution. That alone reserved her place Hell.

  6. Cindy – Yes – I have! She was a champion for equal rights and not just for women.

    Califano v. Goldfarb (Argued Oct. 5, 1976; Decided Mar. 2, 1977)

    Ginsburg argued for the appellee. Leon Goldfarb was a widower who applied for survivor’s benefits under the Social Security Act. Even though his wife Hannah had paid Social Security taxes for 25 years, his application was denied. To be eligible for benefits under 42 U.S.C. Section 402, he must have been receiving half his support from his wife at her time of death. Section 402 did not impose this requirement on widows whose husbands had recently passed away. Goldfarb challenged this statute under the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York. The District Court ruled that the statute was unconstitutional. The Government appealed to the Supreme Court.

    Weinberger v. Wiesenfeld (Argued Jan. 20, 1975; Decided Mar. 19, 1975)

    Ginsburg argued for the appellee. Stephen Wiesenfeld and Paula Polatschek were married in 1970. Polatschek had worked as a teacher for the five years prior to their marriage and continued teaching after they were married. Her salary was the principle source of the couple’s income, and social security contributions were regularly deducted from her salary. In 1972, Polatschek died in childbirth, which left Wiesenfeld with the care of their newborn son. Wiesenfeld applied for social security benefits for himself and his son, and was told that his son could receive them but that he could not. Social Security Act provides benefits based on the earnings of a deceased husband and father that are available to both the children and the widow. The benefits for a deceased wife and mother, however, are only available to the children. In 1973, Wiesenfeld sued on behalf of himself and similarly situated widowers. He claimed that the relevant section of the Social Security Act unfairly discriminated on the basis of sex and sought summary judgment. A three-judge panel of the district court granted Wiesenfeld’s motion for summary judgment.


  7. One of the finest Justices to ever serve.

    Koumington, you are an ignorant asshole.

  8. RBG was a very successful advocate when she was a practicing trial lawyer.

    The problem is she didn’t give up that role when she joined the Supreme Court.

    Rather than apply the law as written, she pushed for her desired policies as if she were some sort of super legislator.

    She was openly disdainful of the US Constitution and even said South Africa’s constitution was better.

    She also believed that SCOTUS should consider decisions made by foreign courts as some sort of precedent.

    In short, she was the worst sort of judicial activist.

  9. Koumington? Don’t you just hate people (like Heinrich or Dianne) that are too stupid and like to repeat things like “Jimmy Carter was a nice President”? It’s so warm and fuzzy feeling. They are still stuck on idiocy. Saying that they are ignorant is too kind. Stupid is a choice.

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