Running for Office in Crystal Lake

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog told of those who filed for office on the first day petitions could be turned in.

All five incumbents are running:

For Mayor:

  • Haig Haleblian
  • Donald Kountz

For City Council:

  • Cameron D. Hubbard
  • Mandy Montford
  • Ian Philpot

For City Clerk:

  • Nick Kachiroubas

City Clerk Kachiroubas reports that only 22 signatures are needed to gain ballot access (1% of the last mayoral election which was 2,174 votes 22 signatures).

Of course, based on two precious elections, one should have at least twice that number because election challenges, decided by other incumbent council members, can be expected.


  • too few signatures or
  • not stapling one’s receipt from the County Clerk’s Office for filing a Statement of Economic Interest to
  • one’s Statement of Candidacy to
  • one’s petitions (which must be numbered)

has been reason enough to be kicked off the ballot for the past two elections.

A new element this time around is Steve Willson’s offer of campaign advice, which appeared in a comment under yesterday’s story:

The greatest justification for democracy is that the majority get the government they deserve.

If there are good people, willing to run and serve, I stand ready to help them understand how to run a winning campaign.

I can also explain how government REALLY works at the local level and how to understand local government finance so that they can be effective in office.

BTW, by “good” people, I mean people who see their job at the local level as being a check on the bureaucracy, as being a skeptic who demands answers rather than a cheerleader who does whatever they’re told.

Willson is a former Township Trustee from what he calls “the People’s Republic of Oak Park” and has offered winning advice to McHenry County College, County and legislative candidates.


Running for Office in Crystal Lake — 29 Comments

  1. Why would anyone vote for any current political candidate in Crystal Lake?

    They are all worthless and part of the problem.

    Habib Haleblian is 100 miles past pathetic and should be powdering babies butts and not Mayor or on the City Council.

    He’s a coward and likely has the biggest vagina in Crystal Lake if not the State.

    Surprised he’s not working a glory holes doing the 10:00pm to 6:00am shift at a convenience gas station or for Keebler as an Elf. I’ve seen bigger and better smelling turds on the grass at Vet’s Acres than Habib.

    I’d like to go 12 Rounds in the Ring for charity with this Mini Me looking homo!!!! (Habib wouldn’t make it through one round as he’d be unconscious or crying like a bitch)

  2. Wow Cal, anything goes in your comments including sexist homophobic words.

    Hope a person of color doesn’t ever run and have to read what may be allowed to be posted.

  3. I agree with Mike.

    This blog is getting mighty nasty.

    Instead of polite discussion almost everything on here is turning vile.

    Why don’t you reply to Mike’s comments?

  4. In response to L.Ron Shemply.

    I fail to see your point since your comment is in regard to your feelings and clearly full of hate speech.

    If you are unable to make constructive and fact based arguments you are certainly not going to persuade people why Haig or Donald aren’t the right fit for mayor.

    Please revise your argument,using your brain and not imposing physical harm on others is how normal people get things done. Honestly, grow up L. Ron.

  5. Who is allowing the comments to be posted on here?

    Did you even read this?!


  6. Great. The brown shirt, book burning censors are invading this site too.

    Don’t like the comments, don’t read them.

  7. Cal, didn’t you get the memo?

    You’re supposed to censor anything that might get someone’s panties in a bunch now.

    You know like Tweeter and zuckerbook.

    Free speech in America is dead apparently.

    You clowns will reap what you sow someday.

    Probably not though because REAL Americans believe in free speech.

    It is the fascists on the left that want to cancel everyone who might disagree with their socialist fantasies.

  8. By someone’s panties, that someone is you temper tantrum throwing cry baby fascists on the left. In case clarification was required.

  9. Matt, you seem to have confused Cal’s blog with the government.

    It’s true that the government is properly barred from preventing people from saying vile things.

    It’s equally true that private parties are NOT required to publish anything anyone says.

    That’s because blogs, such as this, are private property, and property ownership also gives people certain rights.

    As the old saying goes, free speech doesn’t mean I have to buy you a bullhorn.

  10. Mandy Montford is an old crony of Erin Smith and the Old Lakewood Guard.

    Just what we DON”T need in local government.

  11. And anonymous asshole of the day award goes to…………L.Ron Shemply III.

  12. You’re correct Steve, it is a private platform and Cal can choose what he allows.

    He seems to be choosing to let free speech take place here, which seems to be bothering some of the readers.

    The ones posting to ban people need to take a breath and realize no one cares if they’re offended.

    The left in this country offends me daily and I don’t run around canceling people or burning cities to the ground.

    Now go back to your safe space!

  13. Matt. I’m glad that you now admit that your claim of violation of free speech was incorrect.

    Now explain how hiding behind a false identity and hurling vulgar insults is not an act of political cowardice and advance public discourse, which is the stated purpose of this blog,

    And tell me that you’ll contact your mother, if she’s still alive, and tell her about how you hid who you really are and shouted insults at people today. Ask her if she’s proud of you.

    And if you have small children, encourage them to hide and shout vile insults at other children today. That’s how you want the to act, isn’t it?

    You see, it’s not just about free speech. It’s about civility and making a positive contribution.

  14. Matt. To continue, I’ll make two more points.

    First, when Brian Sager ran for State Rep, I researched his record and published a comment with the facts.

    That’s what I do about issues and candidates.

    I try to find good people and help them run for office.

    What have you done to improve our community?

    Explain how vile insults make the world better.

    Second, please tell us who you really are and that you’ll publish every vile slander someone sends you.

    If not, then you’re just a coward and a hypocrite.

  15. Look at the Communists defending private property rights so they can bludgeon the private property owner into submission.

    It would be sweet irony if Steve Wilson’s and Dianne’s posts were taken down.

  16. You call yourself a “REAL American”?

    What a laugh!

    I’ve served in public office.

    I’ve helped to find and to convince good people to run for office.

    I’ve walked precincts for them, written letters to the editor and spoken at public meetings.

    I researched Lakewood’s TIF, the CL Library expansion, and MCC’s idiot “health club” bond issue, among other issues, and fought them publicly.

    That’s what REAL Americans do.

    Phony Americans, cartoon Americans, “Floyd R. Turbo” Americans sit on the sidelines, hide behind phony pseudonyms, and jeer.

    They call people names, which is a convenient way of avoiding actual discussion.

    They make comments that add no facts, provide no insights, but are “full of sound and fury and signifying nothing”.

    Here’s what you are, Matt:

  17. Chase:


    You bleeding idiot.

    How convenient to throw around lies.

    It’s so much easier than dealing with facts.

    You have a particularly affirmative form of stupidity, an aggressive, purposeful stupidity that consciously chooses to ignore facts plainly in front of you.

    People like you who hide behind fake names and then spew insults disgust me.

    You’re a coward and a liar.

    And you offer nothing.


    No facts.

    No insights.

    No analysis.

    No brains.

    Again, as I’ve said to others, I want you to think how your mother would react to your actions.

    “Mommy, today I hid who I really am and called people names!”

    “Oh, sweetheart, I’m so PROUD of you!”

    If you have small children, please, tell them what you do:

    “Guess what Daddy did today? He went on the Internet, used a pseudonym so no one would know who he was, and then insulted people!”

    “Oh, Daddy, that’s so cool. I’m going to do the same thing and insult all my classmates!”

  18. If you don’t like what your reading Get outta the kitchen

    “free speech” comes in all forms i.e. ANTIFA, TRUMP HATERS!

    what that’s OK!

    hating on AMERICA !!!

    Please take your righteous tude and go whine somewhere else..

    I like many are sick and tired of your whoa be to me snowflake crap!

  19. Hey Steve Wilson – what was a lie?

    That you now support private property rights and insinuate to the site that it should censor comments?

    What is a lie about that?




    No cowardice.

    Just a correct observation of the facts presented above.

    Yawn as far as the rest of your ridiculous post goes.

    Unless you’re ready to condemn the likes of Lewis Carroll, Mark Twain, Benjamin Franklin and others in the proud American tradition of writing under pseudonyms.

    So spare me your self righteous, holier-than-thou ravings.

    Talk about stupid.

    Does hypocrisy know no bounds?

  20. What is funny is, in rereading comments made to the self righteous, holier-than-thou Steve Wilson is that nobody insulted him.

    He lies and claims he was insulted (he was not) and then piously goes about insulting people and their families.

    And then has the nerve to pretend he makes the community better.

    That is what it disgusting and sickening.

  21. Chase:

    You made a comment about Communists defending property rights, and now you claim that wasn’t meant as an insult.

    What a crock.

    You’re not only a liar, you’re an amazingly transparent liar.

    And, I repeat, you’re a coward who hides behind a phony name and posts insults while adding nothing of value to any conversation here.

  22. The left are certainly good at gaslighting.

    As David Mamet’s principle goes “In order to continue advancing their illogical arguments modern liberals have to pretend not to know things…”

    You don’t get to burn cities and destroy homes and property for 8 months and then say “Why would you use a pseudonym?”

    Again, hypocrisy.

  23. Toilet Bowl:

    No one is saying you don’t have a right free speech.

    And no one is barring you from saying whatever you want.

    So your argument is a straw man.

    And, guess what?

    I also have the same right to free speech.

    So when people on this blog exercise their right to free speech and say grotesque, hateful, vile things, I’ll exercise my right to free speech to tell them they’re grotesque, hateful and vile.

    Especially when they’re cowards who hide behind phony names to spew their insults.

    Because the issue isn’t free speech, it’s people saying horrible things and adding nothing of value to a conversation.

    It’s about having civilized conversations where people are polite to each other and bring forth facts and reasoning and collaborate to seek the best answers.

    And if you can’t tell the difference between the two issues, then you’re part of the problem.

  24. Still laughing at what the pusillanomous moron Wilson is writing. He must be extremely dim wited to not be able to read what he writing and see how he is projecting ALL of his faults on others. Back in the day, we used to call it undone. He’s become undone? Naw, I think he was ALWAYS this way. All the narcissists are loosing their shit and dropping their masks. Way to go, Steven, you freak!

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